A Comprehensive Guide To Son Tra Peninsula | Updated 2024 

son tra peninsula

A Comprehensive Guide To Son Tra Peninsula | Updated 2024 

Son Tra Peninsula is one of the most breathtaking landscapes that you can not miss when visiting Danang. Coming here,  travelers will have a chance to admire the beauty of primeval forests, blue beaches, and the life of locals.

In this blog, Vietnamtour.in will show comprehensive instructions to Son Tra Mountains to help you have the best time here. Right now, it’s time to get into the world of Son Tra Penisula with us!

Brief information of Son Tra Peninsula

Overview of Son Tra Peninsula

Despite only expanding around 30km², Son Tra Peninsula is still one of the most important national protected forests in Vietnam. It is well-known for its varied biodiversity, as well as magnificent scenery. Besides that, you will also have a chance to enjoy the fresh cool ambiance here.

Standing on the top of the Son Tra Mountains, travelers will be surely impressed by the breathtaking panoramic Danang views, which are ideal for taking some Instagram-worth pictures.

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Detailed guide 


Son Tra Peninsula is situated in Tho Quang Ward, Son Tra district, which is around 10 kilometers away from the city center.  Along the way to this destination, you will pass by a range of famous beaches in Danang, where you see the bustling life of locals.

Best time to visit

You can visit the Son Tra Mountains around the year, however, it’s ideal to have a journey here between March to September You can freely join outdoor activities and take photos due to the dry, sunny, and gorgeous weather.

How to get there 

  • From Da Nang City: You can use plenty of ways, including booking a taxi, grabbing a Grab bike, renting a motorbike, or taking a tour with a local guide. If you have a motorbike, the simplest way to reach there is by driving straight along the Danang Sea.
  • From Ha Noi: You should take a flight or train ticket to get down to Danang City. After that, let’s take a taxi to easily move with your luggage.

Ticket fees

You don’t need any fee when visiting Son Tra Peninsula. However, if you want to explore other attractions,  you can be charged for a certain fee. For example:

  • Lighthouse: 1 USD/pax
  • Bai But and Bai Rang: 8 – 16 USA/huts renting or 1.5 USD/visit time (in case you don’t use huts)

What to expect during the journey to Son Tra Peninsula 

Discover the unique beauty of beaches

The Son Tra Penisula is surrounded by a range of nice and quiet beaches, where you can experience a lot of outdoor activities. Some famous beaches can be listed such as:

  • But Beach: It is the most renowned destination on the Son Tra Peninsula. Coming here, you can easily admire the beauty of surrounding landscapes, and join unique underwater sports. They can include seeing coral reefs, windsurfing, or snorkeling in Son Tra Peninsula.
  • Tien Sa Beach: You will be attracted by its pristine and peaceful views. On a long stretch of white sand, you can sunbathe, take some pictures, or go fishing.
  • Da Den Beach (Black Stone Beach): Being located on the North shore of Son Tra Mountain, Da Den Beach impresses travelers due to its pristine beauty. In this spot, you can see a range of large black rocks stacked together, which brings a unique view.
  • Bai Nam Beach (South Beach): The beach is also called “Bai Nom”, which boasts the most stunning coral reefs in Son Tra Penisula. You can book a room in Son Tra Penisual Resort nearby to have a memorable night here.
  • Bai Bac Beach (North Beach): From October to November, you can see a lot of dark green seaweeds on the rocks here, making it unique from the other beaches. Besides that, don’t forget to experience interesting activities like diving, snorkeling, or swimming.

Respect for the religious values in Linh Ung Pagoda

Ling Ung Pagoda is one of the most famous pagodas in Danang City. It includes the main hall, the ancestral house, the lecture hall, the Arha Statue Garden, and the lunchroom. When visiting here, you will have a chance to discover more about traditional temple architecture, and traditional Buddhist values in Vietnam.

son tra peninsula linh ung pagoda

Admire the magnificent architecture of Lady Buddha (Statue of Guan Yin)

Lady Buddha in Linh Ung Pagoda is the tallest statue in Vietnam, with a height of up to 67 meters. This statue includes 17 stories, each has 21 distinctive Buddha idols.  Visitors can pass by the stairs inside to discover the beauty of each story.

Challenge yourself with Ban Co Peak (Chess Board Peak)

To visit Ban Co Peak, you need to come across a narrow and winding road. This might be a challenge with travelers. At this destination, you will witness a huge bronze Confucius statue playing chess, surrounded by the sky, mountains, and rocks.

Explore the Red-shanked Douc in Son Tra National Park

In this park, you can find plentiful faunas and floras. One of the most famous animals is the Red-shanked Douc, which is a very rare monkey in Vietnam. You can see these monkeys in every corner during your journey here. That’s why locals call Son Tra Peninsula as Son Tra Monkey Mountains.

Discover the massive structure of the thousand-year-old banyan tree

If you are a tree lover, don’t miss this destination. At nearly 800 years old,  the banyan tree features visitors with the impressive beauty of huge branches and different structures from the center. Let’s drop in here in the hot summer months to enjoy the fresh ambiance.

Experience the wonderful sea view from the Military Radar Station 

The station is called “Mat Than Dong Duong”, which is used to support civil aviation in Vietnam. From this spot, you can observe the breathtaking view of landscapes and the East Sea.

Explore the classic French architecture with Son Tra Lighthouse

Son Tra Lighthouse is designed in the French style, situated at around 223 meters compared to the sea level. Currently, it has become one of the trendy destinations with a lot of visitors, especially the young. Let’s prepare a camera and record all the gorgeous moments of the surrounding sights.

Enjoy the adventurous feeling on the road to Vong Canh Hill

If you want to visit Vong Canh Hill, it is safer to move during dry and sunny days. Coming here, you can see the panoramic view of Ngoc Island, as well as the image of Hai Van passing in the distance. An additional treasure of this hill is the fresh and comfortable ambiance.

Things to do in Son Tra Penisula

son tra peninsula

  • Hiking: To capture the most wonderful pictures, hiking is a good option for you to consider. Along the way to attractions in the Son Tra Mountains, you can catch plenty of impressive moments.   
  • Paragliding: You need to pay around 82 USD/pax to experience paragliding here. We believe that this activity is worth trying during your journey.
  • Snorkeling: When visiting beaches in Son Tra Penisula, many visitors love snorkeling to discover the beauty of the underwater world. Don’t worry, you will supported by professionals to ensure your safety.
  • Local cuisines: This journey also brings you an impressive experience with local cuisines. Don’t forget the taste of fresh seafood, wild vegetables, and especially coconut wine.


  • You should wear hiking shoes to easily move during visit time.
  • Be aware that mobile signals are not strong on Son Tra Peninsula, thus, let’s follow your map.
  • Bring umbrellas, sunscreen, and hats for unexpected weather.
  • Always respect the environment and religious values.
  • Should not feed the monkeys
  • Experience the breathtaking view from Linh Ung Pagoda or Radar station in the evening
  • Should book a tour in advance with a local guide (contact Vietnamtour.in)


Our blog has just shown you a full guide to Son Tra Peninsula. Besides that, we hope that our useful tips can help you have a more memorable journey here. Let’s refer to our places to visit in Danang blog for additional activities in this city.

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