Ba Na Hills in Da Nang: A Heaven On Earth Awaits Your Explorations


Ba Na Hills in Da Nang is a top-tier entertainment destination, attracting thousands of Indian tourists annually. This tourist attraction boasts many recognizable architecture worldwide, such as the classical French Village or Beer Plaza in Germany. In addition, Ba Na Hills also has world-class structures like the Golden Bridge or the modern cable car system.

Known as the “heaven on earth,” Ba Na Hills is always a top choice for Indian tourists on their Vietnam trip. In this article, we will help you have a more convenient journey with useful information, from ticket prices, places to visit, and hotels to exciting festivals in Ba Na Hills.


Brief Information:

  • Location: An Son, Hoa Ninh, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City
  • Opening hours: 8 AM – 5 PM from Monday to Sunday
  • Best time to visit: January to mid-September
  • Entrance fee: 900,000 VND/adult and 750,000 VND/children (1 – 1m4)
  • Best for: family, friends, couples, children
  • Website:

History (Introduction)

Sun World Ba Na Hills is invested in and constructed by SunGroup – a Vietnamese corporation famous for world-class projects. Since 2009, this leisure destination has become an iconic attraction in Da Nang. It is also known as the “Disneyland of Vietnam.”

From 2015 to 2018, Sun World Ba Na Hills was praised as the top tourist resort in Vietnam by the Vietnam Association of Tourism. Moreover, in 2019, Sun World Ba Na Hills was honored as “The Leading Theme Park in Vietnam” at the WTA awards ceremony for Asia – the Pacific area.

With stunning natural views, unique architecture, and modern infrastructure, Sun World Ba Na Hills is a must-visit destination for domestic and foreign visitors when visiting Danang.

Detailed Guide 


An Son Village, Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City, Vietnam

Best Time to Visit Ba Na Hills in Da Nang

The best time to visit Ba Na Hills is from January to mid-September. In this period, the weather in Da Nang is pleasant, with many sunny days and cool breezes. The temperatures range from 21 to 37°C, and humidity levels vary between 60 and 96%.

How to Get To Ba Na Hills

The distance from Danang Center to Ba Na Hills is about 25 kilometers (45 minutes by car)

Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose the modes of transport as below:

  • Shuttle Bus: this service operates daily and takes around 70 – 80 minutes to travel. If you buy the ticket “Night Combo” of Ba Na Hills, the combo includes this pick-up service.
  • Motorbikes and local taxis: you can rent a motorbike or use the taxi service to get to Ba Na Hills.
  • Tour Package: It is the most convenient option for Indian tourists. The tour guide will arrange your trip effectively and based on your preferences.

Ticket Prices

Entrance fees

  • Adult (over 1m4): 37 USD/person
  • Children (1m – 1m4): 31 USD/person
  • Children (under 1m4): Free

Ticket price includes one round-trip cable car ticket, Golden Bridge, Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens, Luna Castle, Helios Waterfall, French Village, and Fantasy Park (Not free for games with coins and awards)

Buffet fees

Ticket price for Adults (over 1m4)Ticket price for Children (1m – 1m4)
Vietnamese buffet (Arapang or Lavender)12.3 USD/person 5.3 USD/person
Korean buffet or Asian buffet 12.3 USD/person6 USD/person
Night buffet (Beer Plaza)12.3 USD/person5.8 USD/person
Buffet at Little Tokyo Restaurant13.3 USD/person6.8 USD/person

What to See in Ba Na Hills

Cable Cars Network

According to CNN, the cable car system at Ba Na Hills was evaluated as one of the ten most impressive cable car systems in the world. Its capacity can reach 6,500 passengers per hour.


Fantasy Park

Fantasy Park is a recreational haven for all family members. The amusement park features countless games and captivating activities, attracting all ages.

Wax Museum

Ticket fee: 4 USD/adult, and free for children under 1m4

The wax museum in Ba Na Hills is the first wax museum in Vietnam. It displays many wax figures of worldwide celebrities in different fields, such as physics genius Albert Einstein, US President Obama, and famous actor Jackie Chan.

Alpine Coaster

Ticket fee: 2.8 USD/adult

The Alpine Coaster is a favorite game for thrill-seekers. High-speed coasters and double-twisted structures will bring Indian tourists extreme fun at a high latitude.

French Village

The French Village at Ba Na Hills replicates romantic and classical France. It includes a string of unique French structures, such as the cathedral, square, village, and more.


Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda is a renowned religious architecture in Ba Na Hills. At around 1,500 m above sea level, the pagoda boasts a peaceful ambiance and stunning natural views, attracting many Indian tourists annually.

Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens

Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens in Sun World Ba Na Hills stand out with thousands of glowing flowers. It comprises nine gardens with nine varying architectures, captivating locals and tourists to visit and take photos.

Golden Bridge

Located at 1,414m above sea level, the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills is an iconic architectural feature of Da Nang City. The bridge stands out with two giant hands and spectacular mountainous views, captivating Indian tourists to visit.

Luna Castle

The Lunar Castle was built based on the legend of the Fire Dragon. When visiting the castle, Indian travelers can still observe the remnants of the Dragon Den on the first floor. In addition, you will be in awe due to its architectural masterpieces.

Helios Waterfall

Helios Waterfall in Ba Na Hills is the first project of Frilli Gallery – a renowned sculpture studio in Italy. The god statues in the waterfall comprise Helios, Bacchus, Apollo, Venus, Athena, and 15 other gods.


Bar Debay Wine Cellar

Entrance fee: 4 – 12.5 USD/adult and free for children (under 1m4)

The ticket price for adults includes visiting and a drink; the price varies depending on the wine type. Debay Wine Cellar in Ba Na Hills is proud of top-tier wines. Indian visitors can enjoy great-tasting glasses of wine and tasty grilled pork in this cellar.

Festivals and Events in Ba Na Hills

The Flower Festival (from mid -January to late March)

The Flower Festival displays millions of tulips and over fifty different types of flowers. The charming gardens and delicate fragrances from roses and tulips will awaken your senses. This festival is a good chance for Indian tourists to capture beautiful photos and relish the fairy-tale scenes.

Carnival Masquerade (from late May to late September)

During the Carnival Masquerade, Indian tourists can watch unique performances with the perfect harmony of music, choreography, and sophisticated costumes. Each costume was meticulously crafted for characters representing different kingdoms, with various designs and materials.


The Wine Festival (In May)

The wine festival takes place in May in the French village. At the festival, Indian travelers can discover how to make wine and enjoy many best-tasting wines.

The Beer Festival (from early May to early September)

Ba Na Hills has a miniature Germany — the Beer Plaza with old beer barrels. Beer Plaza is the most marvelous and vibrant venue for the beer festival. The festival offers authentic German beer and food along with exquisite décor and enchanting performing arts.

The Halloween Festival (from October 1 to October 31)

Halloween is a captivating festival in Ba Na Hills, with exciting fairy-tale shows and lovely decorations from tons of pumpkins.

The Winter Festival (from November 10 to December 31)

The winter festival is hosted to welcome Christmas with multiple exciting activities. Indian tourists can enjoy circus performances, live music, and dance performances. Meanwhile, children can expect to meet Santa Claus.

Accommodations in Ba Na Hills

Morin HotelDebay HotelMercure Ba Na Hills
Price41 – 49.5 USD/room/night41 – 53.5 USD/room/night74 – 275 USD/room/night
Standard3 stars3 stars4 stars
StyleFrench architectural style with elegant designAncient and luxurious French architectureCharming French colonial elements mixed with Gothic style and views of the ancient French Village
Room classMorin Deluxe and Morin SuiteDebay Deluxe Room, Debay Suite Room, Debay Senior Deluxe RoomStandard, Superior, Deluxe, Duplex Suite, Executive Suite, Family Suite, Family Superior, Family Deluxe and Family bunks.

Useful Tips

  • Pay attention to the order date of the ticket because cable car tickets to Ba Na Hills can only be used during the day.
  • Book the ticket online to avoid the queue
  • Food and drinks to Ba Na Hills are not allowed
  • Be aware of protecting the environment and natural landscape
  • Bring sunscreen, a hat, an umbrella, and sunglasses
  • Go with a local guide such as to explore Ba Na Hills fully


Sun World Ba Na Hills is the most famous leisure destination in Da Nang. After reading this article, you might be excited to visit Ba Na Hills now and want to explore other places to visit in Danang. We hope our articles are helpful for your trip to Vietnam. Contact us if you want an effective package tour!

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