Xuan Huong Lake: The Fairy Spot In Da Lat City For 2024

xuan huong lake

Xuan Huong Lake, the essence of Da Lat, embraces the city with a poetic and charming vibe. As you plan your trip to this famous highland of Vietnam, prepare for a leisurely stroll around the lake, peaceful aura, and playful activities.

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Xuan Huong Lake, spanning 5 square kilometers, is located in Da Lat City center. With this strategic position, this lake becomes an ideal starting point for exploring the city and a convenient spot to unwind and enjoy the surroundings at any time.

Best Time To Visit

While Da Lat has two separate seasons, dry and rainy, it is still known for its cool climate year-round. We recommend visiting the city in the dry season (February to April) to indulge in the clear sky and cherry blossoms in full bloom. However, if you seek a romantic touch, consider visiting Da Lat towards the end of the year to enjoy soft rain and mimosa flowers.

How To Get There

Since Xuan Huong Lake is located in the city center, you can walk there if you stay in a nearby hotel.

For those seeking a faster pace, consider renting a motorbike or car (your hotel might assist you with this). As you drive, keep an eye out for intersecting streets like Yersin, Dinh Tien Hoang, and Bui Thi Xuan – they all connect to Tran Quoc Toan, which runs along the lake.

If you don’t want to drive by yourself, taxis and ride-hailing apps like Grab are available for quick pick-ups.

What To Expect

Stroll Along The Lakeside To Enjoy Fresh And Romantic Moments

With its serene beauty, Xuan Huong Lake offers you a leisurely stroll with friends or family. The picture-perfect backdrop adorned with lush flower gardens, pine forests, and turquoise water creates a refreshing atmosphere that will make you feel calm and comfortable.

xuan huong lake

What is more special is that the lake’s charm changes at different times of the day. While daytime offers a pure experience with cool breezes and a clear blue sky, the lake’s night ambiance transforms into something romantic and mysterious. No matter when you choose to visit, the lake’s beauty will give you an unforgettable experience.

Ride a Swan Boat To Enjoy The Lake’s Beauty At Different Views

Another way to enjoy the beautiful scenery at Xuan Huong Lake is by riding a swan paddle boat. Head straight to the wharf area on Dinh Tien Hoang and Tran Quoc Toan Street and buy a ticket for 30,000 VND only (approximately $1.2). Before starting the adventure, you will be provided with a life jacket and instructed on safety rules.

xuan huong lake

From the middle of the lake, you can experience the calm surface water and stunning panoramic views filled with sparkling flower parks, green lawns, and the city’s bustling roads. We recommend joining this activity in the early morning or the afternoon to avoid the midday heat and have an enjoyable paddle.

Have a Delightful Picnic By The Lake

Xuan Huong Lake offers the perfect setting for an interesting picnic (and even camping) with friends and family.

xuan huong lake

Picture this: you lie on lush green grass under big trees, enjoy the open space with a fresh atmosphere, and chat with your lovers. This will be one of the most memorable stays that you have experienced so far. Don’t forget to pack your basket with Dalat delicacies. And remember to clean up all trash before leaving.

Take a Horse Ride To Explore The Lakeside

Looking for another charming journey around Xuan Huong Lake? Join a horse-drawn carriage ride. These carriages often depart from the marina and travel along the picturesque lakeside, allowing you to enjoy stunning views on every corner.

xuan huong lake

Each horse ride costs around 200,000 – 300,000 VND (approximately $8 – $12) per hour. It comfortably accommodates 4-6 people, allowing you to enjoy the ride together and create lasting memories.

Enjoy coffee while appreciating the tranquility

Many tourists, including Indian ones, choose this option. They love the moment to sip strong Vietnamese coffee while breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the poetic scenery.

xuan huong lake

There are numerous cafes on the lakeshore, each offering a unique spot to savor unique coffee. You can choose among popular cafes with stunning views, including Bich Cau, Thanh Thuy, Doha, and An Cafe. As you stop by, explore different types of Vietnamese coffee, such as Ca Phe Sua Da (iced milk coffee) and Ca Phe Dua (coconut coffee).

Treat Yourself With Flavorful Food and Drinks at Thuy Ta Pavilion

With its long history, Thuy Ta has become one of the old-aged restaurants in Da Lat that attracts millions of tourists each year. Thuy Ta’s architecture will surely catch your eyes as you wander around Xuan Huong Lake. Its elegant white building stands out in the middle of a turquoise lake, surrounded by endless green pine forests and colorful blooms.

xuan huong lake

If you seek a scenic spot to enjoy local specialties and the lake’s beauty,  Thuy Ta should be your next stop. Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of regional dishes and international favorites. This is also a perfect place to sip impressive cups of Da Lat tea and coffee.

Attractions Nearby

  • Tuyen Lam Lake: Another poetic landscape that offers you perfect tranquility and diverse playful activities
  • Dalat Night Market: This vibrant place is well-known for its mouthwatering street foods, highland specialties, and handcrafted souvenirs as beautiful gifts
  • Bao Dai Palace: This destination stands out for its European architectural style, adding a touch of history to your journey
  • Lam Vien Square: Located on Xuan Huong Lakeside, this square features symbolic buildings of Da Lat City and an extra serene place for a leisure walk
  • Lang Biang Mountain: If you want to enjoy panoramic views of the city and surrounding landscapes, join an adventurous trip to this mountain
  • Truc Lam Pagoda: This place will welcome you with special architectural constructions, charming gardens, and a peaceful atmosphere that you hardly find elsewhere

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Notes/Tips When Visiting Xuan Huong Lake

  • Comply with all posted regulations and follow instructions from the lake management staff when joining activities there
  • Avoid swimming or diving in the lake
  • If you go with kids, keep a close eye on them for their safety
  • Avoid feeding fish at the lake
  • Keeping the area clean, especially when you plan a picnic or camping
  • Bring a jacket or sweater since the city’s temperature drops quickly in the evening


Xuan Huong Lake is one of the must-visit spots if you want to enjoy the tranquility of Da Lat City. It is known not only for its picturesque landscape but also for delightful activities for any traveler. Are you ready to add Da Lat to your next trip? If so, let Vietnamtour.in help plan your best Vietnam tour packages and be your perfect local guide throughout your journey.

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