Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang: Full Guide For Visitors In 2024

hon tre island

Hon Tre Island is the largest island in Nha Trang Bay, attracting an influx of Indian tourists annually. The island features enchanting beaches, lush forests, a diverse ecosystem, and a luxurious amusement park – Vinpearl Land. 

In this article, we provide you with a complete guide to visit Hon Tre Island, including its location, the best time and how to get to the island, as well as the top things to do on Hon Tre Island. 

What Makes Hon Tre Island a Top Site in Nha Trang?

Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang is renowned for the pristine beauty of its beaches and mountains. The island’s name, “Hon Tre,” means “island of bamboo” in English, indicating its distinctive vegetation. Hon Tre is home to countless lush bamboo groves, creating a unique and relaxing ambiance.

With an area of up to 32.50 km², Hon Tre Island boasts calm turquoise waters and luscious forests, captivating Indian tourists to explore and enjoy the entertainment activities.

hon tre island

Visiting Hon Tre in Nha Trang, you will be amazed by its biodiversity. The cool, year-round climate has created favorable conditions for a variety of animal and plant species to thrive on the island. Diving and trekking are among the best activities to enjoy on this beautiful island. Indian visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in true wild nature.

How to Get There

Hon Tre Island is located 5 km from Nha Trang city center. To reach the island, you must first arrive in Nha Trang City. Indian tourists can travel from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang by plane, train, or coach.

Once you arrive in Nha Trang City, there are several ways to access Hon Tre Island:

  • By Cable Car: Operated by Vinpearl Land, a renowned amusement park on Hon Tre Island, the modern cable car takes 10 minutes each way. A two-way ticket costs 200,000 VND ($8) per person.
  • By Speedboat: The journey takes approximately 12-15 minutes and costs 1,000,000 VND ($40) per boat, accommodating up to 30 people.
  • By Canoe: This option takes 7-10 minutes and costs 1,000,000 VND ($40) per boat, accommodating up to 5 people.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang is from June to August, especially in June, July, and August. During this period, the island showcases all the beauties of nature, including abundant sunshine, cool breezes, and gin-clear waters.

The weather in Nha Trang is quite mild and warm all year round, creating a perfect condition for water sports and outdoor activities. Don’t worry if you visit the island in the wet season; you can still enjoy the exciting activities after brief rains.

Best Things to Do on Hon Tre Nha Trang

Blessed with ravishing beaches, majestic mountains, and diverse flora and fauna, Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang is one of the most enchanting destinations to explore nature in Vietnam. Here are the top things for Indian visitors to do on Hon Tre Island:

Explore Outdoor activities 

Hon Tre Island is a paradise for outdoor activities. The island offers breathtaking nature views and modern entertainment systems, promising interesting explorations.

hon tre island

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang is a hot spot on the island with countless exciting games and magnificent architecture. Indian tourists can visit this amusement park to experience the development of recreational activities in Vietnam, including modern games, stunning structures, diverse dining options, and cultural exchanges.

Enjoy Bai Tru Beach

Bai Tru Beach is located in the north of Hon Tre island, known as the sunset paradise. The reason is that the sunset view here is gorgeous, and Indian visitors will be mesmerized in front of its poetic scenery.

hon tre island

Besides, the beach stands out by crystal-clear, turquoise waters and stretches of white sand. It will be a wonderful feeling to lie on the beach, enjoy a cool drink, and admire the calm waters. There is no place for worry and stress when you spend time on this gorgeous beach.

Stop by Bai Soi 

Bai Soi on Hon Tre island has countless pebbles. When you walk on these pebbles, you will feel relaxed as being massaged. Moreover, the clear waters and peaceful vibe make Bai Soi an ideal place for swimming and diving.

hon tre island

Tour Con Se Tre Island

Con Se Tre is another tourist attraction on Hon Tre Island. It offers water activities, dining experiences, and peaceful village space. Coming here, Indian tourists can take part in many exciting experiences, such as swimming, scuba diving, fishing, sub-rowing, or hiking.

hon tre island

Discover Dam Bay

Dam Bay is a newly developed tourist attraction, so it still retains its pristine beauty. Surrounded by mountains, Dam Bay is less affected by sea weather, creating ideal conditions for marine eco-tourism and coral diving.

hon tre island

Try local dishes 

One of the compelling reasons to visit Hon Tre Nha Trang is its diverse and rich cuisine. Upon arrival, you can indulge in a variety of local specialties, including:

  • Vu Nang breast snail: A beloved specialty of Nha Trang known for its unique and delicious flavor.
  • Nha Trang grilled spring rolls: Fragrant, crispy spring rolls with delicious dipping sauce.
  • Banh Can: A popular dish renowned for its rich, hot, and crispy texture that delights every palate.
  • Fresh seafood: Hon Tre is a haven for fresh seafood lovers, offering an array of dishes like crab, squid, shrimp, and fish.
  • Grilled sea urchin: Grilled on a charcoal stove, fatty sea urchin, eaten with roasted peanuts and onion fat, is extremely delicious.
  • Milk oysters: A popular dish on coastal roads and in the markets of Nha Trang.
hon tre island
Vu Nang breast snail

Attractions Nearby

  • Beaches in Nha Trang: The city boasts its charming beaches, white sands, and crystal-clear waters.
  • Islands in Nha Trang: There are numerous beautiful islands in Nha Trang, offering the pristine beauty of nature, diverse ecosystem and enjoyable outdoor activities.
  • Ba Ho Waterfall: Ba Ho is one of the best waterfalls in Vietnam, including three lakes with different beauty and features.
  • Dam Market: This is the biggest market in Nha Trang city, serving various kinds of items and specialties.

Tips When Visiting Hon Tre Island

To have a memorable trip to Hon Tre Nha Trang, you can note the following advice:

  • Bring skin care products such as sunscreen, moisturizer, and mosquito repellent
  • Pack essential medicines for digestion, carsickness, and seasickness.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and bring a hat to shield yourself from the sun and sea breeze.
  • Book air tickets and tour services at least one month in advance to secure preferred prices and avoid ticket shortages.
  • Explore local activities, experience some delicious local restaurants, or interact with local people to better understand their lives.
  • Book a package tour at Vietnamtour.in. With extensive experience in catering to Indian tourists, we offer efficient itineraries, reasonable costs, and attentive services throughout your Vietnam journey.

Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang stands out as a unique tourist attraction, boasting pristine beaches, breathtaking natural vistas, and luxurious recreational areas. Plan your holiday to Hon Tre Island today, and reach out to us for the safest and most efficient journey!

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