When is The Best Time to Visit Hue in 2024?

Best time to visit Hue

The best time to visit Hue is from January to August, with its mild climate and many captivating activities. Situated in the central region of Vietnam, Hue has two seasons: the dry season (from March to August) and the wet season (from September to February). The temperature fluctuates from 17 to 39°C, and the humidity ranges from 68 to 98%.

According to Business Insider India, Hue is one of the top 10 places to visit in Vietnam. This famous tourist city has many historical architectures and spectacular landscapes. Therefore, weather conditions and travel tips in Hue are the top concerns of Indian tourists. Let’s find the answers in this article.

Hue in Dry Season (March to August)

Hue Imperial City

The dry season is the best time to visit Hue, with many leisure activities. The temperature fluctuates from 17 to 39°C, making ideal conditions for beach relaxation, trekking, and outside activities. Rain can occur, but most days are sunny and cloudy.

The first months of the dry season (March to May) experience cloudy days and some drizzles in certain areas, with humidity around 75%. The early morning and night weather is quite cold, but the afternoon and evening are warmer with sunshine.

For nature lovers, June, July, and August are the best months to travel to Hue. The temperatures in these months are high, varying from 25 – 39°C, and the humidity ranges from 68 to 98%. Most days are sunny, even intensely hot in some areas. Evenings and nights might have thundery rains to ease the daytime heat.

What to Do

Lang Co Beach

Coming to Hue, you should tour the Hue Imperial City – which UNESCO recognized as a world cultural heritage in 1993. This architecture underwent 13 reigns of the Nguyen Emperors and had important historical values.

From May to June, the Hue Festival is hosted to introduce Vietnam’s cultural and historical values to international tourists. Many attractive activities include fine arts exhibitions, royal treasures exhibitions, flower lanterns released on the Perfume River, and the Ao Dai festival.

The dry season in Hue has low rainfall, so it’s suitable for outdoor and water activities. Lang Co or Thuan An are stunning beaches with crystal-clear water and white sand stretches. There’s nothing more wonderful than immersing yourself in cool water to escape the heat from June to August. Moreover, you can go trekking and swimming under gin-clear streams in Bach Ma National Park.

August is the best month to admire the charming beauty of the Tam Giang Lagoon, known as one of the largest lagoons in Southeast Asia. A visit to Tam Giang gives you peaceful relaxation and the chance to savor delicious seafood at affordable prices.

Travel Tips

Ao Dai festival

The dry season in Hue has sudden rains, so you should bring an umbrella and wear a hat during your outside activities. Quick-drying clothing such as cotton T-shirts, light jackets, and comfortable pants is recommended. Moreover, sunscreen, glasses, and anti-mosquito spray are necessary for your trip.

The dry season is the best season to visit Hue. It attracts an influx of Indian tourists, particularly in June and July, because it’s vacation time for many Vietnamese families. Therefore, booking tourist services in advance for three months is advisable for good deals.

Hue in Wet Season (September to February)

Khai Dinh Tomb

September to February is the wet season of Hue, with temperatures ranging from 17 – 36°C. This season’s rainfall is high, with humidity hovering about 68% to 98%. Days are cloudy and overcast, and the weather in the evening and night is cold with the thundery rains.

From October to November is the storm season, and heavy rain seems to never stop. The temperature varies from 17 – 33°C, and early morning and night are chilly.

The weather is fair and mild in January and February, with sunny days and cool breezes. Rain can fall in the evening and night, and the average temperature is around 23°C.

What to Do

Bun Bo Hue

Although the weather isn’t favorable, Hue in the wet season features captivating indoor activities. You can visit famous pagodas with rich history. Built-in 1601, Thien Mu is a national pagoda and involves impressive architecture. The Vietnam emperors once preferred to stop by the pagoda and admire its serene beauty. It’s a perfect choice to visit Thien Mu on rainy days.

In addition, a visit to the tombs of the Nguyen Emperors is worth a try. Gia Long Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, and Tu Duc Tomb are architectural masterpieces you should explore.

A hot mineral bath is also a good option on rainy days. You’ll be relaxed with three treatment methods: hydrotherapy, heat therapy, and mineral therapy, helping to reduce stress and improve blood circulation. Tourists who love to soak in natural mineral water have two options in Hue: My An and Thanh Tan Springs.

Another fantastic experience in the wet season of Hue is savoring hot, delicious dishes. Dong Ba Market is one of the best places to visit in Hue, known as the heaven of foodies. The Hue cuisine is excellent for those who like spicy and tasty foods. Bun rieu, Bun bo hue and banh bot loc (Vietnamese shrimp dumplings) are must-try dishes in Hue.

In January and February, the weather is more pleasant with sunlit days. It’s also the time to welcome the Lunar New Year, so many captivating festivals are hosted in Hue Imperial City and pagodas. Take a chance to discover Vietnamese culture in this festival season.

Travel Tips

Tet in Hue

The wet season in Hue faces high rainfall, so you should bring an umbrella or a light raincoat on your trip. Quick-drying clothing and a few warm clothes are highly recommended. Moreover, remember to pack hats, lightweight jackets, and anti-mosquito spray.

The rainy months in Hue aren’t the peak season of tourism, but Hue still attracts many Indian tourists with its charming and poetic beauty. Especially in January and February, the mild weather and the festive ambience make Hue an ideal destination for leisure activities. So, you should book services for your trip to Hue soon to have the best option.


Hue has many unique beauties all year, but the best time to visit Hue is from January to August. With its enchanting natural landscapes and rich historical sites, a tour package to Hue promises a memorable experience. Contact us for the best advice on your trip to Vietnam!





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