When is The Best Time to Visit Da Lat in 2024?

Best time to visit Da Lat

The best time to visit Da Lat is from November to March, with its pleasant climate and many exciting activities. Located on Lam Vien highland at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level, Da Lat has a cool atmosphere throughout the year with two seasons: the dry season (from November to April) and the wet season (from May to October). The temperature fluctuates from 9 to 33°C, and the humidity ranges from 75 to 93%.

Da Lat is a charming tourist city in Vietnam and the top choice of Indian tourists when visiting the southern region of Vietnam. Not only enjoying many historical architectures and spectacular landscapes, but Da Lat also features delicious food and friendly locals. In this article, we will discover weather conditions and travel tips in Da Lat for Indian visitors.

Da Lat in Dry Season (November to April)

Da Lat in dry season

The dry season is the best time to visit Da Lat, with many leisure activities. The temperature fluctuates from 9 to 33°C, and the humidity ranges from 75 to 90%. The cool air and sunny days are ideal for outdoor explorations and adventurous activities.

November and December offer sunshine and pleasant weather in Da Lat. However, evenings and nights may experience sudden rainfall. Temperatures during this period range from 9 to 28°C, with humidity reaching approximately 89%.

January to March are the best months to travel to Da Lat. The weather in Da Lat boasts sunlit and dry days in these months. The climate is cool and pleasant, with temperatures varying from 11 to 33°C and humidity around 80%.

April in Da Lat marks the transition from dry to wet seasons, featuring sunny days with occasional drizzles. Evenings and nights maintain a cool average temperature of around 20°C.

What to Do

Cau Dat Tea Hill
Cau Dat Tea Hill

The poetic allure of this foggy city captivates many Indian tourists, especially during the spring months from January to April. Da Lat comes to life with the vibrant hues of cherry apricots, white banyans, purple poincianas, and various other flowers. Exploring the enchanting Valley of Love and Da Lat Flower Park is a must for visitors, offering a delightful immersion in the city’s natural beauty.

In addition, the dry season is the best time to visit spectacular waterfalls and stunning hills in Da Lat. Datanla, Prenn, and Elephant waterfalls are renowned for their powerful cascades and lush surroundings. For those who love enjoying clouds and charming sunsets, overnight camping at Da Phu Hill, Troc Hill, or Cau Dat Tea Hill is an excellent option for their trip.

Adventurous enthusiasts will find Lang Biang Mountain and Bidoup – Núi Bà Mountain irresistible, boasting pristine natural views and abundant flora and fauna. Embarking on a trekking tour promises an unforgettable adventure in Da Lat.

November and December are lively months, with numerous impressive festivals. The Flower Festival takes place every two years in Da Lat and is a unique event attracting Indian visitors. It includes many captivating activities such as paragliding, hot air balloons, and vegetable and flower markets. The Da Lat tea festival also ranks among the most attractive events in this dreamy city. Indian visitors can learn the art of tea brewing, savor the finest Vietnamese teas, and purchase unique products at the market.

Travel Tips

Lang Biang Peak
Lang Biang Peak

The dry season in Da Lat boasts chilly weather, so you should pack thick clothing such as sweaters, jackets, long pants, and warm T-shirts. Besides, moisturizer and anti-mosquito spray are necessary for your trip.

According to the Lam Dong Authority of Tourism, Da Lat has been one of the most attractive destinations for Indian tourists in recent years. Besides, the dry season is the best time to visit Da Lat, attracting a significant influx of tourists. Therefore, you should book tourist services promptly to secure the best options.

Da Lat in Wet Season (May to October)

Da Lat in Wet season

May to October is the wet season in Da Lat, with temperatures ranging from 12 to 31°C. During this period, the rainfall is high, with humidity hovering around 89 – 93%. Days are cloudy and sunny, while evenings and nights often bring thundery rains.

May and June are still the best months to visit Da Lat, as it’s in the transition period with sunny days and sudden rains.

From July to October, Da Lat experiences the peak of its rainy season. During this period, sunny days are infrequent, and heavy rainfall is expected, sometimes leading to floods. Despite the challenging weather conditions, these months represent the highest-demand period for tourism because they coincide with the school break in Vietnam.

What to Do

Con Ga Church
Con Ga Church

From April to June, Da Lat transitions from the dry to the rainy season, featuring mild weather with occasional showers. It’s a delightful time to enjoy blooming flowers and the city’s lush green surroundings.

During this period, Indian visitors can explore the serene Truc Lam Zen Monastery, surrounded by picturesque landscapes. The remarkable architecture of Con Ga Church is also a must-see. Additionally, take the opportunity to visit vegetable and fruit gardens, where you can savor fresh agricultural products.

From July to October, Da Lat experiences the peak of the rainy season, characterized by heavy rains and the possibility of floods. So it would help if you only explored key attractions in the city center, such as the masterpiece Crazy House or Lam Vien Square.

A leisurely stroll around the picturesque Xuan Huong Lake is highly recommended, offering tranquil moments and captivating views. Additionally, you can indulge in Da Lat’s culinary delights with diverse street foods and hot, delicious drinks. Grilled rice paper, chicken hot pot, or hot soy milk are must-try dishes in Da Lat.

Travel Tips

Crazy House Da Lat
Crazy House Da Lat

The wet season in Da Lat brings high rainfall, so packing an umbrella or a light raincoat for your trip is essential. Quick-drying clothing and a few warm clothes are highly recommended. In addition, you should bring waterproof bags, hats, lightweight jackets, and anti-mosquito spray.

The rainy months in Da Lat may be uncomfortable for outside tours. However, July to September is still the peak of the tourist season due to the Vietnamese’s vacations. Therefore, opting for a Vietnam tour package soon is a smart way to organize your trip during this period efficiently.


In the southern area of Vietnam, Da Lat is the favorite destination of Indian travelers because of the cool atmosphere and gorgeous scenery. The best time to visit Da Lat is from November to March, with temperatures from 9 – 33°C. A tour package to Da Lat certainly brings you a memorable experience. Contact us now for the best guidance on your trip to Da Lat!





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