5 Basic Things Indian Visitors Need To Know Before Traveling To Vietnam

Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is now one of the best tourist attractive destinations that are blessed with breathtaking landscapes, stunning mountains, and untouched beaches. The country is also well-known for its long-term history as well as the unique culinary. If you are Indian visitors and want to discover all the beauty of this amazing land, there are 5 things you need to know before travelling to Vietnam.

1.   Vietnamese Visa is the most important

To enter Vietnam, Indian travellers are required to apply for a valid Vietnamese visa. You need to have a passport which is effective for at least 6 months beyond arrival date and 2 blank pages on it for visa stamp.

Vietnam Visa Stamp
Vietnam Visa Stamp

How to get a Vietnam visa?

There are two available methods for Indian passport holders to choose to apply for a visa to Vietnam. You can either apply for your visa at the local embassy or obtain a Vietnamese e-visa (Visa on arrival).

Vietnam Visa on arrival
Vietnam Visa on arrival

2.   Learn about the valid currency

The official Vietnamese currency is Vietnam Dong. There is an advantage is that you can use both US Dollars and Vietnamese Dong for travelling around this country. The most common way to use US Dollars is when you do any touristy things such as booking a tour, domestic or international flight or paying for some hotel and big restaurants.

Vietnamese Dong
Vietnamese Dong

Vietnamese Dong is often used to pay for more local things like small restaurants, markets, local shops, and food stalls. You can withdraw Dong from an ATM on arrival but make sure you’re armed with USD to pay for that visa. Since you will buy or use some services while having a trip to Vietnam, Dong definitely works out cheaper.

3.   Choose reliable travel agencies

With the development of local tour operators, your trip has never been that easy. Even you want to take a long journey (for one week to a month or more) or plan additional elements of your trip with a day tour or 3-night package, they can meet your expectation.


You only need to send your preferences or any special requirements for your trip such as birthday, honeymoon, vegan meal, wheelchair for disables... and they will reply to you with the best tour options within 12 to 48 hours. However, to avoid unwanted scams, you had better choose a reliable travel agency like https://vietnamtour.in. This is one of the best local tour operators in Vietnam focusing only on Indian travellers so you can book their tour without worry.

4.   Pack appropriate clothes

In Vietnam, you can dress casually as well as formally depending on your interests. Nevertheless, make sure to wear dress discreetly if you want to visit any temples or mosques as it is considered a way to respect the monks and locals. You should pack a light scarf (if you are a girl - to wrap your shoulders or cover your leg) and a pair of long trousers to enter pagodas and the worship places.

Pagoda’s dress code
Pagoda’s dress code

Besides, the Vietnamese weather is different in each region from north to south so you had better check out the weather forecast carefully before your trip to avoid getting a cold or some other diseases related to weather.

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things you need to know 1
Come at the right harvest season and you will have this spectacular view

5.   Learn some common Vietnamese phrases

Your trip will be a lots easier if you master some common phrases of Vietnamese - the official language in Vietnam. Especially, it will also help you negotiate, haggle or barter with locals. Since it has tonal and many punctuations, foreign visitors often find it extremely difficult to learn this language. But don't worry, here are some quick and helpful phrases which you can use easily:

Xin Chao Vietnam
Xin Chao Vietnam

  • Hello: Xin chào (sin chow)
  • Thank you: Cảm ơn
  • I’m sorry/ Excuse me: Xin lỗi (sin loy)
  • How Much?: Bao nhiêu? (bow yew)
  • Too Expensive: Mắc quá! (Mac wa) - Đắt quá (dat wa)
  • No Sugar: Không Đường – Some coffee shop in Vietnam often add sugar in drinks.


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