Phu Quoc Night Market | A Handy Guide For Indians In 2024

phu quoc night market

Phu Quoc Night Market is an iconic symbol on Bach Dang Street in Phu Quoc Island. Here, you will first experience the life of locals and a range of special dishes. Additionally, the surrounding space is decorated with colorful lights, featuring a stunning ambiance that you can not find anywhere else. 

In this article, will review all the must-know things about Phu Quoc Night Market, including opening time, how to get there, what to enjoy, and useful tips. Right now, join us for a walk around this night market!


Phu Quoc Night Market is situated at 6 Bach Dang Street, belonging to Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island. Previously, in Phu Quoc Island, there were 2 night markets: Dinh Cau Night Market and Bach Dang Night Market. However, in 2016, these markets were merged to form the Phu Quoc Night Market, which is in the position of the old Bach Dang Night Market.

Opening time

Normally, Phu Quoc Night Market is open between 3 PM and 11.30 PM. However, you should get there around 8 PM to experience the most vibrant nightlife on this island. During the peak tourism season,  the stalls in Phu Quoc Night Market might end at 2 to 3 AM the next day.

phu quoc night market

How To Get There

If you are staying in the middle of Duong Dong Town, it is recommended that you get there on foot to save effort. Or else, you can book a taxi or Grab car to move with friends or relatives easily.

On the other hand, visitors who have just hired a motorbike from locals during their journey can completely ride it to Phu Quoc Night Market. However, remember to park it in the right position to restrict unexpected problems.

What To Buy In Phu Quoc Night Market

Buy jewellery as meaningful souvenirs 

In Phu Quoc Night Market, you can easily find various types of jewellery, such as pearls, earrings, and rings. Actually, pearls are the most bought products that visitors consider them meaningful gifts from their trips to this land.

phu quoc night market

From our experiences, the local sellers exchange the jewellery at a relatively reasonable price. Thus, don’t worry, or even you can freely make bargains for the best offer.

Get fish sauce for an amazing taste

Phu Quoc fish sauce is one of the longest-standing cuisines in Phu Quoc Island, which impresses you with its color, scent, flavor, and nutrition. With the locals, this sauce is considered a must-have ingredient in daily meals. Thus, you can easily find Phu Quoc fish sauce in the majority of stalls in Phu Quoc Night Market, especially in the food courts.

phu quoc night market

Pick several types of spices 

Phu Quoc is the paradise of spices, with the must-try product being the Phu Quoc pepper. It attracts visitors with its hard seeds, peel, and strongly spicy taste. Thus, you can try this pepper to make several Indian dishes for an amazing experience.

phu quoc night market

Currently, you can find three common types of pepper in Phu Quoc Night Market: skull, red, and black pepper. You can refer to the locals for the proper option that matches your taste and preference.

Buy colorful and well-designed dresses

It doesn’t take time to select dresses for your journey to Phu Quoc Island when you visit Phu Quoc Night Market. Here, you will have a chance to witness traditionally designed dresses, together with various colorful patterns. Additionally, these dresses are so cheap that you can freely go shopping on a budget.


Consider other types of souvenirs 

In addition to jewellery products, you can select several other presents, such as pictures, nick-nacks or, and handicrafts, to preserve meaningful memories of this trip. All these options might be made by the locals, offering a range of unique designs.

phu quoc night market

Enjoy and take away typical local dishes

Visiting Phu Quoc Night Market is a great chance to learn about the local cuisine and culture. Here, you can try almost all seafood dishes with the Phu Quoc fish sauce. Besides that, don’t forget to enjoy sweet snacks like grilled bananas, sticky rice, Chouchou peanuts, and ice cream rolls. This diversity makes the market to be known as a food market in Phu Quoc.

phu quoc night market

If you want to buy some food as a gift, let’s consider several takeaway options: myrtle wine, dried squid with tamarind sauce, fisher sauce, or even pepper. With myrtle wine and fisher sauce, you should pay attention to how to pack to prevent transportation-related risks.

Attractions Nearby Phu Quoc Market

  • Beaches in Phu Quoc: Phu Quoc Island is a paradise of beaches, with plenty of clean destinations and stunning landscapes.
  • Kiss Bridge: Although this bridge was opened last year, it has quickly become one of the iconic magnificent places thanks to its architecture and stunning views.
  • Phu Quoc pepper garden: Besides buying peppers as gifts, you can learn how to maintain pepper cultivation in huge pepper farms. Don’t forget to take a camera to save a charming escape into nature.
  • Truc Lam Zen Monastery: It belongs to the Truc Lam Ho Quoc Buddhism-styled system – one of the largest temples in Phu Quoc. Coming here, you will surely immerse yourself in the peaceful and fresh ambiance.

Tips When Visiting Phu Quoc Night Market

  • Here are our useful tips to help you have the best experiences during your journey to Phu Quoc Night Market.
  • Be aware of pickpocketing during your discovery;
  • Bring umbrellas or raincoats when visiting the market in the rainy season;
  • Make bargains for the best offer;
  • Pay attention to fake jewellery like pearls, rings, or earrings.
  • Go with local guides for a better itinerary.

With our detailed guide to Phu Quoc Night Market, we hope you have an unforgettable holiday here. If you want to discover other places on this land, let’s contact, as well as refer to our customized plan for useful suggestions. Wish you the best relaxation time! 

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