A Comprehensive Guide To Bai Tu Long Bay | Updated 2024

bai tu long bay

Bai Tu Long Bay is one of the most famous natural wonders on the Northeastern coast of Vietnam, featuring magnificent and unique allures.  Coming here, you will have a chance to experience plenty of different-sized cruises and learn Vietnamese traditions and culture through mysterious stories. 

In this blog, Vietnamtour.in will provide an in-depth guide to this destination and help you pick an excellent Bai Tu Long cruise for your journey. Right now, keep scrolling to explore interesting things in the next parts. 

A Glimpse About Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay attracts tourists with its pristine charm. It offers a range of limestone karsts, as well as scattered islets, crystal underwater and a serene backdrop. That’s why many visitors consider this bay an ideal destination to escape from the city’s hustling and bustling ambiance.

bai tu long bay

During your exploration, you will come across Bai Tu Long Bay National Park, a treasurable biosphere in Vietnam that covers rare species of animals, and tropical ecosystems. Additionally, you can learn a lot of interesting things about the locals’ life, like their traditions, cuisine, and festivals.

To enjoy Bai Tu Long Bay’s stunning beauty perfectly, it’s recommended to book a Bai Tu Long Bay cruise. With this option, you will surely have unforgettable memories at several wonderful spots, like Vung Vieng fishing village, Thien Son Canh cave, and beaches.


Bai Tu Long Bay is located about 170 kilometers from the Hanoi Capital, specifically on the east side of Ha Long Bay. It has a total area of up to 15,000 hectares, with numerous million-aged islands.

Best Time To Visit

You should visit Bai Tu Long Bay between October and April to enjoy the nice weather and a blue, clear sky. During this time, you can easily take part in any outdoor activities, as well as take Instagram-worthy pictures without much rain or fog.

It is not recommended to have a trip to Bai Tu Long Bay during Christmas time, which might charge 25% extra due to the peak tourism season. This means that you find it difficult to optimize your budget effectively.

How To Get There

Here are our detailed instructions to reach Bai Tu Long Bay from Hanoi and Halong Bay.

From Hanoi

To get to Bai Tu Long Bay from Hanoi, you can book a tour with local travel experts. The package normally includes tickets for a shuttle bus or limousine and overnight accommodation on a cruise.  Or else, you can have a hired car to drive to Halong Bay within 2.5 – 3 hours, and then have a proper transfer.

From Halong Bay  

From Halong Bay Cruise Port, you can easily get on a 4-hour, 6-hour, or overnight cruise to visit Bai Tu Long Bay. Normally, this port can accommodate 2 cruise ships, which contain thousands of visitors simultaneously. You need to prepare around $65 – $120/pax for the day trip, and $120 – $500 for an overnight option.

Top Cruises For Your Journey To Bai Tu Long Bay

Name Average price Types of rooms
Lily Cruise $148/pax Premium Deluxe Ocean, Exclusive Suite, and Deluxe Ocean View
Swan Cruises $135/pax Deluxe Double, Suite Balcony Ocean, Suite, Connecting Family, and Suite with Balcony
Renea Cruise  $132/pax Deluxe Cabin, Suite Cabin, Honeymoon Suite, Family Connecting Door, and Deluxe Triple
Indochina Junk $158/pax Deluxe Cabin
Bhaya Cruises  $406/pax Legend Suite
Dragon Legend Cruise $194/pax Deluxe Cabin and Deluxe Single
Signature Cruise $141/pax Elite Family Suite, Senior Suite, Exclusive Family Suite, and Junior Suite
La Regina Classic Cruise $123/pax Deluxe Ocean, Premium Ocean, Suite and Terrace Suite

What To Expect During Your Journey To Bai Tu Long Bay

Experience local activities at Vung Vieng fishing Village 

Coming to this village, travellers will first immerse themselves in the world of Vietnamese fishermen’s traditional lives. You can learn a lot of interesting things through bamboo boat tours, or fishing farming.

bai tu long bay

Notably, don’t forget to enjoy signature delicacies like squid sausage, grilled seafood, clam soup with spinach, and blue king crab.

Admire the magnificent beauty of Thien Canh Son Cave

Another must-visit point in Bai Tu Long Bay is Thien Canh Son Cave. It is a gorgeous and unique cave with thousands of stalagmites and stalactites. You will also be impressed by the mysterious road to the cave, which features a lush forest canopy and a breathtaking view of the outside world.

bai tu long bay

Explore the pristine beauty of beaches 

Van Don is known as a paradise for beach lovers, attracting visitors’ attention with its powdery white sand and breathtaking sunsets. You can also enjoy the refreshing ambiance by participating in outdoor activities like kayaking, jet skiing, or swimming.

bai tu long bay

Co To island has gained popularity due to its white and long coastline, lush greenery, and natural beauty. If you prefer the fresh feeling of the green color, it’s recommended to visit here. Additionally, Co To is an ideal place for snorkelling and discovering vibrant coral reefs.

bai tu long bay

Quan Lan features a unique beauty of culture and nature. You can walk along the seashore and drop into the Quan Lan Market for delicious local delicacies. If not, let’s hire a bicycle to admire the island’s untouched serenity.

bai tu long bay

Minh Chau is about 15 kilometers from Quan Lan. It offers green water, clean sand, and a stunning view for honeymoon or amazing wedding photos.

bai tu long bay

Discover the diverse wildlife in Bai Tu Long National Park 

This exploration will surely offer a truly immersive experience for adventure seekers, with a haven for different species of flora and fauna. You will also witness the unique habitat of endangered birds, including Japanese hawks, fire warbles, Hainan flycatchers, and Burmese hawks.

bai tu long bay

More impressively, Bai Tu Long Park is one of the first national parks in Vietnam qualifying the five standards of ASEAN Heritage Park, recognized in 2017.
Top Cruises For Your Journey To Bai Tu Long Bay

Useful tips when visiting Bai Tu Long Bay

To help you have the best experience at Bai Tu Long Bay, we will suggest several useful tips below:

  • Bring necessary items for underwater activities like waterproof bags, or swimming suits;
  • Prepare sun cream, sunglasses, hat, umbrella, walking shoes, and insect spray;
  • Cash in Vietnam dong;
  • Book cruise tours in advance, especially during the peak tourism season;
  • Go with local tour guides for a well-prepared itinerary.

With detailed reviews of Bai Tu Long Bay, you will surely have the best references for your journey. If you want more information about estimated fees or other interesting activities at this destination, let’s book our customized tour to get a comprehensive consultation.

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