Shopping in Phu Quoc: What to Buy and Where to Go

Shopping in Phu Quoc

Besides discovering many beautiful beaches or resorts, shopping in Phu Quoc for local specialities and souvenirs is always an attractive feature for Indian tourists. Now,  will recommend to you the top things to buy in Phu Quoc that you can bring home to share with your friends and family.


Khu Tuong Pepper Garden

Shopping in Phu Quoc

As an Indian tourist, you definitely won’t be able to miss this high-quality ingredient, this is a must thing to buy in Phu Quoc. Pepper is an essential ingredient in both Vietnamese and Indian cuisine, adding a spicy and aromatic flavour to any dish. You can buy pepper in different forms, such as whole or ground. Pepper is also a good souvenir to bring back home, as it can last for a long time and remind you of the taste of Phu Quoc.

Fish sauce 

Thinh Phat fish sauce

Thanh Quoc fish sauce

Shopping in Phu Quoc
Fish sauce factory in Phu Quoc

Another speciality of Phu Quoc is fish sauce, which is made from anchovies that are fermented in wooden barrels with salt and water. Fish sauce is a staple condiment in Vietnam, and it enhances the flavour of many dishes. Phu Quoc fish sauce is renowned for its quality and purity, as it has a high protein content and a clear amber colour. You can buy fish sauce in bottles or jars, or visit one of the many factories on the island to see how it is made.


Long Beach Pearl 

Shopping in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is also known for its pearl farming industry, which produces some of the finest pearls in the world. Pearls are a symbol of elegance and beauty, so as a noble Indian lady, you certainly shouldn’t miss the pearl jewellery shopping in Phu Quoc. You can buy pearls in shops or markets with affordable prices more than any country, or visit one of the pearl farms on the island to learn more about the process of pearl cultivation.

Sim Wine

Bay Gao Sim Wine

Thanh Long Phu Quoc Sim Wine  

Shopping in Phu Quoc

Sim wine is a unique drink made from the sim tree’s fruit, which grows abundantly in Phu Quoc. Sim wine is a sweet and sour wine that has a low alcohol content and a fruity aroma. Sim wine is often served as an appetizer or a dessert, and it can help with digestion and health. You can buy sim wine in bottles or cans, or try it fresh at one of the sim wine factories on the island.

Dried seafood  

An Thoi Market

Duong Dong Market 

Shopping in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is known for its fresh and delicious seafood, but you can also enjoy it in dried form. Dried seafood is a popular snack in Vietnam, and you can find many varieties in Phu Quoc, such as squid, shrimp, fish, scallops and more. You can buy dried seafood at the local markets, such as Duong Dong Market, An Thoi Market, or the shops near the airport. Dried seafood is easy to pack and store, and it can last for a long time.

Swallow’s nest

Dao Yen Phu Quoc

Shopping in Phu Quoc

Swallow’s nest is a delicacy in Vietnam and other Asian countries. It is made from the saliva of swiftlets, a type of bird that lives in caves and cliffs. Swallow’s nest is believed to have many health benefits, such as boosting immunity, improving skin and enhancing digestion. You can buy a swallow’s nest in any Phu Quoc shopping mall or local stalls. Swallow’s nest is usually sold in dried form, so You have to soak it in water before making swallow’s nest soup, dessert or drinks. It will be the best gift for your parents.

Chou Chou peanuts

Duong Dong Market 

Shopping in Phu Quoc

If you are still concerned about what things to buy in Phu Quoc as a souvenir, you may try ChouChou peanuts. Chou chou is a kind of French snack, it was brought to Vietnam and mixed with a lot of Phu Quoc dishes to cater to tourists. To cater to the tastes of a wide range of travellers, Chouchou comes in thirty distinct flavours, including seaweed, shrimp salt, wild myrtle, and salt and pepper. It is so healthy, with a variety of natural flavours and is completely chemical-free.

Melaleuca mushroom

Dinh Cau Market 

Shopping in Phu Quoc

Melaleuca mushroom is a rare and medicinal mushroom that grows in the melaleuca forests of Phu Quoc. It has a brown colour and a woody texture, and it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Melaleuca mushrooms will be worth buying in Phu Quoc,  because it is used to treat various diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Melaleuca mushroom is usually sold in dried form, and you need to soak it in water before cooking it. You can make melaleuca mushroom soup, tea or porridge with ginger, garlic or herbs.

Tips For Shopping In Phu Quoc 

  • Don’t forget to bargain when you shopping in Phu Quoc for a good price
  • Go shopping in Phu Quoc night market for various choices, try many famous local foods like Chou chou peanuts, Bun quay, fresh seafood…
  • Visit famous shopping malls in Phu Quoc including Vinpearl, Quoc An Pearl, Kingkong Mart, Long Beach Center, …
  • Carefully wrap smelly items like fish sauce, and seafood before heading to the airport
  • Pack a Vietnam tour package with to have a chance to visit many famous fish sauce factories or pearl villages and learn more about the story behind them.


Shopping in Phu Quoc Island is a fun and rewarding experience that allows you to discover the diversity and richness of the island. You can find many things to buy that suit your preferences and budget.

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