Discover Mua Cave in 2024: An Adventurous Journey

mua cave

Mua Cave is the best cave in Ninh Binh, bringing travelers a magnificent panoramic view from the peak. It is great for you to take a lot of Instagram-worthy pictures. Besides that, you can drop in other spots nearby like Tam Coc, or Trang An Complex.

In this blog, shows you a full guide for the Mua Cave Peak trip and useful tips for a memorable experience. If so, let’s take a look at our detailed reviews below!

Brief information of Mua Cave

  • Location: Khe Dau Ha Village, Ninh Xuan Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh
  • Opening Hours: 6 AM – 7 PM
  • Entrance fee: 4 USD/pax
  • Height: 88 meters

mua cave 1

Mua Cave (Hang Mua) is situated inside Ngoa Long Mountain, which is 5 kilometers distant from the North of Tam Coc. Its name originates from a historical story when King Tran visited Hoa Lu Captial and enjoyed traditional dancing at this cave. Thus, locals call it as “Mua” – meaning “dancing” in English.

From the peak of the cave, travelers will have a chance to admire the stunning panorama of rice paddy fields and the Ngo Dong River. Besides that, you can visit some worship sites along the ascent to the Mua Cave Peak. This is ideal for you to discover more about long-standing Buddhism in this land.

Best time to visit

Travelers can experience the Mua Cave viewpoint around the year. However, we recommend you have a journey here from November to April for a comfortable feeling. During this time, the weather is relatively dry and cool, which is suitable to move and discover.

If you want to witness the harvest season in Ninh Binh for one time, let’s visit Mua Cave between May to June. From its peak, you will be surely impressed with the magnificent sight of full golden paddy fields.

Entrance fee

The Mua Cave entry fee costs you around 4 USD for each visit time. With this payment, you can any corner of this cave and take beautiful pictures of breathtaking views for your visual life.

How to get there

  • From Hanoi (distance): You have various ways to reach Mua Cave from Hanoi. If you want to save cost, let’s get on the bus from the Giap Bat station in Hanoi to travel to Ninh Binh Center within 2 hours. After that, take the bus, or taxi, or rent a motorbike to Hang Mua.
  • From Ninh Binh (5 km distance): You can get there by rented motorbike or bike from the locals. Or else, let’s catch a taxi to avoid getting lost.

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What to expect when having the trip to Mua Cave

Challenge yourself with 500 steps on the stairs

From the foot of Mua Cave, visitors need to pass by the stairs of 500 steps to reach the most impressive viewpoint here. Normally, it can take you around 25 – 45 minutes to complete this journey. We mean that depending on how fit you are, the time range can vary.

mua cave

In the honor of Statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva

While climbing the ascent, you will catch a fork. If you turn to the left path, you will see the magnificent Statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. With the locals, the statue plays an important role in their religious life, where they can find a peaceful feeling and protection. It is also a wonderful place to express your respect for Buddhist beliefs.

Admire the viewpoint from Ngoa Long Mountain

On the peak of the mountain, there is a 360-degree awe-inspiring view in the visitors’ eyes. From that, you will have a chance to admire the magnificent beauty of nature, including various landscapes. They can be golden paddy fields, the Ngo Dong River, and especially the daily activities of locals downside.

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mua cave viewpoint

Witness the ancient beauty of the virtual tower

During your journey to Mua Cave, you will be surely attracted by the ancient virtual tower. It was designed in the Buddhist style, outstanding with unique architecture. In the past, this tower was built to remind locals of the Wind’s power, as well as to wish for the best things in life.

Take some colorful pictures at the lotus pond

If you are on a trip to Ninh Binh during May and July, don’t miss the blooming season of lotus here. Nearby Mua Cave, there is the largest lotus pond in the village, featuring a stunning sight that any visitors should also not miss. It is ideal to wear an Ao Dai and take some pictures with a bunch of lotus in hand.

mua cave lotus

Visiting Stunning Attractions nearby

Before experiencing several hundreds of Mua Cave steps, you can drop in some other interesting destinations, such as:

  • Trang An complex: It is the most famous spot in Ninh Binh, bringing a breathtaking beauty of caves, limestones, and species of animals. Coming here, don’t forget to experience a boat tour to record the most memorable moments of your trip.
  • Tam Coc: Tam Coc, also called Tam Coc – Bich Dong, includes 3 famous caves: Ca Cave, Hai Cave and Ba Cave. Besides that, you can visit the Thai Vi Temple or Thien Huong Grotto to discover more about the dynasties in Vietnam.
  • Thung Nham Bird Garden: The garden is renowned for over 45 species of birds, boasting a harmonious feeling with nature. In this destination, you can also see the lively picture of tranquil lakes, karst landscapes, animals, and lush forests.

Useful tips

  • Remember to carry hiking footwear and comfortable clothing to easily move while climbing up to the peak of Ngoa Long Mountain.
  • Ensure you have a good health condition to pass by 500 stone steps.
  • Bring water or some snacks during your hiking
  • In case you go with family, let’s pay attention to kids because there are some dangerous areas nearby.
  • To discover more about the local culture and history, you should go with a local guide (contact


Above are all of our reviews about Mua Cave, together with a full guide for any visitors wanting to have the trip here. To discover more about the landscapes in Ninh Binh Province, let’s refer to our Ninh Binh attractions blog.

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