Golden Bridge Vietnam: New Symbol Of Da Nang In 2024

Golden Bridge Vietnam

Golden Bridge Vietnam belongs to the Sun World Ba Na Hills tourism complex, which has become the top tourist attraction in Vietnam in just five years since 2018. It is also known as the Golden Hands Bridge, which is famous for its stunning architecture and breathtaking natural scenery.

In this blog, you can get detailed instructions on how to have the best itinerary to this destination. Besides that, also provides useful tips to make your trip more memorable. Right now, read on to start your discovery!

Golden Bridge Vietnam

Brief Information

The Special Architecture of Golden Bridge Vietnam

Golden Bridge Vietnam

Golden Bridge Vietnam is a sky-high golden lance (1,400 meters above sea level) lifted by large stone hands, bringing a wonderful but indescribable illustration. On this bridge, you will admire the surreal landscape of the sky, and the mist, blending with the impressive surrounding landscape.

Originally, the bridge was simply designed to connect two well-known attractions: Marseille Station to the Garden of Eden and Le Jardin D’Amour. Over time, it was renovated with unique decorations and has become the leading landmark thanks to its impressive appearance.

Indeed, the Golden Bridge Vietnam not only contributes to the beauty of art but also holds meaningful cultural significance. With this bridge, Vietnamese people express gratitude for divine support and protection for their lives and their families.


The Golden Bridge is on the top of Ba Na Hill, which is about 30 kilometers from the city center. If you move to this destination from Hoi An Ancient Town, it will take you 1.5 hours (around 57 kilometers).

Ticket Fees

To visit the Golden Bridge Vietnam, you first need to pay a cable car ticket to reach the Sun World Ba Na Hills complex. Here is a table of updated ticket fees.

Entrance Nationwide visitor 
  • Adult: $35 – 850.000 VND
  • Children: $29 – 700.000 VND
Danang’s resident visitor
  • Adult: $23 – 550.000 VND
  • Children: $19 – 450.000 VND  
Cable car & Lunch  Buffet ComboNationwide visitor 
  • Adult: $46 – 1.140.000 VND
  • Children: $35 – 860.000 VND
Danang’s resident visitor 
  • Adult: $34 – 840.000 VND
  • Children: $25 – 610.000 VND

* Note: With the residence in Da Nang approved, ID cards will always be required.

How To Get There

To arrive at Ba Na Hill, you can select one of the 3 following means of transport:

By shuttle bus ($8 – $12/ticket) 

Traveling on a shuttle bus is the most common way to visit the Golden Bridge in Vietnam. These buses normally start at 7:00 AM—8:00 AM and last depart around 3:30 PM—4:30 PM. You can contact several available service providers or your hotel to book a shuttle bus that is suitable for your schedule.

By taxi

Whether you are staying in Danang or Hoi An, you can easily find various reliable taxi services like Mai Linh or Tien Sa. For more convenience, you can contact these brands directly through the hotline to book a taxi to Golden Bridge Vietnam.

By car

If you want to experience a more private trip with your family or friends, it’s recommended to hire a private car, or book a Grab/ Xanh SM car. With this service, you can easily book and get estimated cost only with a mobile app.

Best Time To Visit

Due to its location on the top of Ba Na Hill, the Golden Hands Bridge’s weather is cool and temperate all year. Sometimes, it is foggy and windy during the rainy season. However, to take stunning pictures of this iconic bridge, you should visit from June to August — the most beautiful and warmest time of year.

Outstanding Spots of Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is known as an amazing architectural masterpiece in the centre of Vietnam, with a range of rare records and titles:

  • The world’s leading news agencies, such as BBC, CNN, The Guardian, or Time, mention the Golden Bridge Vietnam as one of the most world-renowned bridges. Moreover, the hashtag #goldenbridgevietnam is very viral on worldwide social networks.
  • The Golden Hands Bridge hosts significant events, like the “A Walk on a Cloud” fashion show of Fashion Voyage.
  • The bridge is recorded in cinematic presences like “Game of Thrones” or “The Lords of the Rings”.
  • The Golden Bridge Vietnam got an outstanding prize, namely the 2021 World Travel Award in the ‘world’s leading iconic tourist bridge’ category.
golden bridge vietnam
“A Walk On A Cloud” fashion show

Tips for Visiting Golden Bridge Vietnam

Golden Bridge Vietnam

  • For an enjoyable experience at this destination, here are some useful tips you should consider:
  • Schedule your trip plan to match the cable car’s opening hours;
  • Wear clothes that are easy to move but polite to visit the surrounding pagodas;
  • Bring coats, sun hats, coats, or umbrellas for unexpected weather;
  • Follow safety regulations to prevent health issues;
  • Don’t obstruct or disturb others;
  • Don’t litter and respect to the environment;
  • Bring walking shoes with anti-slip soles;
  • Go with local guides to discover interesting stories behind this architecture.


With this blog, hopes you will have the best trip to Golden Bridge Vietnam. If you want to discover more about the beauty of Danang city, refer to Da Nang attractions for more details. Or else, you can consider our customized Vietnam tours for the perfect preparation for your plan to this beautiful coastal city.

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