Best Tips For A Budget-Friendly Holiday in Vietnam Indian Travelers Must Tick Off

Vietnam is an ideal destination for budget-conscious travellers with a wide range of attractions, activities and local delicacies. As one of the most affordable countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is heaven for Indian travellers who want to get the most of their precious buck without missing out some of the most impressive experiences. Here are some ways to travel around Vietnam on a tight budget.

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Boat trip in Ninh Binh

Food- Eat like a local

Vietnamese food is something special you never want to miss. Apart from authentic local cuisine, the country’s cuisine is so diverse with different flavors from Italian, French, Thai and of course Indian tastes. 

While traveling through Vietnam, it’s not hard to find an Indian restaurant but the food here often costs much more than the local food. If you’re not on a diet, try some local dishes which even cost you less than $2. Vietnam, in addition to fine-dining venues, is also a hub of street food which can be found in roadside stalls or bustling street markets. Most of the foodies come there for an ultimate food experience with some best local delicacies like banh mi, pho, spring rolls, banh xeo, etc. Local restaurants are also good options for budget travel.

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Vietnamese Spring Rolls


If you are a big fan of shopping, Vietnam is arguably a bucket list. For an authentic experience, make sure you check out local shopping sprees instead of luxurious shopping malls. Still, be careful with the price. It could be inflated 2 to 3 times than normal. Keep in mind that sellers in touristy attractions barter every day, they’ll do it better than you. The best way is to bargain hard. Bargaining is a must for a better deal with a lower price. Most of the local markets allow customers to do a bargain, while shopping malls or shops doesn’t. Make sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for. If you can’t bargain successfully, then decline and move on to the next places.

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A typical Vietnamese market


It is necessary to know where you are travelling to and what attractions you’re going to visit whether you’re travelling alone or with a travel company. You can search for all the points of interest in the destination you’re going to and choose attractions without entrance fees. Note it and customize your tour with your travel agent. Buddhist temples, parks, lakes, and some other attractions don’t require an entrance fee. Make the most of them as a wise choice to save your money.

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Golden Bridge is the most famous spot for Indian Traveller recently

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Phu Quoc Island is normally called as the Maldives of Vietnam


Most of the tour companies include transportation in their tours, but for sure, check it again. If you travel on your own, it’s a deal. There are countless means of transportation throughout the country from bicycles, motorbikes, taxis to public transportation like buses. Most of the attractions set close together, so the best way is to walk around and explore on foot, no additional fee. If you want to travel around, then public transportation is highly recommended, much cheaper than other means of transport.

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If you can drive, a motorbike is the best option that you can get with only $5 - $7 rent per day


Staying at hostels or homestay is the cheapest way if you’re travelling on a tight budget. These days, it’s quite easy to find a place that suits your budget fairly. To save money, you are recommended to book in advance and look for deals. You may sleep in a bunk bed in a large room with other travellers. If you prefer more privacy, you can find a hotel which can be found a bit outside the main tourist attractions.  

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A beautiful homestay with this view only cost you around $10 - $20

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These are some handy tips Indian travellers must keep in mind to travel on the cheap. However, you can totally have a hassle-free trip with the best value for money by booking a tour of VNIN- the number-one travel agent offering tours for Indian travellers only. All the all-inclusive tours can be customized as per tourist’s interest and preference in order to increase your experience and decrease your effort. 


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