When is The Best Time to Visit Phu Quoc in 2024?

Best time to visit Phu Quoc

The best time to visit Phu Quoc is from November to April. The weather is pleasant in these months, making it ideal for beach relaxation and outdoor activities. Phu Quoc has two seasons: the dry season (from November to April) and the wet season (from May to October). The climate remains warm year-round, with an average temperature hovering around 28°C.

Known as the Pearl Island of Vietnam, Phu Quoc captivates Indian tourists with white sand stretches, gin-clear waters, and diverse forest ecosystems. This island also boasts world-class tourist services and modern entertainment areas. Let’s discover the weather and travel tips for Indian visitors to Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc in Dry Season (November to April)

Phu Quoc in dry season

The best time to visit Phu Quoc is during the dry season, with many sunny days and calm waters. The temperature fluctuates from 25 to 35°C, and the low rainfall provides perfect conditions for water sports and adventurous activities.

November marks the final month of the rainy season in Phu Quoc, with an average temperature of 28°C and humidity around 80%.

From December to February, the weather is delightful, with an average temperature of 27°C. Rainfall is minimal, with many sunlit days. The crystal-clear water and gentle waves are suitable for most leisure activities.

March and April are the hottest months of the year in Phu Quoc, with an average temperature above 32°C and a relative humidity of 70%.

What to Do

Snorkeling in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a beautiful island with many stunning beaches and small islands. The dry season is the best time to explore all exciting water activities in Phu Quoc. Most of our Indian tourists are mesmerized by the white coastlines and clean water of Long Beach or Starfish Beach. There’s nothing more wonderful than indulging in the cool, gin-clear water and sunbathing on the fine white sand. In addition, these beaches offer many captivating experiences, like kayaking, coral sightseeing, scuba diving, and beachside cycling.

When you come to Phu Quoc, one of the most captivating experiences is exploring islands like Hon Thom, Mong Tay, Gam Ghi, and May Rut. Hon Thom stands out for its stunning beaches and offers a variety of activities, such as coral diving, squid fishing, fishing, kayaking, and jet skiing. Notably, there’s also a water park on this island featuring 20 thrilling games, providing a fantastic opportunity for Indian visitors to enjoy quality family time.

For those eager to explore multiple islands, an island tour is available to visit Hon Thom and other captivating destinations like May Rut, Gam Ghi, and Mong Tay. For the adventurous enthusiasts, there’s an opportunity to explore Hon Dam, famously known as the Robinson Island of Phu Quoc. Hon Dam provides a unique experience without the internet, relies on solar energy for electricity, and offers only a handful of rustic bamboo and wood bungalows.

In addition, Phu Quoc National Park is a must-visit place where you can admire lush vegetation and immerse in pure streams. With an area of more than 31,400 hectares, this park is home to hundreds of species of animals and plants and diverse ecosystems of mountains, forests, seas, waterfalls, and streams.

Travel Tips

Mr Dhruv and his family - our customer
Mr Dhruv and his family in May Rut Trong Island – our customer

The dry season in Phu Quoc offers favorable weather with numerous warm and sunny days. To make the most of your trip, it’s recommended to wear comfortable clothing like cotton T-shirts, lightweight jackets, shorts, and skirts. Don’t forget essential items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and mosquito repellent. For exploring the diverse landscapes, opt for walking shoes, sandals, or sneakers.

The dry season, spanning from November to April, is considered the best time to visit Phu Quoc. This period attracts a considerable number of international and local tourists. To ensure the best choices for your trip, particularly during peak tourism seasons, consider choosing a tour package with a local tour guide, such as Vietnamtour.in.

Phu Quoc in Wet Season (May to October)

May Rut Trong Island

May to October is the wet season and possibly stormy in Phu Quoc. During this time, the region has high rainfall, with an average temperature hovering around 28°C and humidity ranging from 85 to 90%. Many days experience cloudy and light sunshine, but afternoons and evenings have heavy rains.

In May, the weather in Phu Quoc is cool, with occasional showers, featuring a daytime temperature ranging from approximately 25 to 28°C. The region experiences higher rainfall from June through September, with the average temperature maintaining around 28°C. October marks the conclusion of the rainy season, leading to a decrease in rainfall.

What to Do

Vinpearl Safari
Vinpearl Safari

Apart from beaches and islands, Phu Quoc has high-quality entertainment areas. Vinpearl Safari, home to over 3,000 birds, animals, and reptiles representing 175 different species, is divided into two open zoo areas. Visitors are transported through specialized vehicles to explore both the animal and semi-wild areas. A tour of Vinpearl Safari will bring you memorable experiences.

Nearby Safari is the VinWonders entertainment complex, which has many fun or adventurous games and an aquarium. This destination is suitable for both adults and children to play and relax.

Moreover, our Indian tourists are eager to witness “The Water Puppet Show” in Phu Quoc. This celebrated art form in Vietnam provides a captivating glimpse into the local culture. Skilled artisans maneuver intricate puppets underwater to narrate legendary Vietnamese stories with lively melodies from traditional instruments. It’s an extraordinary experience in Phu Quoc that you shouldn’t miss.

Bun quay Phu Quoc
Bún quậy in Phu Quoc

The rainy season in Phu Quoc is also ideal for food fans because this season offers plenty of fresh seafood at friendly budget prices. You can savor many delectable foods from street vendors, such as herring salad, Ham Ninh crab, abalone, sea urchin, and unique seafood noodles – Bún quậy, beef hotpot.

Phu Quoc Night Market is a must-go place for eating and shopping. This market includes many stalls selling fresh seafood, local specialties, handicrafts, and clothes.

Travel Tips

Phu Quoc Night Market
Phu Quoc Night Market

The wet season in Phu Quoc sees considerable rainfall, making it advisable to pack essentials like an umbrella or a lightweight raincoat for your trip. It’s also wise to bring quick-drying clothing, hats, lightweight jackets, and anti-mosquito spray.

Despite being the low season for tourism due to the rainy conditions, these months present unique advantages for Indian tourists, including more affordable prices and fewer crowds. With its serene beauty and notable perks, Phu Quoc attracts many visitors during the wet season. Opting for a Vietnam tour package is a smart and efficient way to organize your trip during this time.


Phu Quoc is an enticing destination for Indian travelers, providing a blend of beach relaxation and exhilarating outdoor activities. The best time to visit Phu Quoc is from November to April, when the average temperature hovers around 28°C. Embarking on a tour of Phu Quoc guarantees a memorable and enriching experience. For the best advice on planning your Phu Quoc trip, feel free to contact us!





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