When is The Best Time to Visit Da Nang in 2024?

Best time to visit Da Nang

The best time to visit Da Nang is from January to August. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and you can enjoy many exciting activities. Da Nang, situated in the central region of Vietnam, has two main seasons: the dry season (from January to July) and the wet season (from August to December). The temperature typically varies between 21 and 37°C, and the humidity ranges from 68 to 98%.

Da Nang is a well-known tourist destination in Vietnam, and it’s a top choice for Indian travelers exploring the country. This city boasts not only breathtaking natural landscapes and stunning architecture but also delicious cuisine and welcoming locals. In this article, we will provide important information about the weather and travel tips for Indian visitors planning to explore Da Nang.

Da Nang in Dry Season (January to July)

Dragon Bridge Da Nang

The best time to visit Da Nang is during the dry season, which offers plenty of leisure activities. The temperature ranges from 21 to 37°C, providing ideal conditions for beach relaxation, trekking, and outdoor adventures. While there may be occasional rain, most days in this season are sunny and cloudy.

From January to April, the weather in Da Nang experiences cloudy and sunny days. Evenings and nights can have sudden drizzles in some places. The climate is cool and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 21 to 30°C and humidity around 80%.

May, June, and July are the best months to travel to Da Nang. During this period, the temperature ranges from 24 to 37°C, and you can expect plenty of beautiful, sunlit days, perfect for beach relaxation and outdoor activities. Humidity levels vary between 60 and 96%. In the evenings and nights, you might experience thundery rains, which help cool down the daytime heat.

What to Do

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

The dry season is the best time to travel to Da Nang. According to the Da Nang City Statistics Department, in the first seven months of 2023, this place welcomed more than 1.1 million international visitors, including many Indian tourists.

In January and February, Da Nang is vibrant, with many leisure activities and festivals to welcome the Lunar New Year. The famous pagodas on the hills, such as Linh Ung, Linh Son, and Long Hoa, are colorful and bustling, with many tourists. You can visit these pagodas and combine them to explore the Son Tra Peninsula and Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, which boasts many spectacular natural landscapes.

From May to July (the exact time varies by year), the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is hosted with the participation of many local and international experts. This festival attracts a large number of Indian tourists to enjoy the fireworks performance alongside the Han River in Da Nang.

With the sunny days and low rainfall, it’s an ideal option to travel to My Khe Beach – praised as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet by Forbes. The beach offers many water activities, such as swimming, diving, parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing, and more.

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, you can explore Gieng Troi, a wild landscape perfect for trekking, climbing, camping, and enjoying refreshing streams. Alternatively, you can venture to the Hai Van Pass, considered one of the most stunning coastal roads globally, to witness breathtaking sea of clouds.

Travel Tips

Linh Ung Pagoda

The dry season in Da Nang boasts favorable weather and sometimes has spring rains. It’s a good idea to pack comfortable clothing, such as cotton T-shirts, lightweight jackets, shorts, and skirts. Additionally, don’t forget to bring essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, and mosquito repellent for your trip.

The dry season is the best season to visit Da Nang. It attracts an influx of Indian tourists, particularly in the first months of the year (January and February). Da Nang is known for its budget-friendly services, making it a hot spot for travelers. However, during the peak tourism seasons, which are January, February, June, and July, it’s advisable to book your tourist services well in advance to secure the best deals.

Da Nang in Wet Season (August to December)

Ba Na Hills

August to December marks the wet season in Da Nang, with temperatures ranging from 21 to 34°C. During this period, the region has high rainfall, with humidity around 70 to 80%. Days can be a mix of clouds and sunshine, and some areas might get intensely hot. On the other hand, evenings and nights often experience thundery rains.

From August to mid-September, the weather is still mild for outdoor activities. However, late September to November is the storm season with the highest rainfall of the year. The temperature varies from 25 – 30°C, and early mornings and nights are chilly.

In December, the amount of rainfall decreases, and the climate becomes more pleasant with cool breezes. The average temperature hovers around 25°C during this month.

What to Do

Kailash Mehta and his friend - our customer

The wet season with heavy rains, can hamper outdoor activities. However, it offers other exciting experiences for tourists.

August to mid-September is still perfect for most leisure activities; you can visit beautiful beaches like My Khe or explore natural masterpieces like Son Tra Peninsula and Ngu Hanh Son Mountain. Moreover, Ba Na Hill, with its renowned architecture – the Golden Bridge, is one of the favorite destinations of Indian tourists in Da Nang.

From late September to November, the heavy rains can cause local floods on the roads of Da Nang, and some entertainment places are closed. Depending on the weather each year, the severity of the flood can be different, so you should keep track of the weather forecast and book the tour package to receive advice from local tour guides.

Don’t worry if you travel to Da Nang in these rainy months; there are also exciting activities for your trip. You can soak in hot mineral baths in Than Tai Mountain Hot Springs Park or visit famous museums and pagodas in Da Nang. The Buddhist Museum, which exhibits more than 200 ancient Buddhist artifacts, is a captivating place to see in Da Nang.

In addition, savoring hot bowls of noodles in the market is a must-do experience on rainy days. Delectable foods in Da Nang can satisfy all your tastes. Con Market is regarded as the heaven of snack foods; you can enjoy plenty of delicious dishes like Mi Quang (a special noodle in the central regions), Vietnamese shrimp dumplings, seafood, and sweet snacks at low prices. Moreover, some night markets you can stop by for shopping and dining are Helio, Son Tra, Hoa Khanh, and Le Duan.

Travel Tips

Quang noodles

The wet season in Da Nang faces high rainfall, so you should bring an umbrella or a light raincoat on your trip. It’s also recommended to bring quick-drying clothing, some warm attire, hats, lightweight jackets, and anti-mosquito spray.

The rainy months in Da Nang aren’t the peak season of tourism, but they bring Indian tourists some advantages, such as low prices, no crowds, and better tourist services. So, Da Nang in the wet season still attracts many Indian tourists with its charming beauty and excellent benefits. Choosing a Vietnam tour package is a smart way to organize your trip during this time efficiently.


Known as one of the best places to visit for Indian travelers, Da Nang boasts many spectacular landscapes, from beaches and mountains to entertainment parks. The best time to visit Da Nang is from January to August, with temperatures spanning from 21 to 37°C. A tour to Da Nang promises an unforgettable memory. Call us for the best advice on your trip to Da Nang!



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