How To Get From Hanoi To Danang In 2024

Hanoi to danang

Traveling from Hanoi to Danang is a popular plan for many Indian tourists. Two vibrant cities in Vietnam attract a large number of visitors with stunning scenery, captivating culture, and delectable foods.

In this article, will disclose how to get from Hanoi to Danang, the pros and cons of each transportation, and advice to make an enjoyable journey.

Distance From Hanoi to Danang

The distance from Hanoi to Danang is around 767 kilometers. Therefore, travel by air is the best way to get from Hanoi to Danang for Indian travellers.
If Indian tourists want to admire the scenic views of Vietnam on the way, there are other transportation choices, such as by train, bus, private car, or motorbike. The fee for these options may be budget-friendly, but the journey will take longer than the flight.

Following is detailed guidance for Indian tourists about the pros and cons of each vehicle.

By Plane

Hanoi to danang
Danang International Airport

Taking a flight is the most convenient and fastest way if you plan a trip from Hanoi to Danang. The airport system in Vietnam has expanded to travel between areas of the country easily. You can depart from Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi and arrive at Danang International Airport in Danang.

The price for a one-way flight to reach Danang from Hanoi can vary depending on the airline, the service, the flight time, and the tourist season. A one-way ticket may cost 1,300,000 VND – 3,500,000 VND ($52 – $140). However, the rate will be cheaper if you buy the ticket in advance.

The flight between Hanoi and Danang is around 1 hour and 20 minutes. The actual time will fluctuate depending on the weather conditions and the airline brand.

Currently, there are four famous airlines operating flights between Hanoi and Danang, including: Vietnam Airlines; Vietjet Air; Jetstar Pacific; Bamboo Airways. These airlines provide excellent customer service quality, comfortable seating, and different price ranges that are suitable for each traveler’s budget.


  • Time-saving
  • Convenient with various daily flights
  • Comfortable with great service


  • More costly than other modes of transportation
  • Limited baggage allowance
  • Possible delayed or canceled flights due to weather conditions or other reasons

By Train

Hanoi to danang

Traveling by train from Hanoi to Danang will be an unforgettable experience for Indian tourists. The train route passes through the beautiful countryside and breathtaking mountainous views. So you can enjoy the beauty of Vietnam on the way.

However, the train journey between Hanoi and Danang takes approximately 16 – 19 hours. It requires you to have time and health to reach the destination.
A train ticket between these cities varies based on the train class you book. The soft seats are around 600,000 VND ($24), while the soft sleepers cost about 1,400,000 VND ($56).


  • Offer a chance to discover the local culture
  • A great way to admire Vietnam’s most beautiful landscapes
  • Affordable and reliable traveling option


  • Long journey
  • Noisy and uncomfortable
  • Possible delayed schedule due to some factors

By Bus

Hanoi to danang

The bus from Hanoi to Danang is also a great option for Indian visitors to enjoy the scenery along the way. It goes through the lush green rice fields, small villages, and stunning mountains.

The bus trip takes around 16 hours, depending on the route and the number of stops. The ticket price ranges from around 380,000 VND to 750,000 VND ($16 -$30).

Here are reputable bus companies that operate the Hanoi – Danang route: Queen Cafe; Duong Vu; Hoang Long; Hanh Cafe; The Sinh Tourist; Phuong Trang


  • Affordable and convenient with a regular schedule
  • Pass through stunning views of the countryside and coastline
  • Provide comfortable seats and air conditioning


  • Long journey
  • Crowded and noisy

By Private Car

Hanoi to danang

Taking a private car from Hanoi to Danang is an exciting option for Indian travelers who prefer a flexible private journey. Apart from enjoying gorgeous natural sceneries, you can arrange your itineraries and stop by captivating sites.

It takes around 14 hours to travel by car. The travel time can fluctuate depending on traffic, weather conditions, and your route. However, you usually stop along the way to rest and explore, and the duration of travel can be longer, up to 1 -2 days.

You can pay about 1,000,000 VND – 2,500,000 VND ($40-$100)/day for a standard car. Also, you will pay additional fees for insurance and fuel.

For travelers unfamiliar with a car rental in Vietnam, it’s advised to book a private tour at We will arrange the car journey based on your preferences, and our professional local staff will accompany you.


  • Free to arrange your journey
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Offer a private journey without sharing the car with strangers


  • Higher cost compared to other transportation
  • Long and tiring travel
  • Chaotic and challenging traffic at times
  • Require an international driving permit (IDP) and navigation skills if self-driving

By Motorbike

Hanoi to danang

Getting from Hanoi to Danang by motorbike will be your fantastic adventure. It is a chance to discover Vietnam’s beautiful landscapes, learn about the local culture, explore cuisine, and challenge yourself.

The travel time depends on your speed and the number of stops you decide to make along the way. It takes 2 – 3 days to complete your journey. However, you should plan for at least four days for unexpected delays, and you can comfortably enjoy landscapes on the way.

Motorbike rental prices in Hanoi vary based on the type of bike and rental duration, typically ranging from 150,000 VND to 500,000 VND/day ($6 to $20). Additional trip costs include accommodation, food, and fuel expenses.

There are two main popular roads you will go through: the Ho Chi Minh Highway route and the Hai Van Pass. These roads are so beautiful, with breathtaking coastlines and majestic mountainous views. However, they are quite meandering and dangerous for you to go without a professional local tour guide. In addition, traveling by motorbike requires you to have good health and great endurance.

If you want to try this means of transport, consider some places below to rent a motorbike: Tigit Motorbikes; Rent A Bike Vietnam


  • Free to stop anywhere you want
  • Offer the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam
  • Give a chance to experience the local culture and cuisine


  • Risk of accidents
  • Lack of proper signage on some roads
  • Require good health and great endurance.
  • Require an international driving license and navigation skills if self-driving

There are many means of transport to go from Hanoi to Danang, each transportation has pros and cons. Based on your case and the specific conditions in Vietnam, we will suggest the best plan for you to have a smooth and hassle-free journey from Hanoi to Danang.

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