Marble Mountains: A Comprehensive Guide For Indians In 2024

Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains is one of the famous natural landscapes, lying outside of the Danang City. When coming here, visitors will be amazed by its natural wonders, historical treasures as well as relevant spiritual settings.

To help you have the best time at this spot, will launch a detailed Marble Mountain guide below. Don’t miss our blog to get several useful tips for your journey here.

Brief information

A Glance On Highlights Of Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains

Marble Mountains means “Ngu Hanh Son” in Vietnamese, which was named by King Ming Mang in 1825. Each mountain belonging to this complex features five distinctive elements of Eastern philosophy: metal (Kim), wood (Moc), water (Thuy), fire (Hoa), and earth (Tho). That’s why Ngu Hanh Son has a special significance for the ritual lives of the people of Central Vietnam.

As told in the Cham legend, the Marble Mountains originated from the story of a dragon laying an egg on Non Nuoc Beach. Over time, the eggshell was broken into 5 different pieces, then became the five mountains you can see today. After that, Ngu Hanh Son was expanded to be home to a range of famous caves, pagodas, towers, and temples, attached to the culture of Mahayana Buddhism.

Detailed guide 

Opening hours

Marble Mountains opens daily from 7 AM to 5.30 PM, thus, you can visit here anytime you want. However, you should avoid having the journey during the rainy days to ensure your safety while moving on the stone steps towards the mountain peaks. It normally takes you around 2 hours to discover all corners of this complex.

Entrance fee

Below is a Marble Mountain entrance fee table you should consider before taking a trip to this destination

DestinationEntrance fee
AdultsStudentsChildren under 6 years old
Am Phu Cave1.5 USD/pax0.4 USD/paxFree
Water Mountain0.75 USD/pax0.3 USD/paxFree

In case you want to move by elevator while exploring outstanding attractions in the Ngu Hanh Son, let’s pay a fee of around 0.6 USD/pax.

How to get there 

From Hanoi

You can book a ticket for the Hanoi – Danang train to arrive at Danang Railway Station. Or else, you can also have a flight from the Noi Bai Airport to Danang Airport to save moving time. After that, let’s catch a taxi or Grab a bike to get to Marble Mountains within 30 minutes.

From Da Nang Center (11 kilometers distant)

You have various options to get there from the Danang city center, including:

  • By bus: Get on bus No. 1 (Danang to Hoian City), with a ticket of 0.8 USD/pax to move to the Marble Mountains in 20 minutes.
  • By taxi: Book any taxi services to get there for the most convenience. However, we highly recommend you experience Vinfast Electric Taxi here for more discounts.
  • By motorbike: Rent a motorbike from locals to freely move anywhere along the way to the Ngu Hanh Son. Or else, you can book for Grab bike or Vinfast electric bike to restrict getting lost.

What to see during the trip to Marble Mountains 

Besides the highlights of Marble Mountains about its name or history, we will introduce some impressive spots that you can not miss here. In particular:

Immerse in the spiritual ambiance in Linh Ung Pagoda

Marble Mountains

It is located on the eastern side of the Water Mountain, and known as one of the most long-established pagodas in Danang. Annually, there are a huge number of travelers coming here to worship Buddha and discover the unique religious values of the locals.

Witness distinctive stone statues in Xa Loi Tower

Marble Mountains

A short walk away from the Linh Ung Pagoda, you will see the magnificent tower called Xa Loi Tower. It is a place to worship 200 Bodhisattva, Buddha, and Arhat statues.

Admire the magic ambiance in Huyen Khong Cave

Marble Mountains

It is one of the most beautiful Marble Mountain caves that travelers can not miss during their visit time. Inside this cave, you will witness its unique structure, as well as several mysterious surrounding elements. Besides that, everyone can visit 2 small temples nearby namely Thuong Ngan and Chua Tien.

Experience a challenging feeling in Am Phu Cave

Marble Mountains

The cave has an impressive length and brings an adventurous feeling, immersing you in a spine-chilling experience. Plus, visitors will admire the beauty of intricate sculptures, reflecting basic Buddhist principles.

Explore a famous heritage site with Tam Thai Pagoda

Marble Mountains

The pagoda is on Water Mountain, which was built to honor the best Buddhist values. That’s why many Buddhists drop in here to pray for luck and health. Additionally, the pagoda is also recognized as a National Historical-Cultural Heritage Site.

Useful tips

  • The road during the Marble Mountain journey is quite slippery, thus, let’s select hiking or walking shoes to easily move.
  • Visitors can use the elevator to avoid exhaustion and enhance safety while visiting this spot.
  • It is ideal to go with a tour guide to get a deeper understanding of the historical values of the mountains. (contact
  • Be aware of buying sophisticated and heavy stones at the Ngu Hanh Son
  • Bring some cash for unexpected incidents
  • Avoid getting there during rainy or hot days
  • Pack polite clothing, prefer to wear long sleeves and pants

Conclusion has just introduced outstanding attractions to visit at Marble Mountains. Besides that, we also guide you with a detailed schedule about its opening hours and entrance fees to help you make good preparations for your trip. If you want to explore more about Danang City, let’s refer to our blog about Da Nang attractions for detailed reviews.


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