Halong Bay Attractions: Top Places To Visit In Halong Bay Area In 2024

halong bay attractions

Halong Bay is a popular destination for Indian tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Vietnam. But there are more places to visit in the Halong Bay area that can enrich your experience. In this article, Vietnamtour.in will introduce some of Halong Bay attractions that are worth exploring.

Halong Bay Attractions

Fishing village

Halong Bay Attractions  

One of the best tourist attractions in Halong Bay is the fishing villages. Some of the famous fishing villages are Cua Van, Vung Vieng, Ba Hang, and Cong Dam. You can learn about their culture and lifestyle, and even join them for a fishing trip or a seafood meal.

Caves and Grottos

Halong Bay Attractions  

Another Halong attraction is the caves that hide in the limestone islands. These caves are formed by the erosion of water and wind over millions of years. They have different shapes, sizes, and colours, and some of them contain stalactites and stalagmites. There are some famous caves like Sung Sot, Thien Cung, Dau Go, and Trinh Nu.

Bai Tho Mountain

Halong Bay Attractions  

If you want to have a panoramic view of Halong Bay, you can climb up to Bai Tho Mountain. This mountain is located in the city centre and has a height of about 200 meters. It is also known as Poem Mountain because of a poem that was carved on its cliff by King Le Thanh Tong in 1468.

Quang Ninh Museum

Halong Bay Attractions  

Quang Ninh Museum is the best choice if you are interested in history and culture and looking for an interesting Halong Bay place to visit. This museum has three floors with three different themes: nature, history, and culture.

What to expect: You can see various exhibits that showcase the biodiversity, geology, archaeology, ethnography, and art of the province. The museum also has modern architecture that resembles a giant coal block.

General information:

  • Location: Tran Quoc Nghien Street, in Hong Gai, Ha Long.
  • Opening Hours: Open every day from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
  • Ticket Fees: Adults (~ $1.74); Students (~ $0.87); Children (~$0.43)

Lan Ha Bay

Halong Bay Attractions  

Lan Ha Bay belongs to Hai Phong province but it is very close to Halong Bay about 30 km to the south. Lan Ha Bay is less crowded and more pristine than Halong Bay, offering a tranquil and relaxing experience for Indian visitors. Lan Ha Bay has more than 400 islands and islets; the highlights of Lan Ha Bay are Monkey Island, Cat Ba Island, Ba Ham Lake, and Dark and Bright Cave.

  • What to expect: You can also find many sandy beaches, coral reefs, and marine animals in this bay. You can enjoy activities such as kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, or cycling on Cat Ba Island.
  • How to access: You can access Lan Ha Bay from the Tuan Chau Port of Halong Bay. The travel time for a direct cruise is typically around 2 to 2.5 hours. Speedboats can cover the distance in about 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Cost: The cost of a cruise from Tuan Chau Port to Lan Ha Bay can vary based on the type of cruise, the duration,.. around $140 – $200/person.
  • Note: To avoid rough seas, let’s visit Lan Ha from April to August. It’s the perfect time to choose Halong Bay  or Lan Ha Bay for a family trip.

Bai Tu Long Bay

Halong Bay Attractions  

Bai Tu Long Bay is located northeast of Halong Bay and shares the same geological features. However, it is less developed and more pristine, offering a tranquil and authentic experience.

  • What to expect: It is a place where you can expect to see pristine nature, rich culture, and friendly locals. The bay has hundreds of limestone karsts
  • How to access: You have two options: either take a cruise or a ferry. The ferry departs from Hon Gai Port in Halong City and stops at Quan Lan Island and Van Don Island.
  • Cost: A cruise can cost anywhere from $100 to $500/person for a 2-day or 3-day trip (depending on the quality and itinerary). A ferry ticket costs around $10 per person for a one-way trip.

Tuan Chau island

Halong Bay Attractions  

Tuan Chau island is the largest and most developed tourist attraction in Halong Bay, with many resorts, entertainment facilities, and beaches. It is on the southwest side of Halong City

  • What to expect: The island has two artificial beaches with white smooth sand and yellow sunshine, where you can relax and enjoy various water sports such as fishing, boating, dolphin shows, and cultural performances.
  • How to access: You can take a boat or a car. The island is connected to the mainland by a 2-kilometer road.
  • Cost: The cost of transportation depends on the mode and the distance, it is just around $30.

Titop Island

Halong Bay Attractions  

This small island was named after the Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov, who visited Halong Bay in 1962. The island is famous for its stunning beach and panoramic views of the bay from the top of a hill.

  • What to expect: The view from the hill is spectacular, especially at sunrise or sunset. You may unwind on the beach, go kayaking, snorkelling, or swimming. There are some souvenir shops where you can buy some local souvenirs for your friend.
  • How to access: You can join a cruise tour that includes this destination in its itinerary.
  • Cost: You can expect to pay around $50-100/person (depending on the cruise package you choose)

Relic Scenic Yen Tu

Halong Bay Attractions  

Consider visiting the Relic Scenic Yen Tu if you’re seeking a place to visit in Halong Bay. It is famous for its majestic scenery, historical and cultural relics, and Buddhist tradition. It is also the birthplace of Vietnamese Zen Buddhism founded by King Monk Tran Nhan Tong in the 13th century.

  • What to expect: This is a place that offers both natural beauty and spiritual value. It is a place where you can learn more about the history and culture of Vietnam, as well as experience the tranquillity and wisdom of Zen Buddhism.
  • How to access: You can take a bus or a taxi to Uong Bi City, which is about 50 km away. From there, you can take a cable car or hike to the top of Yen Tu Mountain.
  • Cost: The cable car ticket costs about $8 for a round trip.
  • Note: The best time to visit is from January to March when the “Hoi Xuan Yen Tu” (Yen Tu Spring Festival) takes place. This is a major event that attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year

Ba Vang Pagoda

Halong Bay Attractions  

Ba Vang Pagoda is a destination that can appeal to both religious and non-religious visitors who want to learn more about Vietnamese Buddhism and history. It is a Buddhist temple that dates back to the 13th century. It is located on Thanh Dang Mountain, about 40 km from Halong City.

  • What to expect: You can join the daily chanting sessions or meditation classes at the pagoda, make offerings to the Buddha or the monks and enjoy vegetarian food at the pagoda’s restaurant or buy some souvenirs at the gift shop.
  • How to access: To access this Halong Bay attraction, you can take a bus or a taxi to Uong Bi City, where the pagoda is located.
  • Cost: Alternatively, you can book a Vietnam tour package that includes transportation, entrance fee, and guide service. The entrance fee to the pagoda is $2.2/ person.


These are just some of the interesting Halong Bay attractions for Indian tourists. We can create a personalized tour package for you according to your needs, so contact us today and book a trip to discover and enjoy this natural wonder of the world.

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