9 Best Markets in Hanoi For Indian Visitors | Updated 2024


Not only being a shopping place, markets in Hanoi are also ideal destinations for visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Vietnamese traditions. With each market, you will catch sight of a distinctive beauty, which surely brings you diverse experiences during your journey to Hanoi.

In this blog, Vietnamtour.in will introduce you to the 9 best markets in Hanoi and some useful tips when visiting them.

Dong Xuan Market – One of The Biggest Markets in Hanoi


Dong Xuan Day Market

Dong Xuan, one of the largest markets in Hanoi, offers travelers a shopping paradise of 4 floors decorated in Soviet style. On the ground floor, visitors will have a chance to experience the bustling atmosphere of a traditional food market. When coming to the upper floors, there is a wide range of stalls selling various items like clothing, or silk. It is great for you to learn how to make deals with local merchants from others.

Dong Xuan Night Night Market

If you want to discover night markets in Hanoi, don’t forget to drop in the Dong Xuan market between Friday and Sunday evenings. From 6 P.M, travelers can visit the night market space – set up on a pedestrian street, stretching up to Hang Dao Street. Here, you can freely bargain with sellers to get some items you want as souvenirs for your relatives.

Quang Ba Flower Market (Night Market)


Quang Ba Flower Market is a famous Hanoi night market, bringing you a breathtaking view of various colorful flowers, ranging from local to imported flowers. If you want to have stunning romantic pictures with captions on Instagram like “Me and Flowers”, don’t forget this destination. As a wholesale market, visitors can easily buy the most beautiful flower bouquets at cheap prices.

Coming to the market, you will have a chance to witness the local traders’ hustling livelihood. Also, you might easily come across a few visitors and photographers who visit Quang Ba Market at midnight to take stunning photos here.

  • Opening time: 8 PM to 7 AM

Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market


Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market is held over several blocks, lying on the pedestrianized streets of Hang Ngang and Hang Dao. It is an ideal destination for visitors to enjoy a lot of Vietnamese street food, such as “Banh Mi”, “Chao Suon” and so forth. Moreover, you can see impressive craft products like wooden carvings or lacquerware.

With unique features, Hanoi Old Quarter Market is a well-liked place by visitors, especially Indians. Similarly to the Indian culture, Vietnamese people also prefer street dishes for various flavors and convenience. Thus, we consider that this market is ideal for you to have a discovery of cuisine, making your taste rich.

Hang Be Market

Hang Be Market is renowned for its traditional food offerings like braised fish, stir-fried dishes, and many vegetarian options.

Hang Be Market is known as one of the oldest markets in Hanoi, being outstanding with its food section. It is a great spot where you can find a lot of famous cuisines of Vietnam, such as “Pho”, “Bun Cha”, “Banh Xeo”, etc.

Moreover, the market also offers you a broad range of necessary items, including clothing, utensils, shoes, and even handmade accessories. As a popular market for locals, you don’t worry about product prices, and you can even sometimes make a bargain.

  • Location: Hang Be, Gia Ngu, and Cau Go streets (Hanoi Old Quarter)
  • Opening time: 5 AM – 8 PM

Long Bien Market 


Long Bien Market is well-known as a large whole trade spot for meats, seafood, and fresh-generating products. That’s why it is not hard to catch sight of the image of buyers and vendors haggling over the prices of various items. This makes the atmosphere more noisy and bustling.

Nearby the market, you can have a chance to visit two historical destinations namely Long Bien Station and Long Bien Bridge. With outstanding architecture and intricate designs, both have become must-visit spots for visitors to discover Vietnamese culture and history.

  • Location: Hong Ha Street, Phuc Xa Ward, Hoan Kiem District (2km from the city center)
  • Opening time: 1 AM to 6 AM

Hom Market 


Hom Market is one of the famous markets in Hanoi to trade a variety of fabrics, ranging from cotton to tweed. Thus, local tailors or tourists normally come here to find the best materials. It will also be great for you to buy some high-quality satin silk or cotton for your Sari sewing. Besides that, the market is filled with local food, fresh products, and even household appliances.

  • Location: 79 Hue Street, Hai Ba Trung District (2km from the city center)
  • Opening time: 8 AM – 6 PM

Nha Xanh Market

Markets in Vietnam

Nha Xanh Day Market

Nha Xanh Market is called “a cheap shopping paradise” for both locals and visitors in Hanoi. It is situated near Hanoi universities, thus, you will see a lot of students going shopping for their daily items here. If you don’t know how to move during your journey, don’t worry, let’s ask for locals, they are always willing to help you!

Nha Xanh Night Market

In the evening, the market comes to life, with the bustling ambiance when the crowds start pouring in for shopping. However, most products have no price tags, so let’s remember to make deals with local sellers for the best offer. Additionally, you also find local dishes, such as “Thit Xien Nuong”, “Che” or “Nem Nuong” when wandering along the sections in this market.

  • Location: Phan Van Truong Street, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District (8.5 km from the city center)
  • Opening time: 7 AM to 6 PM (day market); 6 PM to 12 AM (night market)

Phung Khoang Market

Markets in Vietnam

Phung Khoang Market is one of the renowned markets in Hanoi to sell plenty of products at low prices. However, the market is smaller and offers fewer kinds of garments than Nha Xanh Market. In this market, local sellers are very friendly, thus, don’t worry about bargaining for a good price. Let’s make some hangings if you can, it would be worth trying.

  • Location: Phung Khoang ward, Nam Tu Liem, and Thanh Xuan districts (about 10 km from the city center)
  • Opening time: 5 PM – 10 PM

Mo Market

Markets in Vietnam

Mo Market, originally named “Ke Mo Market”, is considered a special market in Hanoi due to its operation time. In the past, the market was only open on specific dates( the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 22nd, and 27th), according to the Lunar Calendar. However, nowadays, Mo Market is open to all weekly days to serve the shopping demands of local and foreign travelers.

In the market, you will first witness the colorful-decorated passersby, together with a broad range of stylish stores, bringing you an impressive experience. Mo Market is also a shopping paradise of handmade accessories, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and so forth. If so, let’s take some special designs as souvenirs for your family.

  • Location: No. 459, Bach Mai Street, Truong Dinh Ward, Hai Ba Trung District (4.2 km from the city center)
  • Opening time: From Monday to Sunday

Tips When Visiting Markets in Hanoi

To help you have more experiences during your visit to markets in Vietnam, we will suggest useful tips below:

  • Exchange your currency for Vietnamese Dong
  • Bring a certain amount of cash when buying something
  • Normally bargain at half of the asking price first and try saying “quá đắt” to express “too expensive”
  • Don’t bring valuable accessories or similar items
  • Be careful of pickpockets


Our blog has just reviewed the 9 top local markets in Hanoi highly recommended by both local and international visitors. You should consider some of our useful tips when visiting local markets in Vietnam to have the best time in Hanoi. If you want to know more about outstanding tours in Vietnam, refer to our Vietnam tour packages for further information. Wish you have a wonderful holiday in our country!

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