9 Must-See Things In Co To Island | Updated 2024

co to island

Co To Island belongs to Bai Tu Long Bay, which is famous for its sandy beaches, rustic fishing villages, and primaeval forest. During your discovery of this destination, you will have a chance to enjoy the peaceful ambiance, as well as join several interesting local activities. 

This blog will provide a comprehensive guide to Co To Island: the best time to visit,  how to get there, and top things to do. Besides that, our local travel experts suggest several useful tips to help you have the most wonderful experiences. 

What Sets Co To Island Apart From Other Destinations?

The majority of Co To Island’s coastline is covered in rocky cliff faces and white-sand beaches, which contribute to its magnificent and unique beauty. Especially, you can catch sight of some golden sand (Sa Huynh) along the mountains or hills, featuring a special beautiful color for the island landscape.

Another interesting aspect of Co To Island is the local life. Indeed, it reflects all the typical traditions and cultures of Vietnamese fishing villages. Everyone lives with the smell of straw, seaweed, and algae. You can also admire the beauty of pine rings or purple myrtle flowers on two sides leading to these villages.

co to island


Co To Island is the biggest island – situated within Co To Island District, Bai Tu Long Bay, Quang Ninh Province. Surrounding this island, you can easily find numerous smaller islands (40-50), bringing a diverse and magnificent biodiversity.

Best Time To Visit

Co To Island is reachable for around the year. However, the best time to visit is in the spring (March to April) and autumn (September to October). During this time, you will have a chance to enjoy great weather, with an average temperature of 30 degrees and less rain.

From our experience, the peak tourism season on this island is between September and October. Thus, if you don’t prefer the busiest vacation with full travelers, you can plan to visit Co To Island from March to April for better memories.

How To Get There

From Hanoi, you need to travel through 2 stages to reach Co To Island, including:

Route 1 (Hanoi – Cai Rong Port) | 200 kilometers 

From My Dinh bus station, you need to take a 4-hour bus trip to Cua Ong, with each ticket priced at $ 8 per ticket. Afterward, get on the Cai Rong-named bus at the Van Do Intersection to reach the Van Don post office, about 1.5 kilometers from Cai Rong Port.

From Hanoi, you can take the limousine car directly to Cai Rong Port, which might cost between $7 and $11/pax. If so, let’s book tickets in advance on bus brands’ websites, like Hoang Phuong Limousine or Co To Limousine.

Route 2 (Cai Rong Port – Co To Island) | 50 kilometers 

In this route, you can pick one of the 2 following methods:

High-speed boat Wooden boat 
Time 90 minutes/trip 150 minutes/trip
Ticket $7 – $8/person $3.75 – $4.25/person
Specific hours Van Don – Co To: 6 AM – 4.30 PM Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 6.30 AM and 1.30 PM
Co To – Van Don: 5.30 AM – 4.30 PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6.30 AM
Hotlines Havaco (Cai Rong: 0964 655 818 – Co To: 0983 500 518)
Manh Quang (0985 669 276 – 0985 351 833)
Phuc Thinh (0203 6568686)
Minh Dat (0978 121 376)
Minh Ngoc (0987 986 800 – 0986 123 965)


co to island
High-speed boat

What To Expect During Your Trip To Co To Island

Admire the stunning beauty of beaches

When visiting Co To Island, you can not miss a long-lasting range of beaches for relaxation and unwinding.

  • Van Chay beach: It is the most loved destination by visitors whenever coming to Co To Island, thanks to its peaceful and pristine beauty.
  • Tinh Yeu beach: This is located near the island’s center, which is famous for underwater activities and a range of local seafood stalls.
  • Hong Van beach: It lies in the northwest corner of Van Chay Beach, and is a popular destination for kayaking tours.
  • Bac Van beach: This beach attracts visitors thanks to its vibrant beach scene and various-modeled campings with relatives and friends.
co to island
Van Chay beach

Discover unique islets nearby

To visit some surrounding islets, such as Bat Huong, Khe Trau, Ca Chep, Ba Duc, or Tran, you need to hire a boat from the locals. During your trip, you can experience snorkelling to witness the stunning coral reefs and other unique marine species.

co to island
Ca Chep islet

Experience the local life in Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Despite being a small village, Vung Vieng Fishing Village impresses visitors with the wonderful landscape and interesting things to experience. Coming here, you can be deeply intertwined with the sea, as well as engage in the art of fishing.

co to island

Besides that, you will surely be attracted by its breathtaking entrance gate, floating houses, eco-friendly farming models, and traditional sailboats. These things

Save impressive photoshoot with Co To Lighthouse

Co To Lighthouse was constructed in the late 19th century and is considered one of the most beautiful night lights in Vietnamese territorial waters. To reach this destination, you need to walk through dense forest in the mountains, which is hard and long. However, this landscape will offer visitors wonderful panoramic views of Co To Island that they can not find anywhere else.

co to island

Get the fresh feeling in Cau My Cliff

This cliff is the most popular destination visited by young couples, featuring the stunning sunrise and the colorful stone layers. Additionally, you will be amazed by the stratified rocks of full shapes and colors, leading to a vivid picture of nature. Don’t forget to bring a camera to take Instagram-worthy pictures, and keep unforgettable memories about this land.

co to island

Enjoy the romantic view of “The Path of Love” 

The path lengthens more than 2 kilometers, running along the Co To Coasts, attracting visitors with green casuarina trees along both sides. During your visit, you can feel a bit of the gentle sea breeze and listen to the waves lapping over the shore.

co to island

Witness the magnificent beauty of Choi forest 

If you visit Co To Island in April, you will have a chance to discover the Choi flower season in the Choi forest. The flowers are light green and look like fireworks hanging down. Here, you can also enjoy the sound of birds singing and absorb the fresh air for relaxation.

co to island

Immerse yourself into the busy pace of life in Ky Co walking street

With a length of about 205 meters long, Ky Co Walking Street is known as the first pedestrian street on Co To Island. During your discovery, you can experience local food and drink or buy souvenirs for your relatives and friends.

Experience excellent local dishes 

Co To Island is a paradise of various seafood at reasonable prices. Here are several options you should consider:

  • Nail-shaped shellfish
  • Jellyfish salad
  • Grilled Oysters
  • Be Be – Mantis Shrimp
  • 1-day Dried Squids

co to island

Useful Tips When Visiting Co To Island

  • Below are our useful tips to help you have a wonderful time in Co To Island.
  • Renting a motorcycle or a scooter to easily move during your trip;
  • Bring some cash while going shopping at local markets;
  • Take umbrellas, sunscreen, hats, or hiking shoes;
  • Book boat tickets in advance, especially in the peak season.
  • Go with local guides for a detailed itinerary.

Our blog has just provided a full guide to Co To Island, together with useful suggestions to help you have a more wonderful vacation. You can also refer to our customized tour with our local travel experts to find an ideal plan for this destination. 

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