Bat Trang Pottery Village: Full Guide For Indians In 2024

bat trang pottery village

If you want to visit traditional handicraft villages on your Hanoi tour, don’t miss Bat Trang Pottery Village. It is an ideal place for you to have a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture, as well as learn how to make pottery products from locals.

In this blog, will deliver you outstanding attractions about Bat Trang Ceramic Village, and everything you need to know for your upcoming journey there. Right now, let’s start to discover Bat Trang Village with us below!


bat trang pottery village

Bat Trang Pottery Village lies on the bank of the Red River (Song Hong), in Gia Lam, Hanoi. It is around 14 kilometers away from the city center, and one of the oldest handicraft villages in the Northern regions.

Best time to visit

Travelers can visit the Bat Trang village any time of the year. However, we recommend you come here in February every year. By this time, you not only discover the beauty of the ceramic village but also participate in some famous festivals of locals. This will surely make your journey more interesting and memorable.

Entrance fee

You don’t need to pay an entrance fee when visiting the village. However, if you want to experience a ceramic-making session at the Authentic Bat Trang Ceramic Shop, you need to pay around 1 USD/pax. Additionally, the shop can charge you additional fees of 1.5 – 2 USD/item in case you get your product home.

How to get there

  • By bus: From the city center, take a bus route passing by the Long Bien transshipment point. Then, get on the 47A bus (0.25 USD/ticket) to move to Bat Trang Village.
  • By motorbike/private car: From the city center, drive your motorbike/car pass under the Vinh Tuy Bridge, and Thanh Tri Bridge towards the village.
  • By riverway: It is normally included in the Red River tour, passing by Bat Trang Pottery Village and Chu Dong Tu Temple.

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What To Expect In Bat Trang Pottery Village

The ancient house of Van Van

bat trang pottery village

The ancient house of Van Van is a unique architectural work in Bat Trang Pottery Village, which honors various kinds of ceramics. The house includes 3 compartments, each with distinctive decorations, but featuring the beauty of Northern traditions. You can come here from 8 AM to 5.30 PM daily to experience this special space.

Bat Trang ceramic village communal house

bat trang pottery village

Bat Trang Ceramic Village Communal House is situated towards the Bac Hung Hai canal, and links to the Red River. It is a popular place to organize a lot of festivals and events in the village. Thus, we recommend you have a visit here during festival time, normally in February, to explore the unique culture of locals.

Ceramic Clay yard

bat trang pottery village

Ceramic Clay is one of the must-visit spots during your journey to Bat Trang Ceramic Village. When coming here, visitors will have a chance to experience a pottery-making challenge, only with a fee of 1 USD/pax. If you don’t know anything about ceramics, do not worry, there will be a skilled guide instructing you to complete a final product.

Bat Trang Pottery Museum

bat trang pottery village

If you are an art lover, don’t forget to visit the Bat Trang Pottery Museum. The museum includes 6 floors, each is decorated with a distinctive style. In particular:

  • 1st Floor: Area to welcome visitors
  • 2nd Floor: Bat Trang Pottery space Past & Present
  • 3rd Floor: Homestay Art/ Contemporary Art Center
  • 4th Floor: Artisan Cafe, Palace Hall and Elite Restaurant
  • 5th Floor: Huong Sa Art House and Light Sculpture

You can visit any floor you want to take pictures or record unforgettable memories about this museum. However, don’t make noise and move carefully to avoid breaking valuable items in the display space.

Bat Trang Pottery Market

The pottery market sells a broad range of Bat Trang ceramics, where you can find lovely souvenirs for your relatives or friends. Some of the outstanding items can be listed as dishes, teapots, worship items, flower vases, jars, and art decorations. You can buy them at affordable prices, and even bargain with local sellers.

Bat Trang Pottery Village Cuisine

bat trang pottery village

In the village, you will have a chance to enjoy plenty of famous local specialties like “Banh Te” or “Banh San Nuong”. Additionally, let’s drop by a small food stall to try “Canh Mang Muc”, the unique dish that travelers can not find anywhere in Vietnam.

Tips for visiting Bat Trang Pottery Village

  • To help you have a wonderful journey in Bat Trang Ceramic Village, we will suggest you the following tips:
  • Always check prices beforehand and bargain around 2/3 of the initial price.
  • Walk gently to restrict breaking ceramic items, especially when going with children.
  • Be cautious of fake pottery products and inspect items carefully for unexpected defects
  • Securely store personal belongings with care
  • Compare prices to get a better option (prices tend to decline in the market)

Final Thoughts

Our blog has just reviewed Bat Trang Pottery Village in detail. Don’t forget to take note of our full guide above to have the best time at this destination. To set up a good preparation of your timetable in Hanoi, you can get our suggestions in the blog about places to visit in Hanoi. Or else, let’s refer to our Vietnam tour packages for other interesting experiences during your Vietnam journey.

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