Vietnam Beverage: Top 6 Delightful Drinks For Indian Tourists To Try


Vietnam Beverage: Top 6 Delightful Drinks For Indian Tourists To Try

Vietnam beverage reflects the country’s rich history and cultural value. From the bold flavors of Vietnamese coffee to the refreshing zing of fresh juices, Vietnam brings the best-tasting drinks with healthy benefits to the world. This article will explore the top 6 types of Vietnam beverage that Indian tourists must try.

Vietnamese Coffee  

Coffee is one of the best Vietnamese beverages. Vietnamese coffee has earned a global reputation for its bold flavors and unique preparation methods. This beverage originated from the French colonial period and has evolved into a cultural icon with deep-rooted traditions.


Where to Try

Vietnamese coffee shops are ubiquitous on sidewalks, alleys, bustling streets, shopping malls, and airports in Vietnam. Especially in big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, there are many coffee shops, from famous brands to exotic flavors for your choice.

Types of Vietnamese Coffee

Egg Coffee: A unique concoction where egg yolk is whipped with sweetened condensed milk, resulting in an enjoyable coffee experience.

Coconut Coffee: An innovative twist that infuses the rich coffee flavor with the subtly sweet of coconut milk and condensed milk, creating a harmonious blend.

Vietnamese Iced Milk Coffee: Combining robusta coffee and sweetened condensed milk creates a distinctive flavor that captivates coffee enthusiasts worldwide. This beverage is ranked second in the world’s top 10 best coffee drinks by the famous culinary website TasteAtlas.

Vietnamese Draft Beer and Craft Beer

Vietnamese draft beer, locally known as “bia hơi,” is more than just a drink; it’s a social experience deeply ingrained in Vietnamese culture. “Bia hơi” is the iconic beverage of Ha Noi, typically packaged in kegs to maintain its rich aroma and high freshness.

Besides draft beer, Vietnamese craft beer is a renowned beverage in Vietnam. Craft beer is produced in microbreweries, boasting unique and innovative flavors. This great-tasting beer is brewed using high-quality ingredients with attention to detail by the brewers.


Where to Try

Many bars, pubs, or food eateries in Hanoi, offer an authentic Draft Beer.

If you are in Ho Chi Minh City, take a chance to try Saigon craft beers. Some favorite craft beer brands are Platinum, East West, and Rooster.

Vietnamese Tea

With a rich history and tradition, Vietnamese tea is one of the best Vietnam beverage. With origins dating back thousands of years, tea symbolizes the hospitality and mindfulness of Vietnamese people. You can savor diverse types of tea, such as green tea, herbal tea, kumquat tea, or milk tea.


Where to Try

Tranquil teahouses in Hanoi’s Old Quarter or the poetic ambiance of Hue’s Imperial City provide perfect settings to savor a hot cup of Vietnamese tea.

In addition, you can relish multiple teas in coffee shops throughout Vietnam.

Types of Vietnamese Tea

Iced Green Tea: Refreshing and aromatic, iced green tea is popular in Vietnam, especially in hot months.

Herbal Tea: The medicinal properties of herbs are combined with tea taste, creating blends that promote both physical and mental well-being.

Kumquat Tea: As a favorite drink of youngsters, kumquat tea is a delightful infusion between the sourness of kumquat, the light bitterness of tea, and the sweetness of sugar.

Rice Wine

Vietnam is a significant rice exporter worldwide, so it’s no surprise that rice wine is a renowned Vietnamese beverage, particularly in local celebrations and rituals. The quality of rice wine depends on rice types and various traditional cooking styles. So, Vietnamese rice wine in different areas will bring Indian tourists distinct flavors.


Where to Try

You can drink original rice wine in traditional villages across Vietnam, such as Kim Son wine in Ninh Binh province, Bau Da wine in Binh Dinh province, or Go Den wine and Phu Le wine in the Mekong Delta.

Furthermore, shopping malls, supermarkets, and traditional fairs offer commercial rice wines. However, you should be cautious about drinking rice wine in street food eateries. These places might provide low-quality products, harming your health.

Fresh Juices

Benefiting from the tropical climate with abundant fresh fruits, Vietnam stands out with delightful fresh juices. From street vendors to upscale cafes, fresh juices are a popular and healthy choice for Indian tourists.


Where to Try

Fresh juice is a popular beverage in Vietnam so you can see this drink anywhere, from street stalls to luxurious cafes, from the countryside to lively cities.


Sugarcane Juice: Sweet and energizing, sugarcane juice is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Coconut Water: Sipped straight from the coconut, this hydrating drink is a tropical delight.

Pennywort Juice (or Gotu Kola Juice): Celebrated in India for its medicinal properties, Pennywort juice is also a favorite drink in Vietnam. This beverage is a unique combination of health benefits with refreshments.

Fruit Smoothies

Apart from fruit juice, Vietnamese fruit smoothie is one of the best Vietnam beverages, showing the country’s developed agriculture. Combination of local fruits with creative twists, these smoothies are both a visual and gustatory delight and bring health benefits to Indian tourists.


Where to Try

Street stalls, local markets, and trendy cafes across the country offer an array of fruit smoothies to suit every palate.

Saigon’s downtown and Hanoi’s Old Quarter are hotspots for exploring diverse smoothie options.


Mango Smoothie: Subtly sour and sweet, mango smoothie is an attractive tropical beverage.

Avocado Smoothie: Creamy and rich, avocado smoothie offers a unique fruit drink.

Orange Smoothie: Bursting with citrusy freshness, orange smoothie is a perfect refresher.

Passionfruit Smoothie: Tangy and exotic, passionfruit smoothie tantalizes the taste buds.

Tips for trying Vietnam beverage

  • Bring cash if you buy drinks from street vendors or local markets
  • Take notes with sellers in advance if you have a special request for your drink, such as less ice or more sugar.
  • Be careful with ice at the sidewalk beverage stalls if your gut is unhealthy. But, no worries too much; most coffee shops in Vietnam offer clean ice following the sanitary conditions.
  • Go with a local tour guide to experience all the unique kinds of Vietnamese beverage at famous and reliable places.


Top 6 types of Vietnam beverage bring Indian tourists different experiences in local tastes and health benefits. However, the rich culture in Vietnam is not only shown in beverages but also in foods. Let’s read our next article about local markets to dive into authentic cuisine and unique items, making your Vietnam trip more memorable.

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