The 5 Best Beaches in Hue, Vietnam

beaches in hue

The ancient city of Hue is not only enchanting for its magnificent historical heritage and unmatched culture but also for the endless charm of natural landscapes and pristine beaches near the city for your Vietnam beach holidays.

Looking for the change with leisure time touching upon nature? This article is a great way to save your time searching for the best beaches near Hue city. Just read on until you have your own decision.

Thuan An Beach

Finding a beach near Hue with a unique local experience? Just off to Thuan An beach and get a feel for scenic views of the surroundings and local life. During the crowded days of summer when the temperature can be as high as 40 Celsius, the beach is a perfect option to get away from the heat and dip in the refreshing swim. Just in a short way, you are free to immerse into the calm and fabulous setting of the beach.

What is more, the road to Thuan An from the city center is extremely scenic with fascinating views of countryside villages, and immense rice paddies dotted with ancient pagodas.

Thuan An is the top beach choice for the locals. During summer, the beach is vivid ever with loads of local people and vendors, friends and families enjoying fresh glasses of beer together and kids running around and playing merrily. All these delightful scenes will absolutely bring you an authentic experience. The beach is a pleasant place for tourists after a sightseeing tour of temples, tombs and pagodas in the ancient town of Hue.

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Beaches in Hue - Thuan An beach

Best time to visit Thuan An

This beautiful beach is most vivid during the summer months from May to August. It is just unbearable to stay around the city without air conditioning. So, a beach break here is a perfect choice to get away from the heat. Plus, other months in Hue could be covered with rains, or typhoons happening from November to March. So, it is necessary to avoid these months on your trip to Thuan An.

Things to do on Thuan An Beach

After a scenic journey from the ancient town, you are able to admire the beauty of the sun, sea, and sand. The beach is at its best at sunrise or sunset, so if you plan to stay there more than 1 day, do not miss out on the chance to take in the breathtaking views as the sun rises or sets over the region.

Its blue waters with a long sandy beach always welcome you to delve in. Spend your quality time and have some fun with your loved ones with a refreshing swim or playing around.

In addition to the untouched beauty, there are some enticing things to do on the beach. Tourists can rent tents for camping for a peaceful overnight stay amidst the tranquility of nature, or enjoy a BBQ party with fresh seafood.

At night, you can stroll along the beach and soak up the serene atmosphere or enjoy authentic tastes of fresh seafood grilled over charcoal while sipping a glass of rice wine with traditional local dishes. Just come and feel it in your own way. For an all-inclusive journey with a low budget, you could also expect a wonderful beach break with our stunning Vietnam tour packages.

Thuan An Beach in sunset

Lang Co Beach

Located just a short distance from the north of Hue, Lang Co beach is listed as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The blissful beach is enchanting for its palm-fringed sandy beaches, blue waters and long beachfront. The picture-perfect background of appealing rolling mountains and incredible passes adds more charm to this picturesque beach view.

In spite of being famous for a superb beach experience in Hue, Lang Co remains unspoiled and astoundingly pristine. Dotted with some beautiful resorts, spas, and restaurants, it is an ideal place to get some peace in mind by lying lazily under the warm sun or bathing in the fresh and salty seawater.

Lang Co Beach

Things to do on Lang Co Beach

Thanks to the meeting point of the seawater and fresh water, the beach is home to an abundance of fresh seafood from fish, shrimps, lobsters or crabs which promise to offer you a fabulous meal. Traditional food is also available for the best taste of Hue. Don’t forget to savor some brilliant local delicacies which definitely rejoice gourmets like you.

The beach with the placid background, pleasurable weather, fine resorts and delectable food is a perfect choice for leisure travelers who are looking for a truly restful treat to cherish for life. From the beach, tourists can easily make their trip to the wonderful Bach Ma National Park, located around 30 kilometers from Lang Co, or explore the incredible Hai Van Pass

Lang Co Beach

Best time to visit Lang Co Beach

The best time to enjoy the beach is during the summer months of the year from April to July. In these months, the temperature could reach the highest level of the year, so what is the better choice than a beach break? Plus, from late August to November is the rainy season in the central area of Vietnam. So try to avoid these times if you don’t want to enjoy the beach- through the hotel’s window. What’s more? From December to March, the weather can be chilly and stormy, it’s not a good idea to stay there during that time.

Canh Duong Beach

Also on the list of top most scenic beaches in Hue, Canh Duong Beach is charming with its crystal-clear waters and long sandy beach lined with evergreen casuarinas trees. Nestled amidst two mountains named Western Chan May and Eastern Chan May, the beach is endowed with unspoiled beautiful landscapes with a stunning backdrop of mountains.

The most striking and perhaps most unique feature of the beach is its arc shape, along with the gradual slope of white sandy beach making it an ideal spot for your Vietnam family holidays.

Once on the beach, you are just falling in love with the place, the peace and serenity will definitely wake all your senses up. Make the most of your leisure time by chilling out under the golden sun or unwind under the shady coconut trees. Throw your eyes on the striking white sand and the gentle waves embracing the beach.

Canh Duong Beach

Things to do on Canh Duong Beach

Coming to the beach, you have a great chance to immerse in the endless charm of nature, get away from the hustle and the heat of the big cities and enjoy various thrilling beach activities.

  • Rent a camp for a memorizing stay under the moonlight and sparkling stars
  • Partake in a number of entertainment activities organized by Canh Duong beach camp or by yourselves if you are traveling in a group.
  • Enjoy a campfire or BBQ party on the beach
  • Soak up the mind-blowing views at sunrise or sunset
  • Hop on a bike for a leisurely ride along the beach and explore the local village
  • Local specialties are also highlights of the trip

Canh Duong Beach camping

Ham Rong Beach

Compared to other famous beaches in Hue, Ham Rong is less-known, still, it’s worth a visit if you have the chance to experience it. Embraced by a dense jungle with huge rock formations scattered along the beach, Ham Rong is so charming with intact natural beauty.

Ham Rong Beach

Things to do on Ham Rong Beach

Once on the beach, make the most of your time delving into the serenity of the beach with a relaxing swim or camping in the beautiful setting of nature.

Vinh Thanh Beach

When it comes to the best beaches near Hue, in addition to popular names, Vinh Thanh Beach is also one of the favorites of the locals and travelers as well. Located about 30 kilometers from the southeast of Hue, the beach is a must-visit place for any beach break in Vietnam thanks to the convenient transport, soothing sand, turquoise waters, playful waves, and cheap seafood. If you’re traveling around Hue or Danang, don’t miss out on this stunning beach for a true escape.

Vinh Thanh Beach

In addition to the most sought-after beaches near Hue city, with the extremely long and beautiful coastline, Vietnam is also home to a wide range of appealing beaches scattered across the country. Find out more Vietnam vacations if you are in searching for a lavish holiday with a wondrous beach break in Vietnam.





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