Explore 10 Best Cafes in Hanoi to taste Vietnam Traditional Coffee

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Drinking coffee is not simply a drink, it is a way to enjoy happiness in life. Have a delicious cup of coffee and sip the sweet and bitter taste. Drinking coffee is also to feel aftertaste, feel the vibrations of life in the capital city of Vietnam. It is the reason why coffee in Hanoi became a cultural beauty which attracts both the locals and foreign visitors. Below is 10 best cafés shop in Hanoi that the most seasoned coffee addict will be satisfied.

1. Dinh Cafe

To find this quiet cafe in Hanoi, you will need the help of a Hanoian. One of the oldest cafes in the beautiful capital, Dinh coffee, is located on the second floor of an old French villa. While the streets outside are bustling and crowded, Dinh coffee is nestled in a simple and peaceful attic.

Every early morning, when the sky is still gloomy, the Dinh café is filled with the sweet and bitter taste of the hot and fragrant coffee. Egg coffee in Dinh is kept in a small cup that makes your hand always warm.

With tiny seats and tables, people sit close together in a quite cozy space. If you are lucky, you will have opportunities to sit at the small balcony and catch a further view of the Sword Lake and Hanoi.


2. Giang Cafe

Giang Café with their famous egg coffee is a familiar destination to the coffee addicts in Hanoi. Mr. Nguyen Van Giang established Giang Café in 1946, when he was working as a bartender for the 5-star hotel Sofitel Metropole Hanoi.


Although time passes, this wonderful coffee with egg and milk ingredients has been a sophisticated recipe for a flavorful filling. Greasy, aromatic and rich flavor – they are the common words to describe the egg coffee in Giang Café.

Giang Café is a unique and famous coffee brand which brings the taste of Hanoi to customers, and it is a remarkable charm of Giang.


3. Lam Cafe

Lam Café, No.60 Nguyen Huu Huan street, was established in 1952 in Chi Linh flower garden. Just like Giang Café, this shop is named after the first owner Nguyen Van Lam. In the past, Lam was the favorite destination of civil servants and artists. There is a small, simple and peaceful coffee shop like Lam Café in the heart of Hanoi. The charming taste in Lam which coffee lovers can’t resist is a rich, bold and hot flavor.

Over 60 years, the secret technique was passed down for generations and through the skilled hands of producers, Lam became an unforgettable taste in many Hanoi people.


4. Cong Cafe

Once you enjoy Cong Café, you will know what coffee tastes like. A coffee empire in Hanoi is the dream of all the Cong lovers. It is easy to find a Cong Café in the busy streets of Hanoi.

The name “Cong Café” has a special origin. The founder, Nguyen Ha Linh, said that it was named after the official name of our country, “Cộng hòa xã hội chủ nghĩa Việt Nam” (The Socialist Republic of Vietnam). Both the quality of coffee and the impressive decoration are the reason why many coffee addicts fall in love with Cong Café.


5. Nhan Cafe

Located on the street that is always fragrant with coffee, Nhan Café is a quiet shop in Hanoi for a long time. Resisting the taste of pure coffee in Nhan is hard. People come here, listen to some slow songs, see the drop of black coffee falls from the filter, and wait patiently to sip a cup of hot coffee.

Nhan Café is a brand of four people who have studied and prepared coffee according to their own recipes. From selecting materials to roasting and grinding craft, all of them are done carefully with the desire to bring high-quality coffee.

6. Thai Cafe

Thai café brings the old style of Hanoi in every small corner. The wall was tinted with time, the foam padding lined with concrete blocks used for chairs, simple glass cups were not decorated too much.Thai coffee costs around VND 15,000 – 30,000 for a drink. Plop down on a plastic chair in pavement for a cup of incredible coffee and chat with your friends.


7. Nang Cafe

The wooden tables and chairs were rough, heavy and dull. The bar with aluminum coffee filter is the place where coffee is produced for guests. Stone stairs with high and narrow steps.


Coffee of Nang is very bold, even slightly heavy, if you enjoy a cup of coffee in the early morning without breakfast, you might feel dizzy and drunk. Nang Café is worth to take effort and time to come here once and enjoy this special taste.


8. Tranquil Books & Coffee

Books, hot coffee and a quiet, warm space. Tranquil Books & Coffee is decorated in an elegant, courteous and airy style, with a European nostalgic aftertaste. With large windows and trees along the stairs, this café shop is the ideal place to sit down and read books, listen to music or more simply, relax after stressful working hours.


9. Nhi Cafe

Through up-and-down time, Nhi Café has still remained their unique taste which many generations infatuated. How many people came here and bewildered by the memory space and the black coffee. The way coffee is produced and kept in Nhi Café is different from almost all other coffee shops in Hanoi.

Coffee is pre-mixed in the ceramic teapots used to dampen green tea. The owner adds sugar or condensed milk into the small cup, beats the foam with the egg whisk and gives it to guests.

10. Tho Café

With the age of over three decades, located on the famous coffee street – Trieu Viet Vuong, Tho Café still stands out as a familiar shop in Hanoi. Five brothers in an original Hanoi family have built this café shop.

Delicious coffee, affordable prices and rustic space – Tho Café will fill us in on Hanoi life.


Each café shop has its own characteristics, its own story to tell, its own taste in drinks. Over time, they developed and played an important role in bringing diversity in the cafe map of Kinh Ky land.


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