A Comprehensive Guide To Ninh Van Bay | Updated 2024  

ninh van bay

Recently, Ninh Van Bay has become one of the on-trend tourist destinations for international travellers, thanks to its unspeakable wildness and romance. Besides that, you will surely be impressed with the unique architecture, as well as the locals’ friendliness.  

In this blog, Vietnamtour.in will show a detailed itinerary of Ninh Van May, ranging from the best time to visit amazing things to do here. With these suggestions, we believe you will have unforgettable memories here.   


Ninh Van Bay is situated in Ninh Van Commune, Ninh Hoa Town, Khanh Hoa Province. It is about 60 kilometers from the city center, making it a special destination for anyone who wants to escape the bustling and hustling ambiance.

Best Time To Visit

You should visit Ninh Van Bay during the dry season, between June and September.  During this time, you can freely participate in outdoor activities thanks to the pleasant weather, which is quite cool and sunny.

How To Get There From Nha Trang

Here are the 2 most common methods to reach Ninh Van Bay you should consider for your journey.

  • By speedboat: If you prefer a fast and safe way, it’s recommended that you take a high-speed boat. Normally, it costs about 3 USD – 4 USD/pax and takes 20 minutes to get to Ninh Van Bay. However, speedboat routes are only open for guests going to the resorts on Ninh Van Bay’s southern side.
  • By private vehicles: The travel time might be about 60 minutes. Still, this way offers you more freedom and a chance to admire more beautiful natural scenery along the seaside.

Top Things To Do In Ninh Van Bay

Go swimming to immerse yourself in the cool water

Swimming is one of the must-try activities in your itinerary. With its cool water and gentle waves, Ninh Van Bay will surely bring you a nice day, as well as help you get rid of your stress effectively. However, it’s recommended to go swimming in the afternoon for the more pleasant weather.

Go snorkelling to see colorful coral

Ninh Van Bay is recognized as a national marine nature conservation region, where various coral reefs are easily found. That’s why you should go snorkelling to discover their unique beauty on the ocean floor. To ensure your safety, you must follow detailed instructions from local experts.

ninh van bay

Experience kayaking to admire the seawater’s unique beauty

If you find it challenging to start your snorkelling journey, it’s time to try kayaking. On Ninh Van Bay, there is currently a range of kayak rental services, with an average cost of 6 USD/hour. You can book this service on your own or through your accommodation’s reception for the best preparations.

ninh van bay

Go fishing on Ninh Van Bay

Bai Da Ninh Van, also called Rock Farm Ninh Van, is one of the best choices for your go-fishing plan. Here, you can admire the beauty of the blue sky, listen to the murmuring sound of each wave, and immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance. However, go fishing is not an ideal activity for the one-day trip visitors.

Visit Ninh Van fishing village to experience the local lifestyle

Discovering the life of the fishermen will surely give you lots of excitement, as well as unique experiences. You will first live as locals, participate in their daily activities, and enjoy wonderful cuisines. Remember to drop this village in the early morning to admire the stunning sight of the fishermen collecting the nets from the sea.

ninh van bay

Top Resorts To Stay In Ninh Van Bay

Here are the top-rated Ninh Van Bay resorts that you should list for your accommodation plan.

  • Six Senses Ninh Van Bay: This is the most renowned 5-star resort in Ninh Van Bay, impressing visitors with luxurious services. While staying here, you will have a chance to enjoy the bay’s magnificent beauty and the distinctive architecture made from wood, bamboo, and coconut leaves.
  • An Lam Retreat Ninh Van Bay: If you’re travelling with a large group or family, it’s highly recommended that you book this resort. With more than 34 villas, An Lam Retreat Ninh Van Bay will easily accommodate a huge number of guests with unforgettable memories.
  • L’Alya Ninh Van Bay: It is the leading option for any newly married couple during their honeymoon vacation. Unlike Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, L’Alya focuses on the friendly and green style but brings the 5-star class experience thanks to its professional staff and convenient facility.
ninh van bay
Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

Useful Tips For Your Journey To Ninh Van Bay

  • To help you have the best Ninh Van Bay trip, we have just prepared useful tips below. In particular:
  • Always book private vehicles and speedboats in advance;
  • Prepare some medicine to restrict seasickness while travelling in the speedboat;
  • Bring hats, umbrellas, and sunscreen;
  • Aware of reserving a room in advance in the peak reason;
  • Go with local guides for unique experiences.

For the peaceful ambiance by the beach, Ninh Van Bay will definitely be a wonderful destination for you and your relatives. With its pristine landscape and attractive coral reefs, this bay will make your trip more memorable. For the best preparations, you can also refer to our customized tour

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