Dalat Valley of Love: Detailed Travel Guide in 2024

Dalat Valley of Love

Dalat Valley of Love (or Thung Lung Tinh Yeu) is the most attractive destination when visiting the highland city. Here lies the charming combination of green pine forest, turquoise lakes, and colorful flower gardens.

So, what to see in this valley, to be more specific? How can you enjoy its beauty while having the most comfortable experience? Vietnamtour.in is here to help, guiding you through every step of the way!

Historical Background

Dalat Valley of Love has a history intertwined with romance. During the French colonial period in the 1930s, it was named “Vallée d’Amour,” facilitating a romantic and captivating place for lovers to meet and date. However, under King Bao Dai’s reign, the name was changed to “the Peace Valley” to reflect its tranquil atmosphere and scenery. Finally, in 1953, the valley reclaimed its romantic title and has been known as “the Valley of Love” ever since.


Dalat Valley Of Love is located at No. 07, Mai Anh Dao Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. It is situated around 5 kilometers to the north of Dalat city center.

Opening Hours And Ticket Fee

Opening hours: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm daily

Entrance fee + breakfast/buffet (optional):

Adults and  Children over 1.2 meters Children under 1.2 meters
Entrance fee  250,000 VND (approximately $10) 125,000 VND (approximately $5)
Entrance fee + breakfast 300,000 VND (approximately $12) 150,000 VND (approximately $5.8)
Entrance fee + lunch buffet  330,000 VND (approximately $13) 165,000 VND (approximately $6.5)

Several activities charge you extra fees, including:

  • Balancing on a cable: 50,000 VND per adult (approximately $2) and 30,000 VND per child  (approximately $1.2)
  • Wish ribbon (a classic couples’ activity): VND 20,000 per pair (approximately $0.8)
  • Visiting Ngan Thong glass bridge: 400,000 VND (approximately $16)

How To Get There

Since the Dalat Valley of Love is located quite near the city center, you can choose almost any available means of transportation there. For anyone who desires a self-drive trip, hiring a motorbike or a car is an excellent option. Alternatively, you can book a cab via ride-hailing apps like Grab to enjoy a more relaxed journey,

Best Time To Visit

Local guides advise visiting Dalat during its dry season (between November and June). This is when the city is covered by clear skies with sunlight and filled with a pleasant atmosphere.

Especially if you arrive in January or February, you will have the chance to enjoy the mesmerizing pink colors of the Himalayan cherry blossoms along the street. Besides, the month of April is prime time to witness lavender blooming in the valley.

That said, the rainy season is still ideal for those who are enchanted by a city’s romantic vibe.

What To See In Dalat Valley Of Love

The Dalat Valley of Love is an extremely large attraction with three main areas. Let’s explore what you can see and join in each of them!

Enjoy Fun And A Dreamy Vibe Of The Central Area

This area is covered by love-themed sculptures and decorations, making it perfect for capturing special moments. There are also entertainment areas that satisfy tourists of all ages. If you feel a bit tired and hungry, you can stop by beverage and food stalls to re-energize.

Dalat Valley of Love

Here are some outstanding spots that you should pay a visit:

  • The green love maze
  • Kid’s Playground and virtual reality game studio
  • Landscape of leaf, spring, and fairy lake
  • Giant chess board
  • Wax statue museum
  • Loving hill

Indulge In The Romantic Nature Of Vong Canh Hill

Vong Canh (Dreaming) Hill stuns visitors with breathtaking vistas and a romantic atmosphere. The whole area is covered by lovely pine trees and charming exhibitions. You can walk around to witness every breathtaking spot and relax in prepared seating areas.

Dalat Valley of Love

Moreover, there is a cozy cafe that lets you taste the highland specialties (mainly tea and coffee) while enjoying the magnificent view of the area.
More specifically, Vong Canh Hill offers you:

  • Rose, bonsai, and green garden
  • Dragon and Peacock exhibition
  • Vong Canh Hill Cafe

Experiment With Interesting Activities At Da Thien Lake

This 13-hectare lake is located in the valley center. The natural scenery here is a soothing treat to tourists’ eyes and souls. They often walk along the lakeside to enjoy its beauty and serenity. Many others join the swan paddle boat or horse riding, exciting activities that offer fun and fascinating scenery.

Dalat Valley of Love

What To Expect When Visiting Dalat Valley of Love

Super Fun Swan Boat

This is one of the must-do activities when exploring the Dalat Valley of Love. It is like doing some exercise while enjoying the breathtaking views. Each boat can hold up to four people, making it ideal for family and friends to join together.

Dalat Valley of Love

Endless List Of Exciting Games

The large valley area has diverse outdoor games, ranging at different thrilling levels. Those who desire just fun can join the paintball shooting game, horseback ride, maze escaping, or Jeep riding. For a more challenging vibe, you can try a continuous challenge that includes Highwire balance, Zipline, cliff climbing, overcoming giant spider webs, crossing swamps with wooden poles, and more.

Dalat Valley of Love

Romantic Activities For Couples

This place is a romantic haven for lovers. They can walk around the valley and take pictures at cozy spots like Love Bridge, Green Love Maze, Hydrangea and Lavender Garden, etc. Couples can also write their wishes on a ribbon and then hang it on the wishing banyan tree in the marina area.

Dalat Valley of Love

Meaningful Cultural Events And Festivals

Dalat Valley of Love also showcases the cultures and customs of some Vietnamese ethnic minority groups and Asian countries. Here, you can try on traditional costumes such as Indian Sarees or Japanese kimonos.

Dalat Valley of Love

You can also visit the natural cultural garden and the exhibition house displaying musical instruments. Additionally, there’s a gong state that often hosts the culture-rich Central Highlands Gong festivals.

Diverse Traditional Cuisine

Cuisine in the Dalat Valley of Love is not too expensive. Plus, the menu is also extremely diverse with many Dalat specialties. If you spend the whole day exploring this place, we recommend enjoying the food at these two buffet restaurants:

  • Hanh Phuc Restaurant: Serves over 30 BBQ and Central Highlands dishes. The price is 159,000 VND/adult and 79,000/children.
  • Mimosa Restaurant: Mainly serves Western dishes in a warm and large space. The price is 129,000 VND/adult and 80,000/children.

Dalat Valley of Love

Attractions Nearby

  • Xuan Huong Lake: A scenic spot with a serene atmosphere, perfect for paddle boat  rides and leisurely walks
  • Dalat night market: A vibrant place that is full of delicious street food (e.g., Vietnamese pizza, grilled eggs, hot soy milk) and shop for local handicrafts and dried goods
  • Bao Dai Palace: A historical attraction famous for its romantic French architecture and awe-inspiring landscape surrounded
  • Lam Vien Square: A large, lively spot with unique buildings, tasty cuisine, and fun activities
  • Lang Biang Mountain: A magnificent destination that gives you breathtaking panoramic views and exciting activities (e.g., paragliding, hiking, camping)

Tips When Visiting Dalat Valley Of Love

  • Choose soft, comfortable footwear
  • Pack a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a light jacket
  • Ask the price before taking photos.
  • Be careful through out the exploration, especially when joining pedal boats and adventurous activities
  • Keep the environment clean; do not pick flowers or trample on plants within the tourist area
  • Consider visiting the Dalat Valley of Love with a large group to join interesting team building games
  • If you want a worry-free trip, go with a local tour guide

Are you ready to step into the wonderland of flowers? The Dalat Valley of Love will treat your eyes with the colorful beauty of nature and refresh your mind with its tranquil atmosphere. Book your Dalat adventure today and let Vietnamtour.in guide you to a love-filled trip to the valley and other fascinating attractions of the flower city.

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