Nguyen Hue Walking Street: Unveiling Saigon’s Icon In 2024

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

If you are a nightlife lover, you can not miss an amazing destination such as Nguyen Hue Walking Street. Up to now, it has been one of the most bustling and hustling hubs in Ho Chi Minh City. When dropping by here, you can experience the harmonious beauty of modernity, history, and culture.

In this blog, will provide a full guide to discovering Nguyen Hue Street. You will get detailed instructions about how to move, must-try entertainment activities, and the best places to visit. Right now, let’s get started!

Overview of Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is a vibrant pedestrian area that extends nearly 800 meters. This street is famous for entertainment options like bars, pubs, and coffee shops that cater to every budget and taste. More impressively, you will surely immerse yourself in the lively world of music and laughter, which brings a special ambiance of full excitement.

Nguyen Hue Street is also known as one of the key streets in Sai Gon. Thus, you can easily find a diverse range of hotels near Nguyen Hue Walking Street, which is great for picking optimal accommodation. You can search your own reservations on Google or contact for full support for your trip.


Nguyen Hue Walking Street is situated in Central District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. It is a captivating and colorful street, which is surrounded by a range of the city’s renowned destinations and attractions.

How to get there

It’s recommended to get to Nguyen Hue Street by motorbike or bus to save your efforts. Here are our suggestions for the journey to this destination.

By motorbike

From Le Thanh Ton Street, you go straight ahead, then turn left at Ho Chi Minh Hall and turn right onto Nguyen Hue Street. Or else, you head to the city center, then make a right turn to Ton Duc Thang Street, toward Bach Dang Wharf, and find Nguyen Hue Road on the right.

Before visiting this street, remember to keep your motorbike at parking options, such as the City Post Office, Sofitel Plaza Hotel, Youth Cultural House, or sidewalk area.

By bus

You should take bus routes passing by Nguyen Hue Walking Street, including 93, 03, 04, 19, 124, and 152. This will optimize your budget and effectively restrict traffic congestion.

Best time to visit

Nguyen Hue Walking Street
Nguyen Hue Walking Street on New Year Days

The best time to reach Nguyen Hue Walking Street is in the evening, especially on Saturdays, Sundays, or Lunar New Year days. On these occasions, you will see unique activities like music/dancing shows, floral displays, and many gatherings. All these things bring an extremely exciting ambiance of vibrant energy.

Things to do during your visit to Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street

Visit the statue of Ho Chi Minh

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

The Ho Chi Minh Statue is located at the end of Nguyen Hue Street, at the intersection of Ly Tu Trong, Le Thanh Ton, Pasteur, and Dong Khoi Street. It symbolizes the love and respect of the Vietnamese people for Bac Ho. Surrounding this destination, you will see many pretty benches, greenery, as well as a range of soft lights.

Discover the unique beauty at Apartment 42 Nguyen Hue

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

With this site, you will have a chance to step back into the authentic Saigon life from the 1950s.  It is a popular spot for coffee lovers, where you can enjoy a “Den Da” cup and the panoramic views of the street below. You can drop by several outstanding coffee shops, such as Saigon Vieux Coffee, Mango Tree, The Maker, and Thinker & Dreamer.

Besides that, you can walk around 10 floors to explore other interesting sites, like beauty salons, fashion boutiques, or jewelry stores. Here, all corners are decorated with vintage furnishings or nostalgic decor, which connects with Vietnamese cultural traditions.

Immerse in the world of literature on Book Street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street covers the long Book Road, where you can find a diverse range of books from leading local and international titles. These will give you in-depth insights into the storied past and lively culture. More importantly, Book Street is also a place to escape the bustling city life and prefer a peaceful experience.

Go shopping at Saigon Garden Mall

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Despite one of the smallest shopping hubs in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Garden Mall is worth visiting thanks to its sustainable greenery. Coming here, you will experience the leading international coffee brands and the impressive space of benches, colorful houses, and lights.

Enjoy thrilling street shows

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

On the weekends, Nguyen Hue Walking Street is full of street shows, ranging from traditional to modern-day performances. These shows allow you to explore local culture’s rich and vibrant beauty, offering a truly unforgettable experience. Sometimes, you will meet famous Vietnamese artists for special events.

Explore Vietnam’s artful life at exhibitions or art galleries

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is a wonderful site to discover local art. During your trip to this destination, you can easily find studios that boast the work of the leading Vietnamese artists. One of the highlights you should not miss is the Vietnam Art Gallery, delivering a range of unique art installations and exhibitions.

Experience a diversity of street food

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue Street is known as the city’s culinary delight, which boasts various options, from restaurants to street vendors. Don’t forget to try Nguyen Hue street food, which impresses visitors with its diversity and tastes. Several must-try dishes are: Vietnamese coffee (roof-top or street-side cafes); Banh mi; Mixed rice paper (Banh trang tron); Ice cream rolls.

Must-visit attractions near Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Street 

  • Notre Dame Cathedral (500 meters) is one of the most French-style buildings in Ho Chi Minh City, with a lot of historical significance.
  • Independence Palace (1.4 kilometers) symbolizes the important milestones of the Vietnamese Revolution and features the workplace of the Southern Vietnamese President during the war.
  • The War Remnants Museum (2.7 kilometers) displays valuable artifacts and exhibits related to the Vietnam War and tumultuous historical events.
  • Ben Thanh Market (800 meters) is the most well-known market in Ho Chi Minh City. It provides and exchanges everything, from daily items to unique souvenirs.
  • Saigon Opera House (750 meters), also called the Municipal Theatre of Ho Chi Minh City, displays a mix of circus, music, dance, and humor. It is great to discover more about Vietnamese culture.

Tips when visiting Nguyen Hue Walking Street

  • Before visiting Nguyen Hue Street, you should take a look at the following tips for the best experience:
  • Don’t bring highly valuable or expensive items to prevent pickpocketing;
  • Bring some cash to buy street food, or souvenirs;
  • Inquire about parking lots and fees;
  • Prepare a camera and a perfect outfit for stunning photos;
  • Go with local tour guides for unique experiences and knowledge (contact


Our blog has just reviewed everything about Nguyen Hue Walking Street, as well as suggested useful tips for your visit. If you want to discover other interesting places in Ho Chi Minh City, refer to blogs for full instructions and proper itinerary.

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