Explore Hoi An Night Market in 2024: A Magical Evening of Lanterns


Hoi An Night Market attracts thousands of local and international tourists every year due to its ancient beauty and lively trade. As the sun sets, Hoi An comes alive with lantern-lit alleys, vibrant stalls, and the illuminated Thu Bon River with beautiful flower lanterns.

Let’s wander through the bustling night market in Hoi An. We will introduce you to its locations, how to get there, what to buy, and things to do in the market.

Brief Information about Hoi An Night Market

  • Location: Nguyen Hoang street, Minh An ward, Hoi An town, Quang Nam province.
  • Opening Hours: 05:00 PM – 10:00 PM daily

About the Hoi An Night Market

Recognized as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site since 1999, Hoi An in Vietnam attracts visitors worldwide due to its traditional beauty and captivating activities. The night market is one of the exciting experiences in Hoi An’s nightlife, with bustling stalls and thousands of illuminated lanterns on the roads and the river. The market specializes in souvenirs and handicrafts, such as silk products, lanterns, traditional textiles, lacquerware, paintings, and other Vietnamese goods. In addition, it offers delicious street foods and local snacks.



Location: Nguyen Hoang street, Minh An ward, Hoi An town, Quang Nam province.

Nguyen Hoang Night Market is located in the Old Town center, opposite the Pagoda Bridge and adjacent to the Thu Bon River.

Opening Hours

Opening hours: 5 PM – 10 PM daily

How to Get There

From Hoi An

If you stay in the Hoi An center (especially in the Old Town), you can easily walk or cycle to the market.

From Da Nang

The distance from Danang to Hoi An is around 30 kilometers. So, you can take a motorbike or a taxi to transport between two places.

From Hanoi

The distance from Hanoi to Hoi An is about 800 kilometers. There are multiple modes of transport to choose from, such as going by plane, train, coach, or car.

The most time-saving way is to take a flight from Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi to Da Nang International Airport. The flying time is around 1.5 hours. After landing, you will take a taxi or shuttle bus to head to Hoi An.

A self-planned tour might be interesting; however, booking a Vietnam tour package is the smartest option for you. You can save a lot of time, money, and effort with a professional guide and from the effective schedule of Vietnamtour.in.

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What to Buy

Shopping in Hoi An, particularly in the night market, is very fun. At night, all streets in Hoi An are vibrant with illuminated lanterns, intricate handicrafts, and mouth-watering foods. Here are some of the unique products in Hoi An’s night market.

Souvenirs and Trinkets: Hoi An night market offers a wide range of souvenirs (lovely handicrafts, lacquerware, ceramic products) and trinkets (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings)


Lanterns: Hoi An is famous for exquisite lanterns with various colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. The price ranges from 4 – 20 USD/item.


Silk products: Silk products in Hoi An have top-tier quality and diverse designs. You can buy silk items such as clothes, scarves, and ties.

Local artwork: Hoi An is home to talented artists. You can easily find art shops showing marvelous paintings with different styles and subjects.


Conical hats: Conical hat (or Non La) is a popular souvenir in Hoi An. Indian tourists often buy Non La to wear with Ao Dai and take beautiful photos.

Spices and Local Snacks: Local food in Hoi An is savory, with diverse spices and ingredients. Indian tourists who love Vietnamese foods can buy these spices in the market; then, they can cook by themselves.

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Things to Do at Hoi An Night Market

The night market in Hoi An serves many captivating activities for Indian tourists.

Take a Boat and Release Lanterns on the River

Nguyen Hoang night market is close to the Thu Bon River, so Indian tourists can visit the market and enjoy activities on the river. It will be a memorable experience to sit on a boat and make a wish when releasing flower lanterns onto the river.

Imagine the gorgeous views of thousands of lit flower lanterns on the sparkling water at night. How wonderful it is!


Get a Henna Tattoo

Indian tourists can’t miss getting a Henna Tattoo in Hoi An night market. This ancient town is famous for gifted artists who can make exquisite Henna tattoos at affordable prices.

Enjoy Live Performances

In the night market in Hoi An, there are many restaurants and bars with live performances. You can enjoy your drink or your meal along with various music genres.

Get a Tailored Outfit

Many tourists visit Hoi An for the purpose of having tailor-made garments. This town offers top-tier materials, high craftsmanship, and diverse designs that you need for your dream clothes.

Play Folk Games

Hoi An hosts folk games to help international tourists immerse themselves in the local culture, such as games “Bai Choi” or “Bamboo Dancing”


Try Local Food

Trying local food is one of the must-do things in Hoi An’s night market. There are various foods for your choice, like Vietnamese crispy pancake, Cao Lau, White Rose Dumplings (Banh Bao Vac), Fried Wontons (Hoanh Thanh Chien), Grilled meat Skewers (Nem Lui), Quang Noodles (Mi Quang), Sweet Soup (Che)


Useful Tips

  • Wear comfortable footwear: Sandals or sports shoes are the best choice for navigating through the lively market.
  • Take photos with lanterns: When you photograph lanterns at the stores, be mindful not to disturb the sellers. At some stores, you can pay a small fee (0.41 USD) to take photos with sufficient lights equipped by the stores.
  • Negotiate price politely: You can suggest a decrease in price (lower 25 – 30% compared to the initial), but bargain with courtesy during transactions.
  • Preparing cash: Most stalls in the markets only accept cash.
  • Take notice of your belongings: Stay cautious in the bustling crowds to prevent any mishaps with your belongings.
  • Go with a local guide: Enhance your experience with an experienced guide for cultural insights and seamless exploration. Contact Vietnamtour.in now! We specialize in organizing tours for Indian visitors.


Visiting Hoi An Night market is one of the exciting things to do in Hoi An at night. You can go shopping, play folk games, eat street foods, and enjoy cool breezes alongside the Thu Bon River. Are you ready to explore Hoi An’s beauty now? Let us know if you need any help for your trip. We hope you have a happy time in Vietnam!

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