Top 10 International Award-Winning Photos of Vietnam That Drive You to Hit the Road Right Away

Photos of Vietnam

Boasting a vast array of natural wonders, historical and cultural heritage and enticing destinations, Vietnam is a haven for photography enthusiasts. Simple yet charming scene of the local life has been an endless inspiration for photographers across the world. Marvel at some mind-blowing pieces of art which you can’t take your eyes off, each better than the last.

Top 10: Making Incense

Making Incense
Under the sparkling sunshine, the incense village of Quang Phu Cau shows up with beautiful scenery

The work “Making incense” by photographer Tran Tuan Viet, taken in Quang Phu Cau, Ung Hoa, Hanoi. The photo reached the final in the Tourism category. In Buddhist countries like Vietnam, incense is an indispensable part of traditional festivals or religious ceremonies.

Top 9: Breakfast At The Fair

Breakfast At The Fair
The photo “Breakfast at the fair ” of photographer Nguyen Huu Thong excellently won the Grand prize

The photo describes the simple yet cozy daily life scenes in mountainous areas. “In the areas of northern Vietnam, from the crack of dawn, hill tribe villagers often make their way to the local market to exchange goods and culture. They arrive as soon as the sun casts its first rays. They start to eat breakfast” said the author.

Top 8: Salt Maker

Salt Maker
“Salt maker” is a work of photographer Matty Karp taken on a salt field in Vietnam

This is another work about the working life of Vietnamese people. The author shared that he transferred the original photo into the black and white background to emphasize the charming images of women who are pouring salt on the salt field.

Top 7: O Cho

O Cho
“O Cho” (A market square) is taken in a corner of a traditional market in Ho Chi Minh City

“O cho” is a work of Thanh Tran taken in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The photographer shared that, when he took pictures at an apartment, he happened to see a woman among umbrellas in the market. This work won the prize in the Travel section of the photo contest.

Top 6: Tram Forest

Tram Forest
The photo of Pham Huy Trung won the prize in the Tourism category

Taken from above in Tram forest of Dong Thap, this is an incredible shot depicting the grandeur of wild nature and a woman sailing a boat on the river.

Top 5: Salt Harvest

Salt Harvest
The work “People harvest salt at sunset in Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa Province”

This excellent work of photographer Hai Hoang Giang reached the final of the Smithsonian Magazine Photography Contest.

Top 4: Ao Dai

Ao Dai
A beautiful work of Danny Yen Sin Wong (Malaysia)

In the “Open Color” category, this stunning work of art won the greatest prize. It is taken in a fishing village in Phan Rang capturing a woman wearing a leaf hat and knitting her fishing net.

Top 3: Knitting Fishing Net

Knitting Fishing Net
Another photo of Danny Yen Sin Wong in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Also in the category “Open Color”, a Vietnamese moment taken on the sand hills in Mui Ne continues getting a prize. The photo describes the enchanting images of three girls in the traditional dresses and colonial hats walking along a hillside with a pole and hangers-on their shoulders.

Top 2: Baby Lobster Farm

Baby Lobster Farm
A picture of photographer Trung Pham taken at a lobster farm in Hon Yen, Phu Yen

This work got the Greatest prize in the Landscape category for amateur photographers. From above, the lobster cages look no less than a matrix stretching on the water in the coastal area of Phu Yen, Vietnam.

Top 1: Hope

A work of a Malaysian photographer: Edwin Ong Wee Kee won the $120,000 Grand Prize of HIPA

The HIPA award this year has the theme ‘Hope’, and this picture clearly shows that. “The image has a full sense of humanity, demonstrating the love of a Vietnamese mother for her children. In spite of disability, she has no shortage of hope in her children, encouraging them to get more faith in life”.

The beautiful country of Vietnam has been an awe-inspiring destination that inspires everyone whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover or a photographer. Book Vietnam tour packages with us now now and explore the city your own way, you’ll see it’s much better than it’s been described


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