A Full Guide For The Journey To Sung Sot Cave | Updated 2024

sung sot cave

Known as the largest limestone cave in Halong Bay, Sung Sot Cave (Halong Bay Surprise Cave) features a wide range of rock formations and sparkling stalactites. You will surely be impressed with its large limestone chambers, which are decorated in distinct styles and with colorful lights.

In this guide, Vietnamtour.in will provide full information about Sung Sot Cave to help you have the best experience here. You can refer to its entrance fee, the cave’s outstanding points, as well as the best time to visit. Right now, let’s read on.

Brief Information Of Sung Sot Cave

  • Name: Sung Sot Cave (Surprise Cave or Grotte des Surprises)
  • Location: Bo Ho Island, Halong Bay, Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam
  • Size: 12,000 square meters
  • First discovery: 1901

Entrance fee

Entrance ticket: $13 – $33/pax (290.000 – 790.000VND/pax);

Boat ticket: $8/pax (200.000 VND/pax).


  • Children under 7 years old and 1.2 m are free;
  • Children between 7 and 16 years old get a 20% discount/entrance ticket;
  • Adults above 60 years old get a 50% discount/entrance ticket.

Best Time To Visit

You can visit Sung Sot Cave year-round. However, it’s recommended to visit between April and October or October and December to enjoy the ideal weather. During this time, the weather is relatively dry, and the humidity level is low.

How To Get There

To reach Sung Sot Cave, you will need to consider 2 main routes, including:

From Hanoi to Halong Bay

For the 170-kilometer journey from Hanoi to Halong Bay, you can choose one of the five following options: local or shuttle bus (3 hours); private car (2.5 hours); limousine services (2.5 hours); motorbike (3-4 hours); or train (7 hours).  For more convenience, it’s recommended to move by private cars or Limousine services.

From Halong Bay to Sung Sot Cave

At the Halong International Cruise Port or Tuan Chau Marina, you need to buy a boat ticket to reach Sung Sot Cave. During this discovery, you will visit several other renowned spots, such as Soi Sim Island, Luon Cave, and Bo Nau Cave. Normally, it takes you around 45 minutes to explore each sight and nearly 6 hours to complete your trip.

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What Makes Sung Sot Cave A Top Attraction In Halong Bay?

Discover unique-shaped formations

Being one of the most popular caves in Halong Bay, Sung Sot Cave attracts visitors thanks to its impressive formations that highlight different shapes and meanings. For example, you can easily find formations shaped like mammoths, horses, flowers, and even a general gathering his troops.

Climb on the lively but mysterious stone walkway

sung sot cave

From the wharf, you need to climb 50 stone steps to reach the mouth of Surprise Cave. Here, you will see a long stone walkway with fully colourful lamp posts leading to the inner chamber. It’s required to go down around 10 stair steps to start your discovery of the Sung Sot Cave’s splendour.

Admire the magnificent beauty of the cave structure

First chamber

sung sot cave

Coming to the first chamber, you will feel like you are in a theatre hall or a waiting room. Its ceiling is covered with a wide collection of stalactites, and the walls are perfectly smooth as if man created them. Additionally, the walls are outstanding, thanks to various colorful lights, which blend with other decoration elements to bring a unique ambiance.

Second chamber

sung sot cave

To reach the second chamber of Sung Sot Cave, it’s required to pass through a narrow passageway. Here, you will have a chance to witness its enormous freshwater lake, stunning rock formations, and beautiful stalagmites in a huge space.

Besides that, the second chamber holds a long-standing legend called “Saint Giong.” It reflects through a horse-shaped stone block, together with Saint Giong’s longsword nearby. More impressively, several small lakes are found as the Giong’s horse’s hoof prints, which have existed for thousands of years.
Sometimes, you can catch sight of monkeys scurrying around for fun or finding food.

Other Attractions Nearby

During your journey to Surprise Cave, don’t miss some famous other sightseeing, including:

  • Other caves in Halong Bay: Halong Bay is home to a range of  values, don’t forget to visit others like Tien Ong Cave, Dau Go, or Luon Cave.
  • Lan Ha Bay: It is known as a geological extension of Halong Bay, featuring up to 300 limestone sea rocks and karst islands. Coming here, you will especially be attracted by its unique beauty and peaceful atmosphere.  spectacular caves. If you want to discover its unique geology, and archaeological
  • Bai Tu Long Bay: This site is east of Halong Bay, highlighting its pristine natural beauty, together with plenty of stunning landscapes. Some outstanding spots you should consider such as Vung Vieng fishing village, Cong Do area, Thien Canh Son Cave, and Da Xep Park.

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Useful tips for the exploration of Sung Sot Cave

  • For the best itinerary to Sung Sot Cave, as well as other caves in Halong Bay, don’t miss our useful suggestions below:
  • Wear hiking shoes and long-sleeved clothes to climb inside the cave easily;
  • Prepare everything for outdoor activities like sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrellas and hat;
  • Always book hotel and boat tour reservations in advance, especially during the peak season;
  • Follow all regulations during your visit to the cave;
  • Go with local guides for the best preparations and meaningful stories (contact Vietnamtour.in);

Our blog has just introduced a detailed itinerary of Sung Sot Cave, together with several outstanding spots to visit here. Besides that, don’t forget to visit the total cave network in Halong Bay to have amazing experiences. If you don’t have any specific plan, let’s refer to our holiday packages to Vietnam from India for the best suggestions from local travel experts.

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