When Is The Best Time To Travel To Laos In 2024? Ultimate Guideline

best time to visit laos

The best time to visit Laos actually depends on your travel appetite and what you look for when tripping.

For those who have not been to Laos before, the dry season hits this landlocked country from November to April, with mostly no rain recorded, but the temperature is indeed moderate.

During the other half of the year from May to October, Laos welcome frequent tropical downpours, which are mostly witnessed in the afternoon.

Rains are not always favored by tourists in most cases, which means this section of time is ideal for those not liking the crowds that much.

And of course, if you’re on a tight budget, this is a brilliant time to come over as prices drop due to the fact that it’s not the peak season for tourism in the country.

Dig deeper into the twelve-month list below to pick the best time to visit Laos that meet your needs.

The beautiful landscape in Laos
The beautiful landscape in Laos

An overall look into Laos’s climate condition in a year

Due to the fact that Laos is an absolute landlocked country with no coastline, the weather is hence not affected by the sea’s currents.

The weather in Laos is indeed straightforward and simple compared to the rest of Southeast Asia whose climate condition greatly varies as a consequence of the complicated topography.

The country obtains in itself two contrast seasons, one is the rainy season from May to the end of October and the dry season operating from November to late April.

The two earliest months in the rain season, May and June, are known to be the hottest time in a year with short-lived rainfalls.

Meanwhile, the section of time in between late July and September, the tropical downpours are getting more constant heavier, especially in Southern lands of Laos.

Hence, be mindful about all these changes if you want to sort out your Laos trip to the fullest!

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Magnificent nature
Magnificent nature

The best time to visit Laos across all 12 months

Where to visit from November to March?
Where to visit from November to March?


Let’s start off with the first month of the year, January is known to be dry in the entire country, with a comfortably warm atmosphere.

However, the Northern parts of Laos can be a little colder during this time.

If you are visiting this land in January, don’t forget to keep yourselves warm in the early mornings and late evenings.


February witnesses relatively dry weather throughout the country, with a little higher temperature while Northern Laos is still not recovering from the cold yet, especially within the first days of February.


The dry season still continues its period with a much higher temperature which can reach up to over 30 degrees Celsius in some places.

Meanwhile, in the highlands, the climate condition is seen cooler.

In March, it would be better NOT to travel around the Central and Southern areas of the country, while it’s better to have Laos’s Southern land combined with the Bolaven Plateau, where you can escape from the hot climate.

The dry season in the highlands
The dry season in the highlands


As mentioned previously, April is the last month of the dry season. However, there is a chance you may witness some showers towards the end of the month.

And guess what? The temperatures at this point are recorded to be at their highest, which can reach up to 36 degrees Celsius in Southern Laos.

So keep this in mind if you are not a fan of the killing tropical heat.


As you may beware, May kicks start the rainy season in Laos. However, the two first weeks of the month may not see downpours yet.

For your information, the river level in the country remains pretty low at this point.

The killing heat would still be working until the official rain season gets started later on, with a high level of heat and humidity.

A cave in the dry season
A cave in the dry season


And now it’s the right time when hard rainfalls start to sweep through the country.

Good news:

The Northern Laos witness rains the least, so you may like to come over this area if you don’t want your trip to be fully ruined by water.

The temperature drops down to roughly 30 degrees Celsius.


Following June, the wet season in July is now working even harder to the fullest, and the temperature remains the same.


In August, the rain volume almost reaches a climax with more intense and longer showers.

In terms of the river level, it begins to rise before the dry season comes back, which makes the landscapes in Laos become the most scenic at this time.

However, a trip to further remote areas can be a challenge. Laos’s temperature will drop to 20 degrees Celsius in the entire country.

A rice paddy in Laos
A rice paddy in Laos


Rainfall continues to take over the whole country, and journeys to remote areas can still be an issue.

Good news:

Things will get much better towards the end of the month when the Sun starts to shine the country with its brightening lights after a long period of time.

If you have been a big fan of landscapes and nature, then traveling to Laos in September would be brilliant, with waterfalls and leafy landscape turning Laos into a wonderful destination.


This month witnesses drier weather though small rains are still working occasionally.

The temperature is getting much cooler at above 20 degrees Celsius.

As same as September, you can make this time a brilliant trip to Laos as the crowds of tourists have not been taking over the country yet, and the weather coming along with the freshest landscapes make Laps a captivating destination.

November and December

The two months share a lot in common, with dry and warm weather.

Moreover, flora and fauna species become the most prosperous to welcome Springtime.

Meanwhile, Northern Laos will see a lower temperature.

Overall, the moment in between September and December brings Laos the most scenic picture.

Now, you will have an answer for yourself regarding the best time to travel to Laos. Pick any month as you want and be mindful at which part of the country you are coming over.





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