Our commitment to making a meaningful contribution to society begins with the participation in Nuôi Em 2023 project. Let us walk you through this humble yet miraculous journey. 

Why Nuoi Em?

Supporting the unfinished dreams

“If we don’t start building schools, many places will still have makeshift classrooms made of wood and bamboo. And if we don’t do Nuôi Em, many children will still drop out of school.” – shared by Hoang Hoa Trung, founder of the Nuôi Em project and recognised in the Forbes 30 Under 30. 

There is something you may not know, in remote and mountainous areas of Vietnam where living conditions are extremely difficult, children are limited in their access to education.

For a long time, nutritionally deficient meals have become a familiar image for children in the mountainous regions of Vietnam, and because of hunger, 90% of children have to drop out of school halfway.

Understanding these difficulties and hardships, the Nuôi Em project was born with the goal of providing complete meals to give children the motivation to go to school without having to worry about hunger and daily meals.

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The Magic of Togetherness

Alone, we cannot achieve everything, but by joining forces, we can create significant miracles.

Since 2014, “Nuôi Em” has expanded to over 120 communes in 15 districts across mountainous areas of Vietnam. From 50 students in its early years, the project has now been supporting over 50,000 children with complete meals (Meat – Fish – Vegetables), allowing them to focus on their studies without worrying about hunger.

That number continues to increase day by day, and Vietnamtour.in hopes to not only be an outsider but also contribute to creating even more amazing numbers.

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The “Nuôi Em” Journey of Vietnamtour.in

The year 2023 marks the starting point of Vietnamtour.in’s journey with “Nuôi Em,” encompassing the sponsorship of 50 children, equivalent to providing 13,500 meals. Undoubtedly, this number remains humble compared to the collective contributions of the community, yet it serves as a significant leap for Vietnamtour.in on the path to creating this miracle. You too can join us on this remarkable path, starting from today.


In Vietnamese, “Nuôi Em” means “Nurture The Children”. Through the Nuôi Em 2023 project, Vietnamtour.in aims to provide children in remote areas of Vietnam with inclusive and equal developmental opportunities. We want to share a meaningful message with the community and work together to create miracles.

On the news

“Cooking for You” MV

There is also a music video called “Nấu ăn cho em” (Cooking for You) by musician Den Vau, which has raised 400 million VND to support the Nuôi Em project and provide meals for 1000 children in remote areas of Vietnam attending school.