The Best Time to Visit Cambodia – Month by Month

best time to visit in cambodia

“When is the best time of the year to visit Cambodia?” – For those who are new to the country, this question seems to be an all-time favorite. It’s hard just to pick one and toss it out there to you as the finest moment to visit any country, including Cambodia, varies greatly depending on your travel appetite. That’s why today, we decided to list down all twelve months; each goes with its features, pros, and cons.

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What is the weather like in Cambodia throughout a year?

The best time to visit Cambodia varies based on temperature, rainfall, and the number of tourists. Most people choose to visit Cambodia from November to March, which means if you’re not so keen on the crowds, then May to early October would be the ideal option. Overall, Cambodia is warm all year round, with the lowest temperature recorded roughly 20°C.

Also, just like some other parts of in-land Southeast Asia, Cambodia’s weather is divided into two contrast statuses: wet and dry. First off, the wet season is caught in between May and October, with a brief downpour in the afternoon, and the sun still comes out for a few hours. Meanwhile, travelers in the dry season from November to March is probably welcomed by the heat.

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What is notable for every twelve months?

Now, let’s take a closer look at what you can be offered from January to December, and then come up with the best option.


January falls into the range from November to January, which marks the peak season for tourists. Because of that, there’s no doubt  January is one of the best time for a trip to Cambodia. In this month, the temperature is much cooler with no annoying rains.

However, January is one of the busiest months, especially in the tourism industry, be mindful about tourist traps at Angkor Wat and along the riverside of Phnom Penh.


Following January, February is still a brilliant month for a great escape from home. Regarding temperature, it’s still considered to be relatively cool. Pre-Monsoon rainfalls start to appear towards the end of the month, which mostly happens overnight.

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March is the right time when the country rushes to begin to welcome the heat, in preparation for long-lasting humidity in April. This means March is a great time if you’re seeking a lesser-crowded Cambodia to visit without disturbing rainfalls taking over days and nights.

The jungle in Cardamom Mountain is the best recommendation for a visit. The dry weather helps the trekking trails in the woods more accessible, with fewer aggressive tropical mosquitos as well.


Now for April, the killing heat starts to approach with oppressive humidity. All makes a simple walking trip down the streets a little sweatier and exhausted. Temperatures reach above 40°C. On the other hand, April, indeed, comes with one of the most talked-about celebrations – the Khmer New Year.

best time to visit cambodia 2 khmer new year 20190215164729653The vibrant Khmer New Year


As a part of the dry and hot season itself, May still welcomes its travelers with a fierce heat.

Though heavy downpours take place not too frequently,  the moment of Khmer New Year may witness some showers. Get ready for an official attack of rainfalls at the end of the month.

Public holidays are remarkable in this month, which include the International Labor Day, Royal Ploughing Ceremony and the Day of Remembrance.

June and July

As said above, the rains start to take over the land of Cambodia right before June has come.

Some specific regions such as the coastline, for instance, Sihanoukville and Kep, as well as the Cardamom Mountains, will surely undergo heavy downpours.

As disturbing as it seems, June is an ideal time for true travelers looking for a better ambiance with not many tourists and scams, as the number of visitors to Cambodia significantly decreases.

The next month July is when the monsoon season in Southeast Asia works in its full swing.

best time to visit cambodia 4 koh rong island


Rainfalls work even harder and hit the peak in August, with shorter yet heavier downpours. Nonetheless, don’t let it set you back with the harsh condition. August can also be seen as the best time to travel to Cambodia. Why? The temperature starts to cool down, and the rural areas become lush, fresh and green, making it a great chance for an off-beat journey outside the hectic downtown.


Undoubtedly, towards the end of the rain season, rainfalls work even harder in its full swing and take over the whole country. At that time, rice fields welcome frequent flood and rivers are overflowing, which brings out a spectacular scene on the outskirt of Cambodia. September is when Tonlé Sap Lake reaches its best appeal, with a wide array of floating villages and flooded forests garnishing the Lake.

tonle sap 3Tonlé Sap Lake


Good news:

The dry season is coming around the corner when September leaves, take this time to plan a trip to Cambodia soon before the peak tourist season begins. Rattanakiri and Mondulkiri Waterfalls alongside the magnificent Kulen Mountain in Siem Reap become more refreshing with crystal-clear water. Why not take advantage of it for an awesome swim at the foot of the waterfalls?

best time to visit cambodia 6 kulen mountain


It’s time to make a farewell to the long-lasting rainfalls and welcome back the dry season, which means,  tourist season starts to approach as this is regarded as the best time for a trip to Cambodia in a year. Temperature and humidity are both lower than before, with rare downpours occasionally seen.

If you’re a big fan of the deep blue sea, then don’t forget the pristine coastline and islands of Cambodia, where the brighten Sun would surely bring your vacation to the limelight. And last but not least, if you miss Phnom Penh with its incredible Water Festival – Bon Om Touk, it would be the worst mistake to make in Cambodia!

best time to visit cambodia 3 bon om toukBon Om Touk Festival


Once again, just like the previous November, December is undoubtedly the best time for a Cambodia trip, and of course, if you don’t mind the crowds. Rainfall is so rare this time with no harsh humidity at all! However, as this is the end of wintertime and springtime is approaching, relative cold is something undeniable.

To wrap up, the best time of the year to visit Cambodia can be at any month depending on your specific need and preferences. Take a closer look once again at the above timeline and pick the most suitable one for yourself!

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