Top 13 Captivating Islands in Nha Trang to Visit in 2024

islands in nha trang

Is the charming beauty of pristine beaches and crystal-clear water the desire of your trip this year? If so, the islands in Nha Trang should be at the top of your list.

Follow today to explore thirteen captivating islands that have made Nha Trang the must-visit destination among tourists worldwide over the years. Let’s see what makes each of them outstanding and which activities you can engage in there.

Hon Tre Island

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 5 kilometers to the east

This is one of the largest and most popular islands in Nha Trang. As tourists arrive, they will be fascinated by its untouched natural beauty and the joyful activities that the island offers. If you want to enjoy a taste of both adventure and relaxation, this island is ideal.

islands in nha trang

So, how to spend the best time on Hon Tre Islands? Here are some recommendations:

Vinpearl Nha Trang

This place is home to one of the biggest amusement parks in Vietnam. With 950,000 VND (approximately $37), you can have a lot of fun exploring the giant water park, games, Tata show, water music show, 4D cinemas, and more. Vinpearl also provides you with comfortable hotel rooms and resorts that let you enjoy the expansive views of the island in both daylight and nighttime.

Con Se Tre Tourist Village

Located on the southern of Hon Tre Island, this village welcomes you with a poetic vibe created by rustic buildings and primeval forest

Bai Tru Beach

Considered a giant crocodile viewed from the city, Bai Tru captivates tourists’ hearts with its calm water, large green forest, and luxury resorts along the coast.

Hon Mun Island

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 10 kilometers to the southest

Hon Mun is well-known for its ebony-colored rock cliffs, blue water, and diverse ecosystem. Unlike Hon Tre, with a large system of resorts and parks, Hon Mun attracts tourists to explore its pristine beauty through lots of adventurous activities.

islands in nha trang


This is the must-try activity on this island. Hon Mun is home to breathtaking coral reefs and over 1,500 marine species, so this is a good chance to explore them with your naked eyes. The snorkeling service costs you between 300,000 VND to 500,000 VND (approximately $12 to $20). The price includes snorkel, goggles, fins, and other necessary gear.

Glass-bottom Boat Tour

A good choice for those who want to explore the ocean without getting wet. You will see the whole ecosystem through a clear panel on the boat’s floor. This tour’s price is around 90,000 VND/pax (approximately $3.6).

Floating bars

Imagine immersing yourself in the cool seawater with a glass of cocktail or coconut in your hand. This $24 service will cover you with peace and freshness.

Hon Tam Island

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 7 kilometers to the southeast

One iconic feature of Hon Tam is its mineral mud bath complex, which is among the largest islands in Nha Trang and in Vietnam. Here, you can indulge yourself in mud baths, mineral baths, hydrotherapy, and herbal baths, which will give you the best state of health and mind. The price for this one-of-a-kind service ranges from 450,000 VND ($18) to 1,320,000 VND ($52), depending on your chosen package.

islands in nha trang

Additionally, traveling to Hon Tam will not be complete if you miss the exciting activities such as parasailing, flyboarding, kayaking, and underwater walking. Plus, remember to explore Hoang Hoa Thon – the ancient village with unique buildings and seasonal festivals.

Hon Lao Island (Monkey Island)

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 10 kilometers to the north

As its name indicates, this island gives you a chance to explore over 1,200 monkeys of diverse species, from red-faced to gray-haired ones. You can head to the Monkey Sanctuary to observe their life and interact with them.

islands in nha trang

Beyond monkeys and animals, join chilling games and activities taking place there. For instance, you can ride ostriches, race Prokat, shoot paintball, etc. Scuba diving is another must-try experience that gives you awe-inspiring scenery of the island’s marine life.

Hon Mieu Island

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 6 kilometers to the southeast

Hon Mieu is another great spot for tourists to relax, play water games, and enjoy delicious seafood. But its outstanding feature lies in the fishing village, where you can witness the fishing activities of the locals and the vibrant market where they sell diverse types of seafood. Moreover, you can try making nets with the local fishermen, which will surprise you with skilled techniques and tradition.

islands in nha trang

Besides, don’t forget to visit Tri Nguyen Aquarium if you want to explore thousands of marine creatures.

Hon Noi Island (Yen Island)

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 25 kilometers to the southeast

This island stands out for its original beauty and double beach. The nature here remains unspoiled, so you hardly find constructions like those in Hon Tre or Hon Tam. Instead, you can explore its double beach, which is separated by a strip of white sand. This makes the water color and temperature differ on each side.

islands in nha trang

Additionally, Yen Island has Hon Sam, where you can see flocks of swiftlets and their nests made from swallows.

Hon Ong Island (Whale Island)

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 100 kilometers to the northeast

Whale Island is known for its uninhabited natural charm. It stays clean, peaceful, and tranquil, making it one of the best islands in Nha Trang to relax.

islands in nha trang

One interesting fact is that whales often gather here from April to July to hunt jellyfish and plankton, which is why this island is called Whale Island. There is only one place to stay on Hon Ong Island: Whale Island Resort. Tourists often stay on the island for three to four days to enjoy its serene atmosphere and participate in beach activities, including snorkeling, kayaking, trekking, etc.

Hoa Lan Island

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 18 kilometers to the northeast

Located on Hon Heo Peninsula, Khanh Hoa Province, this gorgeous island will surprise you with over 100 kinds of orchids (hoa lan) and 1,000 kinds of beautiful butterflies. There are also interesting “check-in” attractions, such as Nghinh Xuan Lake, An Binh Beach, and Disneyland Garden. Each place offers fun activities to experience alone or with your family. For instance, you can ride orchids, run water motor, kayak, parachute, etc.

islands in nha trang

Hon Mot Island

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 9 kilometers to the southeast

Hon Mot is one of the smallest islands in Nha Trang Bay but is home to 200 households that live on fishing and lobster farming. As you arrive here, you can explore the tranquil village life and houses with green moss on the tiles.

islands in nha trang

Like Hon Mun, Hon Mot has a captivating underwater world with over 350 kinds of beautiful coral reefs and many other marine creatures. You can participate in many water sports and activities, including snorkeling, glass-bottom boat tours, water motors, floating wine parties, and more.

Diep Son Island

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 60 kilometers to the northeast

Diep Son Island is among islands in Nha Trang which possesses clear blue water and white sand, like what you can find on some beaches in Hoi An and Da Nang. But Diep Son has a unique feature: the narrow sand trail that connects three islets – Hon Duoc, Hon Bip, and Hon Giua. While it provides a one-of-a-kind scenery, you can walk along the path and feel the powdery sand and cool water under your feet.

islands in nha trang

There are two must-try activities when visiting this island: kayaking with your friends or family (around 250,000VND every 30 minutes) and camping to enjoy the pristine atmosphere by night.

Bich Dam Island

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 10 kilometers to the southeast

Bich Dam Island welcomes tourists with a charming mix of blue sea, pristine mountains, soft sunshine, and smooth sand. What makes this island more remarkable is the peaceful life of the floating village located at the foot of the mountain. You can watch how the locals fish and experience other daily activities.  Another exciting attraction is the colorful fishing basket boats. They add a glowing touch to the Bich Dam’s beauty, making it more attractive to tourists.

islands in nha trang

Binh Ba Island

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 60 kilometers to the south

The best beach in Hoi An and some other cities often offers you a lively atmosphere. But if you seek complete tranquility, Dinh Ba is a nice try. It transfers you from the chaos of the city and busy beaches to the beautiful blue sky and alluring coastlines that you can enjoy by walking or taking a boat or a canoe rift.

islands in nha trang

This island will serve you the freshest seafood, especially lobster, at a reasonable price. Even better? You can pick the fish or lobster by yourself while traveling on the boat. The locals then cook it and let you enjoy the savory dishes while watching the fascinating scenery around.

Binh Hung Island

  • Distance from Nha Trang center: 82 kilometers to the south

Tourists visit Binh Hung to enjoy its unspoiled beauty with clear water, white sand, and alluring landscapes. The island offers different locations for beach bathing and camping, including Binh Tien, Nuoc Ngam, Egg Stone, Cha La, etc. islands in nha trang

Thanks to its calm water and vibrant ecosystem, you can join exciting water activities, such as banana boat rides, kayaking, and snorkeling. Need a more thrilling experience? Jet skiing will let you ride the wave at a price from 200,000 VND to 250,000 VND ($8-$10$) for 30 minutes.

Tips For Visiting Islands In Nha Trang

  • The best time to visit islands in Nha Trang is from January to August. The dry season has pleasant weather with soft sunlight, less rain, and low humidity.
  • Get there in the early morning to avoid crowds and make the most of your island time
  • Bring essentials items, including a hat, swimsuit, beach towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, and waterproof phone pouch
  • Respect the island’s environment and protect the sea creatures
  • Opt for local tours for a unique experience

Islands in Nha Trang are perfect destinations for tourists who desire a sweet combination of beautiful beaches, fun activities, and fresh food. Since each island has a unique essence, consider your preferences and pick appropriate places for your journey. If you want to save time (and money, too), book our custom tour run by the locals.  We are friendly and experienced guides that equip you with memorable trips to Nha Trang and beyond.

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