Dragon Bridge in Da Nang: An Ultimate Guide For Indians In 2024 

Dragon Bridge in Da Nang

Dragon Bridge in Da Nang is one of the most impressive bridges in Vietnam and a symbol of the city’s modern development. As an Indian tourist, you shouldn’t miss this useful article to have a perfect time in this famous landmark of Vietnam. Here is the ultimate guide that Vietnamtour.in has prepared for you

Brief information

  • Location: In Da Nang, Vietnam, crossing the Han River
  • Material: Steel
  • Total length: 666m
  • Fire time: Every weekend night at 9 pm

Unique architecture of the bridge

The bridge is named after the dragon, a mythical creature that represents power, nobility, and good fortune in Vietnamese culture. The bridge is shaped like a dragon that curves and coils along the river. The dragon’s head faces the east, towards the sea, while its tail points to the west, towards the mountains. The dragon’s body is covered with 2,500 LED lights that change colour at night.

Dragon Bridge in Da nang

The most amazing feature of the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang is that it can breathe fire and water from its mouth. The fire and water are sprayed from 18 nozzles installed inside the dragon’s head. The show of fire dragon bridge symbolizes the aspiration and vitality of Da Nang as a modern and dynamic city. It also celebrates the historical and cultural significance of the dragon in Vietnam.


The Dragon Bridge location is in Da Nang, crossing the Han River. It connects the city center with the eastern part of the city, where many tourist attractions and beaches are located.

How to get there

By taxi: Taking a taxi is the easiest and most convenient way to get to the bridge. You can find many taxi companies in Da Nang, such as Mai Linh, Vinasun, Tien Sa, etc. The fare is around 15,000 VND per kilometre.

By motorbike: If you want to explore the city by yourself, you can rent a motorbike from many shops in Da Nang. The price is around $ 6.25 per day. You can follow the signs along the river to get to the bridge.

By walking: If you are staying near the city center, you can also walk to the bridge. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes from the Han Market or the Museum of Cham Sculpture. You can enjoy the view of the river and the city along the way.

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What to expect

Dragon Bridge at night

The best time to visit the bridge is at night when it is illuminated by colourful lights. You can see the dragon changing colours from green to yellow to red. You can also watch the fire and water show from either side of the river or a nearby rooftop bar.

Fire and water performance

Dragon Bridge in Da nang

The fire and water show is a highlight of the bridge. It happens every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm. The show lasts about three minutes, during which the dragon’s head spits fire and water into the air. The show attracts many locals and tourists who gather around the bridge to watch.

Da Nang’s International Fireworks Festival

Dragon Bridge in Da nang

Another event that you can enjoy at the bridge is Da Nang’s International Fireworks Festival, which is held annually in June or July. The festival features teams from different countries competing in fireworks displays over the Han River. The bridge is also decorated with fireworks that create spectacular effects.

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Top places for the best view of Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge is not only a stunning attraction by itself but also a great spot to enjoy the views of the Han River and the city skyline. Here are some of the top places for the best view of the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang:

On the Dragon Bridge

You may examine the bridge’s design and intricacies while walking or biking across it, day or night. As you cross the river, you can feel the breeze and hear its sound.

Bach Dang street

Dragon Bridge in Da nang

This is a riverside walkway along the Han River’s south bank. It provides a panoramic perspective of the Dragon Bridge. You can take a stroll down the street or relax on one of the seats and enjoy the scenery. There are also numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars along this boulevard where you can relax and enjoy the nightly fire and water display.

Tran Hung Dao Street

This is another riverfront route that follows the north bank of the Han River. You can walk or cycle down this route, or stop in one of the parks or gardens to enjoy the vista. There are also many hotels, stores, and restaurants in this area.

On Han river

Dragon Bridge in Da nang

If you want to get closer to the Dragon Bridge and see it from a different perspective, you can take a boat ride on the Han River.  Boat cruises depart from both sides of the river, providing numerous possibilities. You can select from classic wooden boats, modern speedboats, or luxury trips.

On other bridges: Tran Thi Ly, Thuan Phuoc, Han River

Several other bridges cross the Han River in Da Nang, each with its unique design and features such as Tran Thi Ly Bridge – a cable-stayed bridge that has a single tower shaped like a sail, Thuan Phuoc Bridge – a suspension bridge that connects Da Nang with Son Tra Peninsula, Han River Bridge – a swing bridge that rotates 90 degrees to allow ships to pass through.

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Other famous attractions nearby

There are many attractions near the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang that you can visit to make your trip more enjoyable.

Love bridge

Dragon Bridge in Da nang

The Dragon Bridge and the east bank of the Han River are connected by this pedestrian bridge. Couples and lovers hang locks bearing their names on the railings and take pictures here frequently. It will be an ideal destination for a Vietnam honeymoon tour package.

My Khe beach

Dragon Bridge in Da nang

My Khe Beach is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Da Nang. It has a long stretch of white sand, clear water, and palm trees. You can swim, sunbathe, surf, or enjoy various water sports and activities on this beach.

Night market

Dragon Bridge in Da nang

This vibrant and bustling market is open every night from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Tran Hung Dao Street. It offers a wide range of products, including handicrafts, clothing, accessories, and souvenirs. This market offers street cuisine and local specialities that you may sample while haggling for the best deals.

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Hotels with a perfect view of Dragon Bridge

If you want to enjoy the spectacular view of the Dragon Bridge in Da Nang or the whole city from your hotel room, here are some of the best options.

Muong Thanh Grand Da Nang Hotel

It offers spacious rooms with balconies overlooking the river and the bridge. The hotel has a restaurant, a bar, a spa, a fitness centre, and an outdoor pool.

  • Standard: 4-star
  • Location: 962 Ngo Quyen Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang
  • Price range: 50$ – $800 per night

Haian Riverfront Hotel Da Nang

This hotel offers spacious rooms and airy spaces that feature a stunning balcony that would be a favourite spot to admire the beauty of Danang City and Han River. It brings extremely comfortable and satisfying experiences for couples, groups of friends, and family trips.

  • Standard: 4-star
  • Location: 182 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Price range: $50 – $800 per night

Val Soleil Hotel

Val Soleil Hotel is located next to Dragon Bridge in Da Nang. Only a few walks you can visit many famous tourist places such as Champa Museum, Dragon Bridge, Danang Cathedral, Bach Dang and Tran Phu Street-a crowded, busy road. All the luxury facilities and modern decorations bring the elegance, luxury and significance of Val Soleil Hotel.

  • Standard: 4-star
  • Location: 186 Tran Phu, Hai Chau Dist, Da Nang
  • Price range: $50 – $100

Vanda Hotel

Located on one of the most beautiful streets of Da Nang, the Vanda Hotel with luxurious amenities and high-quality services will surely satisfy even the most demanding guests. Whether you are a business traveller, a newlywed couple enjoying your honeymoon, or a group of friends visiting Da Nang for the weekend. At the Vanda Hotel, spoil yourself.

  • Standard: 4-star
  • Location: 03 Nguyen Van Linh street, Hai Chau district, Danang
  • Price range: $50 – $1000

Useful tips

  • Bring light jacket
  • Be careful of smoke and water during fire time
  • Arrive early to secure a good viewing location
  • No vehicles are permitted to cross the bridge during the show
  • Keep an eye on children
  • Contact Vietnamtour.in to have a wonderful trip


Dragon Bridge in Da Nang is not only a functional infrastructure, but also a cultural landmark and a tourist attraction that showcases the City’s creativity and dynamism. Grab your pals and your beloved with a packages for Vietnam to discover this famous destination.

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