Best Beaches In Hoi An: 8 Coastal Charms For Sandy Escapes

beaches in hoi an

Besides its famous architecture and cultural history, Hoi An boasts some incredibly gorgeous beaches. Whether you prefer An Bang Beach’s calm atmosphere or My Khe Beach’s pristine sands, there’s a beach here for everyone. Come with us as we explore the stunning coastline and uncover the top beaches in Hoi An with

An Bang Beach

  • Location: Cam An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Distance from the Hoi An center: 3 km

An Bang Beach is one of the best beaches in Hoi An and has earned its place among CNN’s top 50 beaches worldwide. With refreshing blue waters, long stretches of soft white sand, and gentle waves, you’ll find peace and relaxation here. An Bang remains natural and untouched, offering visitors a chance to escape the hustle and bustle and connect with nature.

But there’s more to do than just relax – Indian visitors can also try exciting activities like riding water motorcycles, kayaking, and windsurfing. Rentals and instructors are available so that everyone can join in the fun. After your adventures, kick back in a beach chair under a parasol and enjoy a well-deserved rest in the sun.

beaches in hoi an

Cua Dai Beach

  • Location: Cam An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Distance from Hoi An center: 4km

Cua Dai Beach is located where three rivers meet – Thu Bon River, Truong Giang River, and De Vong River – once a bustling trading port in Southeast Asia stretching over 30 kilometers with soft white sand and clear blue water.

Cua Dai Beach now welcomes visitors with its calm waves and beautiful scenery. The sand looks even more stunning when sunlight reflects off it. It’s the best beach in Hoi An for sunbathing and enjoying the beach atmosphere.

Nearby, you’ll find attractions like Cham Islands, Tra Que Vegetable Village, Kim Bong Carpentry Village, and Thanh Ha Pottery Village, perfect for exploring during your visit.

beaches in hoi an

Ha My Beach

  • Location: Dien Duong Ward, Dien Ban Town, Quang Nam
  • Distance from Hoi An center: 7km

Ha My Beach is a nice change of pace from the bustling vibe of Hoi An’s ancient town. The Telegraph even ranked it as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia! With clean white sands lined with Australian pine trees and coconut palms and crystal-clear waters gently meeting the sloping hills, this beach is a nature lover’s paradise.

Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll or enjoying a swim, you’ll find plenty of space to relax and take in the natural surroundings. Don’t forget to catch the stunning sunrise and sunset views, and watch as local fishermen head out to sea at night, only to return in the early morning with the day’s catch.

beaches in hoi an

Hidden Beach

  • Location: Lac Long Quan Street, Cam An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam
  • Distance from Hoi An center: 6km

Hidden Beach is one of the most quiet beaches in Hoi An. Don’t let the name fool you – Hidden Beach is easy to find, just a short drive off the main road.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a peaceful getaway without the crowds. You can enjoy classic beach activities like swimming and sunbathing or try out some extra fun like parasailing, banana boat rides, and jet skiing.

The beach is surrounded by beautiful scenery, with cozy sunshades and traditional boats adding to the charm. Along the shore, you’ll find relaxed restaurants and bars serving up tasty food and drinks.

beaches in hoi an

Binh Minh Beach

  • Location: Thanh Binh District, Quang Nam
  • Distance from the city center: 20 kilometers away from Hoi An center.

Binh Minh Beach has a simple charm with its basic bungalows, local food stalls. Nearby, there are some fishing villages, giving you a taste of local life, which is typical for beaches in Hoi An.

Visitors can explore the unique cultural aspects of the coastal fishing village while at Binh Minh. Be sure to visit the fisherman’s shrine north of the beach, where rituals are performed to honor deceased fishermen and seek blessings for a fruitful catch.

And if you’re here during the Lunar New Year, catch the fishing prayer ceremony with rowing dances and songs.

beaches in hoi an

Other Beaches Nearby

Tam Thanh Beach

Tam Thanh Beach, nestled in Tam Thanh, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province, just around 40 kilometers from the center of Hoi An. Here, you can enjoy the fresh air and peaceful surroundings of a seaside getaway.

Nearby, don’t miss the Tam Thanh Painted Village, where colorful wall artworks showcase the daily life and culture of the community. Make sure to snap some memorable photos against these beautiful backdrops.

beaches in hoi an

Cham Islands 

Cham Islands (Cu Lao Cham) is 20 kilometers away from Hoi An. Known for their beautiful natural scenery, these islands offer a chance to experience local culture and traditions.

While exploring, you can visit attractions like Hai Tang Temple, the ancient Cham well, the windy strait, and the temple of the Nest Craftsman. These places not only tell the islands’ history but also give you a glimpse into local life and beliefs.

beaches in hoi an

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach, located in Danang, is just 23 kilometers away from the center of Hoi An. Forbes Magazine has dubbed My Khe Beach as “one of the most attractive beaches on the planet”.

It’s easy to see why! My Khe Beach is famous for its clear blue skies, smooth white sands, and gentle slope leading to warm, clear waters that are enjoyable all year round.

beaches in hoi an

Tips when visiting beaches in Hoi An

  • The best time to visit beaches in Hoi An is from February to May before the heat and humidity have set in.
  • If you want a sun lounger, try to arrive early.
  • Remember sunscreen, towels, hats and sunglasses for sun protection.
  • Always swim in designated areas
  • Wear a life jacket if you are not a strong swimmer, be aware of rip currents.
  • Choose light and airy fabrics like cotton or linen to help you stay calm and comfy in the sun.
  • Some marine animals can be dangerous. Shuffle your feet when you go into the water to avoid stepping on them
  • Pay attention to warning signs from lifeguards.

In summary, we’ve highlighted the top beaches in Hoi An and suggested activities to make the most of your visit. Now, it’s your turn to experience the natural beauty of Hoi An firsthand. Explore the enchanting ancient town of Hoi An and experience Vietnam like never before with our expertly curated itineraries – check out our Vietnam package tour for a truly unforgettable adventure!

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