Rai Cave (Hang Rai) – The Fairytale-like Wonder in Ninh Thuan

Lying on the South stretch of Vinh Hy Bay, Hang Rai is enchanted for its untouched beauty with majestic natural landscapes and unique terrain.

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Hang Rai 1The unbelievable beauty of Hang Rai

The cave is actually a field of myriads of stones of different shapes and sizes piled on each other above and under the water creating a breathtaking scenery. Especially from November to March, tourists can explore the cave at its best, capture some stunning pictures of waves and layers of moss.

How to get to Hang Rai?

About 40 kilometres from Phan Rang, the cave is accessible by motorbike or by car. If your journey starts in Nha Trang, you can take a bus to Phan Rang.

Hang Rai 2Road to Hang Rai

From Phan Rang City, make your way along the paved coastline highway to Tri Thuy bridge from which turn right to Highway 702. Continue your drive for 35 kilometres further, you’ll arrive in Hang Rai at Thai An Village, Vinh Hai, Ninh Hai, Ninh Thuan Province.

Things to do in Hang Rai

Enjoy the sunrise on the beach - the best moment of the cave

As the highlight of any trip to Vinh Hy Bay, travellers seem to get lost in the land of fairytales due to the otherworldly landscapes of countless dazzling caves and rock formation making hang Cave no less than a heaven.

Hang Rai 3...not on Earth right?

For the ultimate experience, many adventure enthusiasts choose to take an overnight camp here to take in the best moment of the cave. Rai Cave at dawn or dusk is the most superb scene all day long.

Hang Rai 4Waterfall on the sea

From the crack of dawn, as the first sun rays paint the horizon rose and the whole landscapes become incredible and surreal. The journey of the sun through the sky also leaves its effect on the shades and colours of Hang Rai which changes constantly from alluring morning to dreamy evening.

Take a dip into the cool and fresh natural pools

Hang Rai is surrounded by huge coral reefs piled each other into layers. Its big rocks build up to make natural pools of cool and calm water which is so refreshing to take a dip into. When the waves hit the rocks making waters pushed inside, the water flows back into the sea due to the slope of the rocks.

Hang Rai 5This natural pool look perfect to jump in (Photo by Tuan Dao)

This creates extremely fascinating waterfalls –right on the sea. Hang Rai is the only place to see this incredible phenomenon. You can even immerse in the deep crystal clear water to explore the fantastic hidden treasures of the blue sea with just some simple diving gear.

Hang Rai 6So many couples have been taken wedding photos in here (Photo by Kim Tuyen)

Hang Rai 78...or just simply soaking yourself in here

Check in at the Mars-alike rocky field

“Mars” here is actually the fantastic ancient coral beach. The geological tectonic for millions of years has formed a large area on this ancient coral beach, which is so-called “Mars” or ‘Moon”. The craggy topography creates different shapes, which look fascinating. Check in these unusual landscapes is absolutely a mesmerizing experience.

Hang Rai 8Is this picture taken from Mars?

Visit the sea turtle conservation area

Hang Rai belongs to the famous Nui Chua National Park - one of the most unique forests of Vietnam which is home to a diverse fauna and flora system. This is also interesting to see the unique sea turtles – the rare and endangered animals in Vietnam.

Hang Rai 9View of the turtle conservation area

Visiting Hang Rai, you have a chance to learn more about this lovely creature and the work of protection during the breeding season. If lucky, you are able to see 30-year-old, rescued turtles, feed them with mosses. It will be a fun experience.

Hang Rai 10Sea Turtle

Get lost in the lush area of Thai An Vineyard

Taking a tour around the verdant vineyard of Thai An is always an enticing thing to do when visiting Hang Rai. The lush green and cool space delight everyone taking their steps on this charming land. Just stroll around, soak up the fresh air and taste some fresh sweet grapes while listening to the introduction of the vineyard. They’re much better than they sound.

Hang Rai 11Thai An Vineyard

Hang Rai 12You can eat as much as grape as you want here

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Rustic yet breathtaking, the untouched beauty of Hang Rai will blow your mind away. No one can resist the alluring and charming scenes of rocky beaches, gorgeous coral reefs, and crystal clear water. Hang Rai is not only enchanting for its out-of-this-world landscapes but also unusual experiences like no others. Plan your trip to Vietnam with us and experience it your way

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