Fascinating Activities At Vietnam Museum Of Ethnology In 2024

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is a place to respect the socio-cultural diversity and cultural heritage of 54 different tribes in Vietnam. Through indoor and outdoor exhibits, you first get full information about traditional Vietnamese life, as well as outstanding religious events. This will surely bring a memorable experience for your trip.

In this blog, Vietnamtour.in will introduce the Ethnological Museum Hanoi with its outstanding architecture and interesting activities. Besides that, we will cover important instructions relating to your journey, including opening hours, time to visit, and entrance fees. Right now, let’s keep reading for the next parts.

Admire Cultural Meanings At Vietnam Museum Of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, established in 1997, aims to highlight the intangible and tangible lifestyle and creativity of ethnic groups in Vietnam. During your discovery, you will find various artifacts, pictures, and videos related to these topics. This helps you to have an in-depth understanding of Vietnamese traditions and customs.

More impressively, you can participate in several educational activities, such as cooking, handicraft making, and music performance. It is a great chance to get a hands-on experience with diverse ethnic cultures.


Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is located on Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, approximately 8 kilometers from the city center. Along the way to this destination, you can visit other tourist attractions, which is great for discovering more about Vietnam’s history and culture.

Opening Hours and Entrance fee

Here is the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology’s opening hours and entrance fee.

  • Opening hours: 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM (Tuesday to Sunday)
  • Entrance fee: 1.8 USD/pax
  • Note: The Vietnam Museum in Hanoi is not open on New Year’s Holiday.

Best Time To Visit

You can visit the Ethnological Museum Hanoi from Tuesday to Sunday. However, to restrict the big crowds, you should not get here on weekends. The best months for your trip to Hanoi are normally from February to April, when the weather is cool and less rainfall.

How To Get There

If you are staying near the city center, it’s recommended that you take a taxi, a minibus, or a Grab service to get there within 15 minutes. Otherwise, you can book a local bike to ride to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology on your own. This is ideal for discovering all corners of Hanoi and its peaceful ambiance.

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What Makes the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology So Special?

Explore exquisite architecture

Outdoor Exhibition Area

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

This area is the large yard of the Vietnam Museum in Hanoi, where you can find various ethnic groups’ architecture, like the Pomu house or the Ede and Tay people’s stilt houses. All are set up in tranquil and authentic gardens, which exactly reflect the daily life in Vietnamese villages.

Additionally, the outdoor exhibition area displays a lot of leisure pursuits (water puppet theater, calligraphy, etc.) to showcase typical cultural practices in Vietnam. These activities are one of the must-try events you should join during your trip.

Southeast Asia Exhibition Area

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

The Southeast Asia Exhibition area features a kite-like design, symbolizing dreams, freedom, and ambitions. More importantly, you will have a chance to learn about Southeast Asian and Asian traditions through glass paintings and other types of artifacts.

Here, you can also experience several educational activities, movie rooms, and halls for full information on Vietnam’s and the ASEAN community’s cultural materials.

Dong Son Drum Building

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

This area of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology covers 2 floors, displaying 15,000 artifacts, together with 42,000 photos and audiotapes. This makes the Dong Son Drum building become a virtual tour describing the daily life, customs, and habits of 54 ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

Another notable thing when visiting here is that the contents of artifacts are translated into 3 different languages: English, Vietnamese, and French. It is great for tourists to visit and explore the museum. Moreover, you will witness priceless antiques on display which appeared hundreds of years before.

Have amazing experiences with special events and activities

Water puppetry performance

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Besides the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is also famous for water puppetry performances. Despite its small-scale section, it offers a deeper understanding of ethnic minorities and rural life in Vietnam. Normally, you need to pay around 3 USD—4 USD/ticket to enjoy this activity.

Folk art activities

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

At the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, you will first listen to folk songs, one of the traditional art-music forms of local people. These songs, also called “Quan Ho Bac Ninh,” will surely immerse yourself in meaningful lyrics and impressive melodies.

Don’t forget to play typical folk games of the Nothern mountainous ethnic people, like balancing, throwing, swinging and going overseas. This might make you have a memorable experience.

Ethnic festivals

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Sometimes, visitors will have a chance to see ethnic festivals on certain days of the year. On these occasions, the museum will showcase the vibrant cultural heritage of ethnic groups, as well as typical festival-relating activites. From that, you can learn more about the cultural and mental values of Vietnamese people.

Tet celebration

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

To mark the start of the Lunar New Year, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology holds its annual Tet celebration. During this time, there are several outstanding activities like folk games, art performances, and local cuisine displays. The celebrations will especially be witnessed by representatives of ethnic groups across Vietnam regions.

Other Attractions Nearby

  • Hanoi Old Quarter (7 kilometers) is a renowned destination thanks to its numerous attractions, lively nightlife, and ancient architecture. You can call it “36 Street Hanoi”, where you can find any items, from daily products to souvenirs.
  • Hoan Kiem Lake (6.5 kilometers) is known as a symbol of Hanoi, featuring a fresh ambiance and famous landmarks in Vietnam, like Turtle Tower and Ngoc Son Temple.
  • St. Joseph Cathedral (6.0 kilometers) boasts a magnificent design which is popular as a religious site for both locals and tourists. Here, you will discover plenty of Hanoi’s cultural and historical values.
  • Presidential Palace (5.5 kilometers) belongs to the Ho Chi Minh Complex, which is dedicated to the life and contributions of President Ho Chi Minh.
  • Dong Xuan Market (6.5 kilometers) is one of the long-lasting symbols of the Old Quarter. Coming here, you will experience the locals’ daily life and unique local food.
  • One Pillar Pagoda (4.5 kilometers) features a cultural and spiritual symbol of Hanoi Capital. Besides that, it highlights various important historical values of the Vietnamese Reigns.

Tips And Regulations While Visiting Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

  • Here are several useful tips and important regulations for the best journey to the Vietnam Museum in Hanoi.
  • Don’t carry weapons or dangerous and toxic substances when entering the museum;
  • Don’t allow littering and smoking during your visit;
  • Put luggage in prescribed places;
  • Bring some cash and valuable personal items;
  • Don’t hold, move, touch, or sit on objects;
  • Don’t use a camera in the galleries;
  • Get permissions before organizing any activities;
  • Don’t bring animals, pets, climb trees, pick flowers/fruits during your discovery;
  • Go with local guides for an in-depth understanding of cultural significance (contact Vietnamtour.in).

Our blog has just provided a detailed review of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and full information about its opening hours and entrance fees. Keep in mind to follow strict regulations at the museum for the best experience. You can also take our private Vietnam tour packages with local guides to refer to a more extensive itinerary.

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